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Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#1 » Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:14 pm

Here's a really old idea that I've finally come about to realize - a little interactive world map (well, only Europe so far..) with links to national Metal trivia-sites. I've been having trouble figuring out exactly how fancy to make this but finally came up with a quite simple and intuitive design that doesn't look complete arse. Sure beats a boring A-Z list anyways..


Now for the important part: I need help to fill in the white spots on the map + I welcome any and all tips on sites that you feel belong there ..or if you feel your country is poorly represented, why not start your own site?

This project also got me to finally set up jnfernal's old Albanian Metal special on the site. I just noticed some text bugs in there, but I won't be able to fix them til tomorrow, sorry...
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map part one: Europe

Post#2 » Sat Sep 19, 2015 10:25 am

Nice try. Although the idea of setting site of Slovenian Metal has immediately caused me a headache. :-P Well, surely it would be nice to have it all covered, yet there still seem to be lot of mysteries even in such Metal superpowers as Germany. *sobs

IMHO, bigger countries should be split into smaller units, eg. Germany into federal states, not to mention States or Russia. Roman, would you take over Bavaria? ;-)
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map part one: Europe

Post#3 » Sat Sep 19, 2015 1:57 pm

If you need some band names and releases from other countries - Madagascar, Cuba, Caucasian states, Mauritius, India, are some names. I listed only bands born in the 80's and early 90's with known recordings or just named here and there in interviews, articles, fanzines and reportages.
Some can not be 100% metal (it's impossible to find further information at one point) and some have recorded other stuff after many years.
Just for the records and if you have some additional information on them

I didn't listen bands from Russia and Spain because there are HUNDREDS of demo and albun recorded in the 80's and 90's not listen on Metal Archives (I don't know why, as most of them can be easily found on web archies like Metalrus or Nuestrorock80)


Aggressor: Indestructible Rehearsal Demo 1990
Ara Pacis:
Creature: Recordings 1988-1992
Golem: Demo 1984
Hetero: Tape 1988
Iron Hedgehog:
Metallist: Frankenstein Demo 1985
Metallist: Metallistomaania Tape 1985
Metallist: Demo 1986
Metallist: Back Page News Tape 1989
Nekropol: Recordings 1989-1992
Okaspendel: Demo 1986
Okaspendel: Demo 1987
Paradoks: Ara Moodu Must Lahedalt Collection Tape 1980-1986
Predatory War:
T-Klaas: Studio Recordings 1986
Under Taker:
Vanemõde (Starshaya Sestra): Estraad Demo 1986 (9 tx)
Vanemõde (Starshaya Sestra): Elu artmastan sind Demo 1987 (9 tx)
Vanemõde (Starshaya Sestra): Starshaya Sestra Tape 1988
Vanemõde (Starshaya Sestra): Piip-Piip-Piiiiiip Tape 1989
Varaan: Songs From Young Rockers Compilation Tape 1989
VV.AA.: Hail to metal Vol. 1 Tape (with Palat)
VV.AA.: Rock collection vol. 1/3 Tape 1989-1990


Huskvarn: Blood as wine (promo track, Latvijas Nacionala Teatra Studija Recording 1989)
Huskvarn: Sacrifice (promo track, Latvijas Radio Recording 1989)
Livi: Live In The Studio 1988
Livi: Studio Recordings 1982
Livi: Unreleased Studio Recording 1987
Livi: Live At Latvian University 1983
Livi: Live In Slampe 1986
Livi: Live At Lepajas Dzintars 1988
Livi: Live At Lepajas Dzintars 1989
Livi: 15 Gadu Jubilejas Koncerts Mežaparka Live Tape 1991
Opus Pro: Demo 1989
Opus Pro: Compilation Songs 198x
Piligrim: Live at Rizhskom DK VEF 1987
Rūsa: Recordings 1987-199x


