Hard to get CD re-rerelease (please update!)

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Re: Hard to get CD re-rerelease (please update!)

Post#16 » Fri Jul 20, 2012 7:34 am

jnfernal wrote: -TITANIC:
"Metal celebration" was also released in 2009 or 2010 by Underground Records in a double-CD set with renewed artwork (the 2010 edition is the album only but with original artwork), Single Ep and some live track plus a bonus CD with a full Live set recorded in 1989 (but the bonus CD is a pro-printed CDR). This is the only silver printed CD released by Underground Records, that re-released a lot of interesting stuff in pro-printed CDR only
The band itself stated that this CD wasn't legalized by them at all. So now I wonder about the other Underground Records releases too.
It's not easy to be the Antichrist ...


Post#17 » Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:15 am

-The Titanic "Metal celebration" double CD on Underground Records shouldn't be a 100% official release. Underground Records is a...real underground label. Most of times it's even impossible to understand which are pro-printed CDr and official silver printed cd. Information can't be found anywhere and releases are sold through their website only.

-Mark I: a couple of years ago the band released a 7-CD box set (!!!!!!!!!) with all the surviving recordings: studio sessions, live, rehearsal. Limited to 10 copies for band members and friends only. It was shown on their blog. I tried to get a copy but everything ended in nothing. Maybe somebody in Argentina can try to get in touch with the band and ask if they can make some copy. I think they were all CD-r in any case

-Legion: The Dark Rails digipack edition of "Mind training/Por la cara" is quite difficult to find now, very very high priced. The recent re-release on Picap is a valid alternative. The problem is that Picap is not distributed well, so the only way is to order the CD directly from the label.
Picap also re-released the FUCK OFF "Hell on earth" thrashy masterpiece and all the Sangtrait CD's...really good stuff!. The previous digipack edition on Dark Rails Records is impossible to find and sold over for 100 euros or more....

Legion's first album "Lethal liberty" has been announced by Razorkill Records since a couple of years....nothing appeared yet.

Fuck Off's 2nd album should be reprinted with bonus tracks by Leyenda Recrds sooner or later

-Indonesian bands: I am going to settle down in Indonesia for some time at the end of my upcoming trip. So if you need Power Metal CD's (first two albums have been reissued on CD in 2010 and 2011. 3rd album is going to be reprinted shortly and all the other albums are available on CD), I can find them for you.
I wrote to Logiss/Log Zhelenbourg Records to place a big order, but they charged me something like 200 euros for delivery costs, bank commissions and taxes....
so I decided to go to Indonesia and buy them from local stores. It's the old story of Mohamad and the mountain....
Handy Black is not available on CD yet.
You can check here for available titles:

Interesting titles are the God Bless albums (including their "The story of" that is 1989 re-recording of their early stuff, in a very hard/metal style), Mel Shandy's CD (with some thrashy songs along with really boring rock/love ballads), Elpamas (it's a best of...their 1st tape was really good) and the 3 compilation "10 finalis festival rock-se Indonesia" with lots of unreleased songs of early rock/metal indonesian bands.

Plus there are re-releases of Edane's debut CD and the Rotor first album as well as a double official/silver printed CD containing Rotor's entire discography plus unreleased songs. They're easy to find in Indonesia but vitually impossible to find outside the country. And there are no web shops.
But I'll set down in Indonesia around next spring and I'll find them for those who will be interested.

-Japan: Zadkiel and Casbah are easily available also on some japanese punk web shps as Record Shop Answer, Record Shop Base, Record Boy...
at Record Shop base the Zadkiel CD is 1500 Y and the double Casbah's "Russian roulette" is 3150 Y....good prices. I order quite often and I always felt good with them.
If you're also into black metal, recentely the chinese label Mort Productions re-released a lot of SIGH album (including live and mini) in double CD editions with bonus tracks (mainly singles, compilation tracks and raw/pre production demos of each album)

-Pokolgep CD are not easy but also not too hard to find. If you go on the hungarian ebay or on some local metal shop you can find them quite easily.
The only CD very very hard to find from Hungary is the LORD's debut album "Big city light" and their "Valogatas/Best of" CD

-Huskvarn: can you help me to find a copy of their "On the road" CD?

