Italian Metal 0f the 80' on cds

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Italian Metal 0f the 80' on cds

Post#1 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:19 pm

I don't know if already exists a topic like this(i didn't found it),so i would like to post the complete list of italian stuff of the 80' issued(or reissued) on cd,and also some news about them.

1)Adramelch -- Irae melanox -- reissued on cd in 1999 by warlord records,quite difficult to find nowadays,a new reissue is upcoming this year with some unreleased tracks.
2)Astaroth -- The long loud silence -- not a legit one,it's a bootleg (together with Lord of the Crimson Alliance).
3)Axton -- Bad Desire(originally 1990) reissued by Heart of steel records in 2008 -- the second lp Like a Thunder(1995 by Frog records, only on cd),upcoming reissue expected in summer 2010.
4)Black Deal -- Escape(1987,originally a demo)issued by Andromeda/New LM records in 2009.
5)Black hole -- Living Mask ( 2000, on Andromeda relix)and Land Of Mystery(1985,reissued in 2006,on Andromeda relix);rumors says that on ADP was expected an anthological box in 2007,and finally it seems the time has come,here it is the tracklist:

Demo 1 1983
- In The Darkness (intro) + Demoniac City
- Goodbye Friend
- Midnight Madman
- Mental Shadows
- Black Hole
- Love Disappeared

Beyond The Gravestone Demo 2 1984
-mental shadows
-spectral world
-burnin' pain
-black hole
-obscurity in the ethereal house
-demon's insanity
-troubled night
-permanent incubus
-bells of death
-behind the pyre
-holes in the gravestone

Demo 1983 (or 1984??)
-in the darkness
-the long walk to hell

Live In Verona 1985
- demoniac city
- spectral world
- blind men and occult forces
- holes in the gravestone
- obsession
- permanent incubus
- demon's insanity
- bells of death
- black bible
- obscurity in the ethereal house
- guitar + drum solo

I will post many other news and releseas day by day.
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Re: Italian Metal 0f the 80' on cds

Post#2 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:21 pm

Nonseinormale65 wrote:Adramelch -- Irae melanox -- reissued on cd in 1999 by warlord records,quite difficult to find nowadays,a new reissue is upcoming this year with some unreleased tracks.
AWESOME! I love that album. It might be my favorite Italian metal album. I have a cheap CD that Unisound put out (probably unauthorized) and I've been hoping to find a better version someday. Which label is re-releasing it?

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Post#3 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:42 pm

The only official reissue on cd was on Warlord Records in 1999,at the moment it is not sure who will do the new reissue,they have two offers(one by Jolly Roger Records and one by Underground Symphony)and they are just thinking about;by the way the band has just finished the preproduction for their third album(you can listen a rough medley of some tracks on, i listened two new tracks that Adramelch played live in some gigs(Tides of My Soul and We March,We Fail)these tracks are masterpieces :!: (IMO :wink: ),i hope so for all the others!
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Post#4 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:53 pm

Unfortunately the new adramelch tracks are very prog rock/art rock.but that makes sense.most of broken history was written by gianluca in 1988.
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Post#5 » Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:39 pm

Tastes are tastes :wink: ,anyway i am optimist about new Adramelch's album!

Now few other bands and release or reissues:

6)Bulldozer -- The years of Wrath 1983/1999 (on Sound Cave records,4 cd box set) and Regenerated in the Grave(on Metal Mind,5 cd box set).
7)Capillary -- "PTS"(1989,featuring P.Chain,originally on Minotauro Records,reissued by New LM Records in 2007),it's not HM but it sounds like jazz/dark/rock with demented lyrics.
8)Cappanera(ex Strana Officina) -- "Non c'è più mondo" 1991 on Minotauro Records,easy to find on cd,hard rock with italian lyrics.
9)Paul Chain -- Violet Art of Improvisation(1989 on 2cd)+Life and death(1989)+Opera Decima(1990,2cds)+Whited Sepulchres(1991) all on Minotauro Records --- In Concert(1993,on Labirynth records) --- Dies Irae(1994 on Minotauro)+Alkahest(1995,on Flying Records)+Emisphere(1996,2cd on Minotauro)+King of the Dream(1997,on Minotauro,includes also Picture Disc and Ash originally edited in 1986 and 1988)+Mirror(1997,Minotauro)+(Official Live Bootleg(1999,2cd on Minotauro)+Signs From Space(2001,on Beard of Stars records)+Masters of All times(2001,on Andromeda Relics)+Container 47(2001,on New LM Records)+Park Of Reason(2002,on Beyond Production)+Relatives Tapes On Cd(2002,on Quasar Records,7 cdr box set)+Split Album(2002,on Quasar records,split with Johar)+Cosmic Wind(2003,Beard Of Stars)+Unreleased vol. I(2003,on New LM records) and Unreleased Vol. II(2003,on Minotauro)+Lo-Fi Lovers(2005,cdr,on Tra Bla records)+Collage Creation(2006,cdr,on Tra Bla records)+Electronic Music(2008,cd+dvd on Tra Bla records);

Marquee Records(ex Minotauro Records)besides has just announced the reissue on cds in the next months of "Detaching From Satan" and "Opera 4th".

10)Chainless -- Another way(1993,on Newport/Austromechana),their only official release was issued only on cd,this is one hard to find,founded in the 80' this band was devoted to Ratt/Dokken sound.
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Post#6 » Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:06 pm

11) Crossbones -- same(1989,on Dischi Noi Records,limited to 300 copies on cd);note that exists two different cover of the vinyl version,the design is the same but the perspectives are different.
12)Crying Steel -- On The Prowl(1987,on LM Records).
13)Crystal Phoenix -- Same(1989,lp on Videostar records,reissued in South Korea in 1993 by Si Wan records on lp and cd with different cover than the original,and in Italy by Black Widow records).
14)Danger zone -- Victim of Time(1984,on Subrecord,the reissue is a bootleg);in Italy some copies of the master of their second unreleased album(Line Of Fire,1989)and demos circulate among collectors :wink: .
15)Dark Lord -- look at
16)Dark Quarterer -- Same(1987,reissued on Unisound in 2003 and Eat Metal in 2004,a new reissue+bonus is expected in 2010 on Mygraveyard productions)+The Etruscan Prophecy(1988,reissued on Comet Records in 2002)+War Tears(1994 originally on cd by Inline Music,reissued in 2007 by Mygraveyard productions,first 100 copies includes a poster)+Symbols(2008 on Mygraveyard Productions);on 01/25/2010 Mygraveyard will publish a live dvd(recorded in Italy on 06/20/2009),this is the tracklist:

- Wandering in the Dark
- Ides of March
- Pyramids of Skulls
- The Blind Church
- Shadow of the Night
- Crazy White Race
- Dark Quarterer
- Colossus of Argil
- Retributioner
- Lady Scolopendra
- Deep Wake
- Last Song
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Post#7 » Fri Jan 22, 2010 6:35 pm

17) Death SS -- i include also Steve Sylvester and Sylvester's Death cds here:

The Story of Death SS(1987,on Minotauro records)+In Death of Steve Sylvester(1988,on lp,mc and cd by Metalmaster records,reissued by Lucifer Rising with 4 bonus tks)+Black Mass(1989,on Metal Master mc,lp and cd,reissued by Lucifer Rising with 5 bonus tks)+Heavy Demons(1991,on mc,lp and cd by Contempo records,reissued by Lucifer Rising with 4 bonus tks)+The Cursed Concert(1992,mc,lp and cd on Contempo records,reissued by Lucifer Rising wit 4 bonus tks taken from the ep Straigth to Hell)+Straight to Hell(1993 on 12" and cd by Contempo records,reissued as bonus tks)+Free Man(,lp and cd on Abraxas records)+Broken Soul(1994,on Flying records,minicd 4tks)+Horror Music-the best of(1996,on cd and 2lp,Lucifer Rising)+Do what thou Wilt(1997,Lucifer Rising,mc+lp and cd)+Baron Samedi(1997,mini cd 3 tks on Lucifer Rising)+Mad Messiah(1998,lp and cd on Lucifer Rising)+Hi-tech Jesus(2000,mini cd,4tks on Lucifer Rising)+Lady of Babylon(2000,minicd,4tks on Lucifer Rising)+Panic(2000,lp,cd on Lucifer Rising)+Let the sabbath begin(2001,cd live+bonus mini cd on Lucifer Rising)+Transylvania(2001,mini cd 3tks+1 video,Lucifer Rising)+Humanomalies(2002,Lucifer Rising)+Hell on earth(2003,2tks+1video,only promo,Lucifer Rising)+Pain(2003,minicd 3tks+1video,Lucifer Rising)+The sleep of reason(2004,minicd 2 tks+1 video,only promo,Lucifer Rising)+The Horned God of The Witches(2004,collection of early demos and live stuff from 1977/1982,cd and 2lp on Black Widow/Lucifer Rising)+Give 'em hell(2005,minicd 4tks on Lucifer Rising)+The 7th Seal(2006,cd and 2lp on Lucifer Rising);important to report that their official italian fan club( ... otleg.html)issued some official bootlegs(studio and live)with rare and unreleased material.

18)Deathrage -- Down in the depth of sickness(1990,on lp and cd by Metalmaster records)

19)Drama -- Once and for all(1989 by Metalmaster,reissued in 2009 ny Metalmaster/Markuee records)

20)Drunkards -- No trace of Sanity(2nd unreleased lp in 1989 issued for the first time on cd in 2009 by New LM records):the band has just annunced the reissue of their first self named lp(1988 on LM records)by the end of 2010.
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Post#8 » Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:23 pm

Nonseinormale65 wrote:16)Dark Quarterer -- Same(1987,reissued on Unisound in 2003 and Eat Metal in 2004,a new reissue+bonus is expected in 2010 on Mygraveyard productions)
More good news! Like Irae Melanox, I was hoping for a good reissue so I could get rid of my crappy Unisound version.

This thread is really cool, keep it up.


Post#9 » Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:15 pm

I know other releases on CD, this list is not complete as it's taken from my wantlist and a lot of infos/other titles are missing

ELEKTRADRIVE: Over the space (New LM Records)
ELEKTRADRIVE: Due (Long Island Records)
ELEKTRADRIVE: Big city (Alpha Brunette Records)
FLORENCE 99: Florence 99 (CGD Records..only a handful of copies exist)
MISS DAISY: Pizza connection (GWR Records)
NECRODEATH: Into the macabre (Scarlet Records)
NECRODEATH: Fragments of insanity (Scarlet Records)
NECRODEATH: 20 years of noise (Scarlet Records)
OXIDO: Breaking down the walls (Mercury Records)
OXIDO: Lonely winter nights (Mercury Records, Promo 2 tx: it was on Ebay a few weeks ago)
SABOTAGE: Hoka hey (My Graveyard)
STEEL CROWN: Live in the phantom city ( infos...just what I read on the metal archives)
VANEXA: 1979/1980 (Jolly Roger)
WYVERN: The red flame of pain (Jolly Roger, out around February 2010)
VV.AA.: Heavy rendez vous (LM Records)
VV.AA.: Nightpieces vol. 12,3,4,5 (Dracma Records)


Post#10 » Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:29 pm

Plus, very professional CD-R edition exist

most notable are:

-MEGATHERIO: BMS (reprint of their 1987 Demo + bonus) on Roal Sound Gallery
-RISING POWER: The rock is never ending (their debut, 1989, self released)
-PAT HEAVEN: Welcome to heaven (Andromeda Relix' first release, good aor-soft metal, only 120 copies made)
-DEATH SS: Rehearsal and demo sessions for "Heavy Demons" on the Cursed Coven Fan Club
-DEATH SS: The story of Death SS Part 2 (on Cursed Coven, previously appeared for some italian Paul Chain Fanclub)
-DEATH SS: The Complete Black Mass Show 1990 (on Cursed Coven)