13 (Trylika): Rehearsal Demo 1988 (3 tx: Mes dievai, Tikek, Tavo meile sau)
77: Live At Blogiausu Grupiu Festival 1991
Algirdas Ratkelis: Riba Tape 1989 HARD ROCK
Audronasa: Demo 198x
Audronasa: Live At Rock Ekspres 24-09-1988
Bloody Altar: Demo 01 1991
Bloody Altar: Demo 02 1991
Dykuma: Rehearsal 1989
Extreme Exit: Live At Metalines Eglutes Festival 1991
Furija (pre-Pessimus): Recordings 1990-1993
Golgota: Rehearsal
Horoskopas: Demo 1984 (10 tx, HARD ROCK/ALTERNATIVE)
Horoskopas: Demo 1988 HARD ROCK/METAL
Horoskopas: Recordings 198x HARD ROCK/METAL
Impulsas: Demo 1984
INRI (pre-Mortuary Property): Recordings 1989-1991
Katedra: Pavojai Promo Track 1987
Katedra: Rehearsal 1987
Katedra: Live Recordings 1987-1988
Kaulu Palapine:
Kerštas (pre-Burying Place): Antikristas Rehearsal Demo 1991
Kvadratas: Metaline Naktis Demo 1984
Kvadratas: Demo 1986
Kvadratas: Rehearsal 198x
Lava: Tape 1988
Medium: Demo 1986 (10 tx, HARD ROCK/METAL)
Medium: Demo 1987 (12 tx, HARD ROCK/METAL)
Mediumas: Demo 1986
Monstrum Harendum:
Necropsy: In Front Of The Wall Demo 1991
Non Stop: Akmuo Demo 1985 (20 tracks, HARD ROCK/METAL)
Non Stop: Demo 1987
Non Stop: Demo 1988
Non Stop: Demo 1990
Orkus: Gaudzia Varpai Demo 1985
Orkus: Demo 1988
Outsider: No faith Tape 1996
Pilgrim: Live At Club Def, Riga 13-02-1987
Piligrimas: Nežinomos Dainos Demo 198x
Piligrimas: Live Recordings 1987
Plentas: Song From VV.AA. Lituanika 1987
Porfiria: Demo 1991
Porfiria: Live At ENSK 1991
Raguose: Rehearsal 1990
Ramybes Skvras: Demo 1987
Rokai: Demo 198x
Rusio Meile:
S.B.S./Spicy Bits Of Scandal (Lithuania): Demo 1987
S.B.S./Spicy Bits Of Scandal (Lithuania): Live Tracks At Jaunimo Estrada 1988
Sacrament: Fucking liberation Demo 1989
Saules Laikrodis: Lauke Ir Viduj Tape 1983
Seifas: 1 tx
Slegeton: Live At Metalines Eglutes Festival 1991
Sunki Vasara: Keistas metas Demo 1988 (Issiskyrimas, Keistas metas, Nenusimink, Autoanalize, Kaip laiskai, Judejimas, Ne tau vienam)
T.F.U.: Demo 1989
T.V.I.N.: Skitalech Tape 1990
Tigro Metai: Demo 1985
Tigro Metai: Live 1987
Tiltas: 7 or 8 tx
Trash (pre-Outsider): Tape
Virus: Demo 1989 (9 tx)
Virus: Demos 1989-1991
VV.AA.: Lituanika 87 Lp
VV.AA.: Trys lelijos Live 1990 VIDEO (Heraldika, Auka, 77, Porfiria, Rusio Meile)