-Spain: the 2 THOR albums have been re-mastered and re-released for the 25th anniversary by Sounds Metal Production.
Other interesting re-releases are the upcoming MARVEL: S/T on portuguese label Metal Soldiers Records, the TIGRES discography (available through No Remorse Records, I think) and the LEIZE early discography "Lo que faltaba" (including demos, singles and unreleased) on Leyenda Records.

-In Russia there are rumors that Metalism Records or its subsidiary Sublimity Records have bought the rights to re-press the whole Magnit/Kredo discography. I expect an excellent job as they did with Avgust.
No release date or official confirm yet...I think it will be in 2013.

-In China, criminal label Areadeath just re-released the thrashy masterpiece of SQUAD "Gallinazeous death". Needless to say I have the master, artwork and bonus additional tracks in my house, supplied by the bands. Needless to say my brother paid for copyright and remastering process and even delivery costs. Needless to say we never recevied any penny nor any copy from that son of a bitch of Wang. Needless to say my brother's credit will be totally removed from the CD booklet and his interview will be credited to Wang himself or some of his fucking friends. But if I find I and my bro are in the fuck off list, I promise in front of you all to go to his shop and kill him with my own hands.
In any case it's the only time where I suggest to download this album instead of buying the original CD. ADP should be boycotted. Wang is pure scum only. Don't buy this CD if you support legal labels and clear things.

The Assassin (刺客) Box Set from Taiwan (刺客: 典藏 1985-2006) is very very hard to find. Despite the title, it contains only their 3 Lp from 1993, 1994 and 2001 as well as some recent unreleased tracks. Plus there are 2 DVD full of videoclips, excerpt from live shows, interviews and interactive material.

It's very hard to find but you can order it to their music label at a quite high price:
http://www.jingo.com.tw/jingoweb_sub/we ... px?id=8928

it's sold at 1200 taiwanese Y and the original price is 1800 Y (almost 60 euros...fuck).

It's allowed to deliver from Taiwan to Europe or USA (while it's totally forbidden to deliver from Taiwan to mainland China) so you can try to order it. But it's quite expensive.

I found it on sale on other chinese webshops too (http://www.cdhome.com.cn/shopinfo.asp?ID=25755)
at a very reasonable price (less than 20 euros) but I guess it's just a cd-r + dvd-r copy or maybe a bootleg made for chinese market only as original taiwanese imported products are forbidden in China.

The problem is that it's forbidden to send CD and DVD outside of China: unless you don't have a government licence, postal officers will confiscate them. You know that they must check the content of every parcel sent inside and outside China (there's no privacy law or protection in China) and CD and DVD can not be sent outside of China.

You can also find it on Taobao (the chinese Ebay) but 90% of times sellers sell fake copies, CD-r or just disappear with money.

The Assassin Box Set is really a nice item from one of the early taiwanese bands (Taiwan does not belong to China, by the way).....I hope to find it somewhere once I will cross China.

-No particular news from Latin America except upcoming brazilian titles by portuguese Metal Soldiers Records (Alta Tensao, Angel Butcher, Mammoth, Metal Pesado, Sadom, X-Rated, Zenith, Zona Abissal and some unknown MX output) and a re-release of HOLOCAUSTO's "Campo de exterminio" on Cogumelo with additional Bonus DVD filmed at Festival De La Morte in 1987.

Rumors say of new digipack edition of RATOS DE PORAO's early album in portuguese language released for brasilian market only (Brazil, Anarkofobia, Descanse em paz)....we'll see...

VODU's "Final conflict" re-release is announced by Die Hard Records since 2010 but still nothing surfaced.

-Portugal is in a very good and active moment as a lot of old bands are announced to be re-released soon, both in CD and Vynil: Harum, V12, Valium, Afterdeath....

-Romania: cult hard rock veterans IRIS released their complete discography on CD, under the serie "Colectia de aur" (Gold Collection) with remastered and restored sound. The serie is on Roton Records (licensed by Elctrecords) and for the first time we can also hear their first 4 album previously available on shitty vynils only, their most hard rock ones. 21 CDs with external cardbox. A really good job.

This 21-CD collection is available also in an impressive Box Set including everything: studio Lp, Live Lp, Cover Albums and Mini. it's really cheap...32 euros for 21 CD !
Single editions cost more. I got only the first 4 albums, the most heavy ones.