Plus, continuing the list of "silve factory/original" CD, I would like to add:

-RUGGERI PROJECT (on LM Records): nice guitar-oriented metal stuff. With members of Moon Of Steel if I'm not wrong...or some other metal bands
-ALBERTO SIMONINI: Moon twice (on LM Records) recorded in 1989
-ZEPHYR: The last dawn (Almost complete discography. on LM Records, Good hard'n'heavy
-ZESS: Et in arcadia ego Black Widow Records, complete recordings 1986/1988. Very good doom-metal)
-MONUMENTUM: Musaeum hermeticum (their Demo 1989 on Necropolis Records)
-MOON OF STEEL: Passions (there is an official - ? - german edition and another one, unofficial, with a squallid cover)

Plus others...but this is what I can recall now.
Noisenormale65 may be more specific and detailed....I realized only now that he's following an alphabetic order, so I guess I ruined the surprise-effect! :oops:

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Post#11 » Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:06 pm

Hi Jnfernal,maybe we know each other,i often go to Strana Officina gigs(i am the guy who always pulls his t-shirt at Bud during Non sei normale :wink: ),from which city of Italy are you from?

P.S. yes,i'am following the alphabetical order,i will finish in a few days,anyone interested is free to ask informations,of course!
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Post#12 » Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:57 pm

Let's go on:

21)Elektradrive --- Over the Space(1986,reissued by Markuee records in 2007)+Due(1989,reissued in japan only in 1994 by Alpha Brunette records)+Big city(1993,mc,lp and cd on Dracma records,reissued in japan only by Alpha Brunette records with 2 bonus tks in 1994)+Living 4(2004,Valery records);note that in 1995 Lomg Island records reissued Due as "Elektradrive" with 5 nonus tks taken from Over The space.

22)Evelyn --- Same(1996,Plaschke records,only on cd),one of the rarest italian item for this aor/class band(a must if you like melodic rock),founded in 1982,they recorded their only album after 14 years!

23)Feline Melinda --- Living in Europe(1995,minicd on Face records)+Feline Melinda(2004,self produced)+Morning Dew(2008,Mygraveyard productions);by the end of 2010 a reissue of their first minilp "The felines Awaits You"(1988)should be reissued with bonus tks by Mygraveyard prod.

24)Fil di Ferro --- RockRockRock(Axix records 1992 on lp and cd)+It Will Be Passion(2004,Licantropus records);The band has more 'times announced and then postponed the reissues of their two albums of the 80'(Hurricanes,1986 and Fil di ferro,1988).

25)Fingernails ---- Same(1989,on Old metal records reissued as Hell'n'Back with some bonus tks)+Destroy Western World(2008,Old Metal records).

26)Firehouse -- Labyrinth(1994,cd only on Arexong records),Heart of Steel records announced for 2010 the reissue with bonus tks(i don't know if the bonus will be taken from their first lp,1988,or unreleased tracks from demos).

27)Flight Charm ---(1988,on LM records,the reissue is a bootleg on Hard'nHeavy rarities vol. 11 together with Rychus Syn and Buster Brown.

28)Florence 99 --- Same(1990,on CGD records,mc,lp and cd) --- the cd is quite impossible to find,less than 20(twenty!) copies were made around because the band had troubles with the label,all other copies on cds were destroyed,so forget about it,i had 3 copies in the past(i sold one for 500 euros 4 years ago and one traded for some others rare records)it's one of the most wanted aor cd in the world,here i am with my copy:

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Post#13 » Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:43 am

Really appreciate all the infos you've provided Nonseinormale65. Thanks!

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Post#14 » Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:05 pm

I'm happy to be useful!

29)Furious Barking --- Theory of diversity(1992,but never published at that time,it's their second work,issued on cd in 2008 by Punishment18 records)if you like old thrash/death metal.

30)Gunfire --- Thunder of War(2004,on Battle Cry records,new stuff and as bonus their 4tks 1984 minilp).