download links:!/genre/16!/genre/2


Adem: Live at Festival Debiut 1987
Adem: Live at Festival Metallomaniya 1989
Akchent: Live At Festival No Avgust, Novyii Karkov 08-1987
Bastion: Recordings 1987-1988
Bastion: Live 1987
Bowels: Concussion Of The Brains Demo 1992
Death Sentence (pre-Phantasmagory): Recordings 1991-1995
Drovoseki: Tape Lp 1990 (11 tx)
Drovoseki: Demo 1990
G.P.D.: The Best Of Demo 1988
G.P.D.: Live at 6th Leningrad Festival 1988 (16 tx)
K.P.P.: Zhivee vsek zivyik/Lively than all living Tape 1988
Krater: Diskzhokey Studio Sessions 1987
Krater: Demo 1988
Krater: Live At Pop Rock Show, Odessa 1988
Lazaret: Sud mertvikh nad zhivimi Tape
Nezayamana Zemlya:
Perron: Demo 1988
Perron: Prodaj dushu rok i rollu Tape 1989
Perron: Bronenosech Potemkin Demo 1990
Reactor: Thrashing night Demo 1991
Reanimator: Rehearsal Tape 1989
Suppuration: Unspeakable Journey Into Subconscious World Unreleased Demo 1993
Suppuration: Cosmic Flight Around Astralspher Unreleased Ep 1994
Suppuration: The Sign of Vae Solis Rehearsal Tape 1994
Thrashmachine: Recordings 1987-1992
Tok: S I Gorem Demo 1986
Tok: Diit Demo 1989
Tok: Rehearsal 1987
Tok: Rehearsal 1989
Tok: Live At Festival No Avgust, Novyii Karkov 08-1987


L.S.D./Coma: Split Tape 1992 (45') ... lit-album/
Sarcoma: Eaten in tomb Demo 1992
Sarcoma: Necrophagous Lust Demo 1992
Zombie Attack: Recordings 1990-1994


7 Herch:
Anti (pre-Antidote 1981-1984):
Antidote: Recordings 1984-1994
Dracula: Korol' ada Tape 1990
Otrazhenie: Fortuna (Ostanovis) Demo 1986
Otrazhenie: Myi Tam, Gde Liut Metall! Demo 1987
Otrazhenie: Tyi Iz Teh! Demo 1988
Otrazhenie: V Neshere Gornogo Korolya Demo 1989
Otrazhenie: Live In Grodno 1990
Otrazhenie: Live Soorvesvenno 1988
Suzorjie: Rok Terapiya Tape 1984
Suzorjie: Home Recordings tape 1987-88
Suzorje: 1981-1987 Tape
Suzorje: Live 27-03-1981
Suzorjie: Live At DK Kimikov 1983
Tornado: Demo 1990 (2 tx)
Tornado: Demo 1991
Tornado: Demo 1992
Tornado: Studio Recordings 1989-1990
Udar: Ne ubej Demo 1989


Bedlami (1988-1990):
Bethelem/ბეთლემი: Khavsmodebuli zarebis eko/ხავსმოდებული ზარების ექო Tape 1992
Crossbow/Arbaleti (1986-1987):
Heavy Cross/Mzime Jvari/მძიმე ჯვარი: Recordings 1988-1992
Iron Cross/Rkinis Raindi/რკინის რაინდი: Ingreva Monobis Koshki/ინგრევა მონობის კოშკი Tape 1991
Iron Cross/Rkinis Raindi/რკინის რაინდი: Momeferebi/მომეფერები Tape 1992
Iron Cross/Rkinis Raindi/რკინის რაინდი: Baby Tape 1994
Komendantis Saati:
Moritur/Crying Future: Demo 1989
Moritur/Crying Future: Black death Tape 1993
Mtsiri/მწირი: Never meet again + Warning + Falling on fire + Mtsiri + Terentis pragmentebi (1990) + 3 songs 1991
Mtsiri/მწირი: Song From Rock Protiv Terrora Lp 1991
Okean/ოკეანე: The Best Of Tape 1989-1992 HARD ROCK
Thunder Statue/Mekhis Qandakeba/მეხის ქანდაკება: Litonis katsi/??????? ???? Tape 1993
Vostan Hayots: Zardir vordyak/Prosnis'syin Tape 1991 HARD ROCK ... nad/videos


