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Post#151 » Fri May 04, 2012 5:44 am

Holy Hell what a trip!!!
Many great bands and friends!
Btw Oz made their best show sofar.

haha, I was propably among few other finns (pissed off).
Remember that we had to change train and had my 22kg of trade items with me. So I took the first step down and fall to the ground,haha.
Luckily everthing was well-packed! Mee too with booze!

Got myself 1st Sabbat 7" Mion´s Hill / Black Fire ORIGINAL !!!

Keep It True do you want almighty SARCOFAGUS from Finland to play at the festival!? Let me know and I could talk with Kimmo Kuusniemi.
Have aranged a show for them in Finland on the Metal Warning festival few years back. ENVOY OF DEATH !!!
Hey You HEAVY METAL Heroes!

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Post#152 » Fri May 04, 2012 1:56 pm

Oliver/KIT wrote:
Nonseinormale65 wrote:Paul Gaskin,Dennis Stratton,Tino Troy(it was is birthday!)Carl Sentance etc. etc.

P.S. btw Quartz and Holocaust just confirmed for the next edition!
and Legend (UK)
:D :!:
Solo i morti hanno visto la fine della guerra.

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Post#153 » Fri May 04, 2012 9:39 pm

Divine Victim wrote:Arch is God.

I was gutted that I was too late for the meet and greet - organisers, if you're going to have a signing session in a different location, be a bit clearer about what/where the "fantribune" is... the security guards didn't even know. Finally found it and queued for half an hour, then got turned away as the time ran out.

Anyway it was a concert not a fan convention, and their performance was stunning. Would have loved to hear Fata Morgana, but the other classics were amazing - The Apparition was a "die happy" moment for sure, as was Exodus. Matheos didn't seem to be having too much fun with the old stuff but Arch clearly loved it! Really hope they come back to Europe.
I talked to John day before yesterday. Did you know he was fighting an ear infection at KIT? He is worried about it for tomorrow when they play at the Webster Theater here in Connecticut as his throat was starting to get sore. Coincidentally, I have one in the same ear at the same time. We both laughed about that

I am glad to see the positive reviews, I will pass them on to the guys

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Post#154 » Sat May 05, 2012 5:20 am

Great KIT!!!
Great to meet you all Corroseum friends: Khnud, Dan (thanks for the shirt!), Peter, Marco, Henry and Patrik.
Great festival; my fave bands were: OZ (turn the cross upside down), Witch Cross, Ostrogoth, Sword, Tytan and NWOBHM anniv. gig.
I was at KIT for these gigs and I'm really happy of their show.

Next year will be another great festival... Ticket bought soon on friday at KIT!!!

Oliver made (and still continue) a great work with the festival.
Sarcofagus will be G R E A T !!!!! Kimmo is one of the most influence musicians in HM. Many bands were inspired by his music.

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Post#155 » Wed May 09, 2012 2:53 pm

Excellent festival as always.... cheers to the forum members I've met again... can't wait for next year.

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Post#156 » Sat May 12, 2012 12:10 am

John stopped by today and I mentioned the positive reviews. He said to say thank you to all and that they may be doing a few more shows. Get ready Greece because he specifically mentioned you

Anyway, he stopped by on his silver 2003 Harley, check it out


And a parting shot


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