31)H.Kristal --- Empty(1997,Underground Symphony),one of the italian prime mover(they recorded several demos and a mini lp in 1992 entitled "1981" as the year they founded the band) -- the mini lp is in the vein of old Fates Warning/Queensryche,the cd is a little bit more progressive and both are among my favorites.

32)Hallowed --- Same(1986,reissued in 2006 by Steelheart records,now Heart of Steel records) --- the cd contains 3 demo tks and the video of a song(Cry No More)as bonus;note that on LP is quite expensive,and that also exists a quite impossible to find version with a different cover,infact in 1986 they played live for Unicef in Bergamo(their hometown)and a special issue was made,with a completely white cover and the titled "Hallowed for Unicef",this version was sold on 1986 Christmas day only during that gig.

33)Headcrasher --- Introspection(1991,on lp and cd by Dracma metal records),it was the second full length for this thrash metal band.

34)Heaven's Touch ---the best 1988/1995(2009,Forkate records)in the vein of Poison/Motley Crue in their early times,then in the wake of Europe,Bad Habit,one of the most underrated italian bands,this cd contains several professional demos(they never released something official at that time) -- only 500 hand numbered copies made.

35)Hocculta --- Warning Games(1984,Discotto metal,reissued in 2005 by A&R prod/Markuee records,no bonus tks)+Taste the Return(2006,on Dedalo Sound,mini cd with only two original tks and the Scorpions's cover of Blackout)+Back in The Dark(1989,originally on Metal Master,reissued in 2009 by Metal Master/Markuee Records, only in digipack,no bonus tks)
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Post#15 » Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:58 pm

35) Hyaena --- Live,Box and Jam(1994,self produced,it was their third album,the first two are on vinyl only)+Scene(1995,on Pick up records)+Metamorphosis master demos of 1987(2008,on New LM records)+Progressivamente 1990--1995(2008,on New LM records).

36)Ifix Tcen Tcen -- Liquid Party(1990, on TVOR on Vinyl/Circus),thrashcore/punk in the vein of S.O.D. GANG GREEN it contains several disco music covers,jingle covers and so on,truly irriverent!

37)IN.SI.DIA. ---Istinto e rabbia(1993,on Polydor records)+Guarda dentro te(1996,Polydor records),formed in the 80's as Inviolacy,one of the best thrash metal acts from Italy,both quite difficult to find,you can download for free their records and demo at through authorization given by the band

38)Lord Crucifier --- The focus of life(1988,Lp and Cd on Metalworks),strange story for this trio,founded in 1983 as Haze,bass player and drummer moved from Italy to England in 1985 and recruited on lead guitar Cozy Spike (aka Adam Lehan,then with Acid Reign in 1989/1990 and with Lee Dorrian's Cathedral from 1990/1994),a mixture of thrash/death metal.

39)Love Machine --- Hungry For your Love(1992,on Wheel on Steel records,only on lp) --- this was their second full length album,Heart of Steel records will reissue it by the end of 2010,for melodic/class metal lovers.

40)Maskim --- Same(1991,Carrefours records only on lp,reissued in 1992 only on cd by Zasko Lab);another strange italian story for this roman based thrash metal band(founded in 1986),they signed a deal with Carrefours,a belgian label and published the lp for them(note that all the copies are in clear crystal vinyl and contain a poster of the band);one year later italian label Zasko Lab. reissued it on cd only with 3 bonus tks.

41)Maxx Dolls --- Same(1992,Magic Bus records mini cd only);founded in Brescia in 1988,in 1991 they won the Yamaha world contest playing live at the mythical Budokan in Tokyo,if you like Hanoi Rocks,Motley Crue etc.(a very hard to find cd nowadays).

42)Megatherion --- BSM(2009,on ROAL sound international)thrash metal band from Bologna,they recorded(but never released) an EP and some demos and after the split up(1988) two members of the band joined Extrema;some months ago finally the former members published this cd,it contains six original tks,a live tks and a new song.
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