Asparez: Demo 1985
Asparez: Demo 1987
Ayas: Demo 1989
Messiah: Live at EgRU, Erevan 1991
Soma: Unknown Studio Track 1992
Soma: Live at Dzherzhinsky Machine Factory, Yerevan 26-01-1992 (50')

AZERBAIJAN (bands/releases not listed on Metal Archives, all late 80's/early 90's):

Bez Grima:
Chernyi Gorod/Black City:
Komendantskij Chas:
Running Wild:
Tyazhelyij Sluchay:
Yuhu/Yuxu: Demo 1990 HARD ROCK
Yuhu/Yuxu: Xazarin sahilinde Tape 1992 HARD ROCK

UZBEKISTAN (bands/releases not listed on Metal Archives):

Bek (pre Z-Bek, 1988-1995):
Redkaja Pticha:
Rejs 09/Flight 09: 0990 Tape 1990
Shtorm: Demo 1989
Shtorm: Goryashee Serdche Live Track 1989
Vasha Svetlost:

KAZAKHSTAN (bands/releases not listed on Metal Archives):

Koloss (1991-1992):
Pyatnitsa 13: Recordings 1990-1992
Apokalipsis: 1991-1992
Axcess/Ekstsess: Axcess in magic kingdom Demo 1992
Axcess/Ekstsess: Pryigni v ad Demo 1992
Kingspeed (1989-1991):
Morbus: Demo 1993
Morbus: Cacophony of homicide Demo 1995