You can find them here:

http://www.discomania.ro/index.php?main ... gories_id=

-In Finland some old (and forgotten) bands have been recentely re-released.
Cult thrasher A.R.G. re-released their first 2 albums (including mini, ep and singles) on Spinefarm Records and SANTA LUCIA's "Arktista hysteriaa" has been re-pressed by renewed Poko Records including every single and B-Side.
Santa Lucia's CD is easily available at Aantila chainstores in Finland for 7 euros...

-Last but not least: from ICELAND the old Hard Rock/NWOBHM-influenced band START re-released theyr debut (and only album) "En Hún Snýst Nú Samt" (1981) with 5 bonus tracks. Lp songs are not bad and there are nice british metal influences here and there. Bonus tracks are really boring but in general it's a nice issue for one of the very first - if not the first - "heavy" output from Iceland....it's quite easy to find from some local webstores but hurry up because it's printed in limited quantity.

Good hunting

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Re: Hard to get CD re-rerelease (please update!)

Post#18 » Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:24 am

jnfernal wrote:
-FUTURE TENSE: The final cut. Australl Holocaust Productions from Peru announced it since 2 or 3 years but - despite artwork and some sample songs are available on their myspace, nothing surfaced yet. It seems about to be ready now but I heard this news 4-5 times already in the last years. We'll see...

you probably know this given how old the topic is, but the Future Tense cd did eventually get released.


Post#19 » Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:00 am

Yes, I got it...of course when I wrote those lines it was still yet to come....
I got the limited edition box froma forum member here that I wish to thank so much :)


Post#20 » Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:08 pm

There is also a new 2012 mexican edition of SUBTERRANEO: Toledo CD including the unreleased 2nd Lp recorded in 1991 (9 tracks). The only available edition with the unreleased album. Interesting.


Post#21 » Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:27 am

news from ex-Czechoslovakia:

Citron: Plni energie 26th anniversary edition (with 1 bonus track from same session):


Metalinda: S/T (1990) + Láska Holých Prenáša (1994):

http://www.bontonland.cz/metalinda-meta ... dice-2012/

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Post#22 » Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:00 pm

the mexican titles listed are both bootlegs,not sure of the source though.

I could add

last two reissued on Sade Records from Mexico

So the Future Tense is not out?, i have been confused by that release for a while now


Post#23 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:00 pm

Uhlala...do you have the Ultimatum CD for trade?


Post#24 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:05 pm

What about the Megaton reissue? I can't find info anywhere

Sade Records also released Lynx on CD and vynil


Post#25 » Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:34 am

There is also this:

FONGUS: Guadalajara rock

http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM ... -vinyl-_JM

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Post#26 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:03 pm

not sure if this is the correct forum but i'm searcing for more info about the 2003 rerelease of kublai khan cd, does it exist? what label? It is remastered and sounds better, anyone find a place to buy it?

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Post#27 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:19 pm

THRASHER BE wrote:not sure if this is the correct forum but i'm searcing for more info about the 2003 rerelease of kublai khan cd, does it exist? what label? It is remastered and sounds better, anyone find a place to buy it?
Kublai Khan 2003 rerelease is a heap of shit!
Is remastered, but the coverartwork is vomitive. the frontbook is a alone leaf, and different colour of fantastic original artwork, with 2003 number.
Thankfully I have the original CD and not this aberration rerelease!
You have too a 2009 rerelease that is very better than 2003! also remastered and with original artwork



Post#28 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:07 am

Zarpa from Spain are re-releasing their unreleased albums/demos on CD, limited quantities to 100 copies each

-Adictos al crimen
-En ruta hacia Europa (planned for march)

and hopefully the 1992 unreleased mini album "Como una locomotiva" and the early recordings called "El comienzo"

Zarpasaurio and Adictos al crimen should be sold out already

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Post#29 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:21 pm

Wow thanks for the tip. I have not much hope but I'll try to get some of them.


Post#30 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:45 pm

Zarpasaurio and Adictos al crimen are sold out at the Zarpa official facebook:


But I think you can still find a copy if you write here:


According to the website this is the scheduled plan:

-Adictos al crimen : November 2012
-Zarpasaurio: December 2012
-Progreso (unreleased album 1985) : February 2013 (not out yet)
-En ruta hacia Europa: March 2013

and in the future there should be also:

-Como una locomotiva (unreleased demo 1992)

and maybe:

-El comienzo (collection of Wolframio recordings and unreleased songs from the early years)
-the 4 solo projects recorded in the 90's

It's a nice thing as they're sold for a very cheap price, 7-8 euros and it's the definitive collection of Zarpa....

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