Amala: Live recordings 1990
Anarhia: Satania1 Demo 1992
Anarhia: Satania2 Demo 1993
Anarhia: Live at Deva Tape 2002
Aquila: Bunul prometeus Demo Track 1990
Autostop (Cargo): Songs From Formatii Rock Vol. 12 1989
Cargo: Live Tracks At TVR Romania 1989 (Doi prietieni, 1989)
Celelalte Cuvinte: Comoara TVR Recording 1990
Chrom Dioxid (pre-Pas Infinit): recordings 1982-1984
Compania De Sunet (pre Voltaj): Demo 1986
Compressor: Live in Tg. Mures 1992 (7 tx)
Crusade: Demo 1995
Dracula: Self destruction Demo 1992
Epilepsy: Behind the pain Demo 1992
Epilepsy: Demo 1993
Grimegod: Recordings 1991-1993
Grumaz: Demo 1990 (2 tx: Grumaz, Warlock)
Hades (from Iasi): Demo 1992 (2 tx: Dirty god, Heresia)
Harap Alb: Demo 1978
Harap Alb: Demo 1979
Harap Alb: Demo 1988
Harap Alb: Demo 1989
Harap Alb: Studio Recordings 07-1987
Harap Alb: Live At Titan Club T4 1981
Harap Alb: Recordings 1978 (Nu incerca, Lasa-ti lumea)
Harap Alb: Live Recordings 1981 (Tinta, Electric Steel, M-am ascuns, Scatiul)
Harap Alb: Inregistrari din arhiva 1 Demo 1987 (2 tx: Zi de zi, Voi fi nou al tau)
Hardton: Demo 1982
Hardton: Demo 1983
Hardton: Demo 1990
Hardton: Songs From VV.AA. Formatii Rock Vol. 7 Lp 1984
Holocaust: Unborn generation Demo 1992
Impact: Recordings 1984 (Ploaia, ...)
Iris: Inregistrari Live Demo 1977 (4 tx: Ape curgatoare, Lumina zilei, Corabia cu panze, Tara adevarului)
Iris: Inregistrari Meloritm Radio 1977 (2 tx: Tara adevarului, Lumina zilei)
Iris: Ma intorc acasa Demo 1978 (1 tx)
Iris: Curabia cu panze Track 1978 on Formatii De Muzica Pop 3, Electrecords 1978
Iris: Inregistrare Arhiva Radio Demo 1980 (5 tx: Cine ma striga in noapte?, Fug cu timpul)
Iris: Inregistrare Arhiva Radio Demo 1981 (1 tx: Speranta, Calatorul, Pamantul il cuprind, Valuri)
Iris: Noaptea Demo 1981 (1 tx)
Iris: Vrem pace pe pamant Demo 1982 (1 tx)
Iris: Fug cu timpul Demo 1982 (1 tx)
Iris: Inregistrari din arhiva 1 Tape 1982 (3 tx: Cei ce vor fi, Aceasta i intrebarea, Trenul fara nas)
Iris: Inregistrari din arhiva 2 Tape 1982-1984 (3 tx: De vei veni, Mimi, Lumini si umbre)
Iris: Inregistrare Live 1983: Aceasta-i intrebarea Demo 1983 (1 tx)
Iris: Inregistrare Din Arhiva 2 1984 (3 tx: Zorile, Albina, In calea norilor)
Iris: Live 1982 (Fug cu timpul, Lumina zilei, Calatorul, Ready & Willing, Aceasta i intrebarea, Cine ma striga in noapte?, Highway to hell)
Iris: Live 1984 (Iris, Rocker, Noaptea, Trenul fara nas, La popas, Pe ape, Doar pentru voi, Cei ce vor fi)
Iris: Live 1985 (Cei ce vor fi, Trenul fara nas, Cine ma striga in noapte, Highway to hell)
Iris: Live in Arad 1990 (4 tx: Cine ma striga in noapte, Pe ape, Tot zbor, Tu doar tu)
Kapela: Recordings 1991-1994
Krater (from Zarnesti/Reşiţa): Humanity Demo 1992
Krypton: Songs From VV.AA. Formatii Rock Vol. 7 Lp 1984
Mercy's Dirge: Recordings 1990-1992
Metrock: Songs From VV.AA. Formatii Rock Vol. 5 Lp 1980
Molozopurroy: Desfigurarea soricarului Demo 1993 GRIND
Molozopurroy: Nene vanator Demo 1993 GRIND
Molozopurroy: Vrem pace Demo 1993 GRIND
Mortuary: Garage Rehearsal Demo 1991
Mortuary: Innocent creation Rehearsal Demo 1992
Necroforest: Legions of necroforest Demo 1991
Necton: Recordings 1984 (Tufe mici de liliac)
Necton: Recordings 1986 (Dansul haiducului, Planete vechi)
Necton: Recordings 1987 (Apel pentru pace, Metafora)
Necton: Recordings 1989 (Clipe vechi, Obsesie de primavara, Stih de fum, Te rog sa revii, Nu vreau sa te ascult)
Pansament: Recordings 1988-1992
Pas Infinit: Recordings 1984-1992
Phagocyte: Demo 1990 GRIND
Pro Rock: Demo Recordings 198x
Riff: Songs for TVRL 1989 (In loc de bun ramas)
Riff: Recordings 1990 (Zori de zi)
Riff: Recordings 1992 (Cercul vietii, Primii pasi, Joc perfid)
Skeleton (pre-Paralisy): Recordings 1992-1993
Tectonic: Studio Session 1990 (5 tx: Comet, Paranoia, Pobeda, Foreza, Arhaic + Live Tracks on Side B)
Tectonic: 5 ani / Live in Bucharest 1992 (17 tx)
Tectonic: Revolutie Live at Samrock Festival 1992 (split Ep with Pansament)
Tornado: Seven days of heaven and hell Demo 1994
Transilvania (pre Voltaj): Live At Festivalul De Rock, Craiova 28-04-1984
Ultimatum: Voices of death Demo 1991
Voltaj: Recordings 1983 (Nori de hartie, Aceasta este intrebarea)
Voltaj: Recordings 1986 (Mimi-parodie in re major, Lumina)
Voltaj: Recordings 1987 (Arc peste timp, Alerg, Tu doar tu)
Voltaj: Live Recordings 1987 (Lumina)
Voltaj: Live Recordings 1989 (Nori de hartie, Alerg, Cenusa si diamant)
Voltaj: Recordings 1990 (Marea e un dar, Erou erou)
Voltaj: Live recordings 1991 (Un vis, De ce nu mi vii?)
Xenon (pre-Epilepsy): Recordings 198x-1991
Varsta Maturitatii:
VV.AA.: Costinesti Rock Lp 1988

BULGARIA (beware! some bands can be soft rock or new wave/alternative):

Abordage: Demo 1989
Admiral: Demo 1991 (2 tx: Otkrovenie, Korekom)
Agressor: Studio Track 1992 (1 tx: Fontan ot kruvta na chovechestvoto)
Ahat: Recording 1988 (1 tx: Chudin hora)
Ahat: Demo 1990 (3 tx: Deviz, Chernata ovcha, Bradvata, Monolog, Nov zhivot)
Ahat: Studio Recordings (Pohodt, Durvoto)
Ahat: Live Track 1988 (1 tx: Durvoto)
Ahat: Live at BNR 1990 (3 tx: Deviz, Nov zhivot, Chernata ovcha)
Ajsberg: Demo Recordings 1988 (2 tx: Sun, Ajsberg)
Amadeus: Studio Track 1991 (1 tx: Imperiyata)
Apogej: Demo 1992 (6 tx: Svishov ot liubov, Malkiya chovek, Zhivot v kristalno kulbo, Na kladata, Izpoved, Kopnezh)
Arena: Demo Track 1992 (Surtse instrumental)
Astra: Demo 1988 (3 tx: Rz fiks ideya, Razdyala, Pred paradniya)
Atlant: Nyama pari/No Money Unreleased Demo 1990
Atlant: Unreleased Lp 1994 (13 tx)
Atlantik: Recordings 1983-1992
B.G. Rock: Demo 1992 (2 tx: Bg Rock, Tarsya izkhod)
B.T.R.: Studio Track 1991 (1 tx: Plamuka na ada)
B.T.R.: Live in Troyan 1990
Bard: Demo 1990 (2 tx: Ne po noti, Trevozhno vreme)
Bedstven Rajon/Disaster Area: Studio Tracks 1990 (2 tx: Bradvata, Garnizonna liubov)
Bulgarska Pripoda: Studio 1990 (1 tx: Majka instrumental)
Burning Sound/Ognen Zvuk: Don't stop to give me emotion Tape 1992 (10 tx)
Cassandra: Dead end way Tape 1993
Corpse: Live in Pleven 13-07-1991 VIDEO
Crazy House: Demo 1992 (1 tx: Stoj sega)
Demon: 3 songs on "Hitovete na novoto pololenia" Compilation Lp 1991
Detsibel: Studio Track (1 tx: Rokendrol)
Diktator: Padaneto na diktatora Demo 1990
Diktator: Demo 1990 (2 tx: Groteska, Murtva svetlina)
Disonans: Demo 1988 (3 tx: Delnik, Vremeto ni deli, Samota)
Disonans: Demo 1989 (4 tx: Zaicheto i nezasluzhena vina, Delnik, Samota instrumental, Bezizkodnost, Lavina)
Disonans: Vremeto Tape 1992 (18 tx)
Donor: Studio Track 1992 (Cherv. briag koshmar)
Dr. Doolittle: Demo 1987 (1 tx: Koj)
Dr. Doolittle: English songs for Programa 90
Dragster: Studio Track (1 tx: Strah)
Dzheri: Demo 1992 (3 tx: Veriu, Spomen, Putyat)
Dzhin String: Demo 1991 (2 tx: Snechelvajki liubovta v men, Lady bad news)
Electric Shock:
Elit: Demo 1988 (4 tx: Nov sun nov den, Siviyat den, Rok nash, Az kazak taka)
Epizod: Demo Track 1988 (1 tx: Na onya svyat)
Epizod: Demo 1989 (2 tx: Rokendrol, Debelata margo, Molete se za nashite dushi, Da purzhim zavistlivite ezitsi)
Epizod: Live at Sala Universiada, Sofia 18-05-1991 VIDEO
Er Maluk: Studio Recordings 1992 (2 tx: Bulgari prikazka, Petur greshno e)
Era: Studio Recording 1987 (1 tx: Shakmat)
Era: Studio Recording 1988 (3 tx: Ne e lesno, Kauza morti, Basnya)
Era: Studio Recording 1990 (2 tx: Basnya, Biurokratsiya)
Erator: 20 demo tracks 1988-1990
Erator: Live 1990
Erator: Last gig 1990 VHS
Esgraon s Evgenii Dajnov: Demo 1989 (1 tx: Stranata na usmiknatite velikani)
Exshumator: Demo 1986 (4 tx: Call from hell, Graveyard, Betrayer, Dead)
Faraon: Takiva kakvito sme Demo 1992
Feniks: Demo Track 1990 (1 tx: Rokut e zhiv)
Fobos: Demo September 1991
Fobos: Demo 1993 (5 tx)
Formatsiya Anonim: Demo 1992 (3 tx: Blrg po putya, Poslednen smyak, Vesela koleda)
Full Max:
Good Food: Noise core Demo 1993 (14 tx)
Hades: Rehearsal or Studio Track (1 tx: Nash)
Hades: Live at Rock Festival Varna 1987
Han (Kan/Xan): Demo 1989 (1 tx: Zhelezen i prela baba)
Hazart: Demo Track 1990 (1 tx: Spomen)
Immortal Discordia:
Insmouth: Immaculate conceptions Demo 1994
Interviu: Studio Track (1 tx: Chavdar ot fab do kraya)
Ira Deum: Demo recordings 1991 (4 tx: Nostalgia, Otrovata, Zonata na zdracha, Instrumental)
Irkala: Demo 1990 (1 tx: Zhretsut e murtiv)
Konkurent: Demos 1985-90 Tape (15 tx)
Konkurent: Live Track at Sala Universiada 1988 (1 tx: Putyat se tochi)
Kontakt: Suggestable generation Demo 1991
Kontrol: Demo 1 1988 (2 tx: Tryabva vsichko da priemam, Obicham te mila)
Kontrol: Stariyat dub Demo 1988 (8 tx)
Kontrol: Programa Esen Demo 1988 (5 tx: Nova prolet novo izkustvo, Svoboda, Predvaritelno izgubena vojna, Hevimetul siuzhet, Domakinya)
Kontrol: Demo 1989 (2 tx: Programa, Svoboda)
Kontrol: Demo 1991 (3 tx: Vokal kalin surmenov, Ne sum normalen, Kogato si trugvash)
Kontrol: Bumm! Tape 1991
Kozirog: Rehearsal Demo 198x
Kronos: Demo 1990 (3 tx: Vreme Zavraschane, Rob na liubovta)
Kronos: Unreleased Tape Lp
Lavina: Demo 1989 (3 tx: Hit kometata, Lavinite, Hevimetul)
Leprosy (Kardzhali): Vicious times Tape 1993
Leprosy (Stara Zaroga): Demo Recordings 1992 (7 tx)
Lucifer/Lutsifer: Zhivota Demo 1994
Lucifer/Lutsifer: Smrtta Demo 1994
Maraton: 86-98 Tape
Melissa: Demos 1989-1984 (8 tracks)
Metal Storm: Your death is my pleasure Demo 1991 (10 tx ?)
Millennium: Nezhna pieta Demo 1987 (1 tx)
Millennium: Otkrovenie Demo 1988 (1 tx)
Millennium: Otkrivam zlato Demo 1989 (1 tx)
Monolit: Recordings 1983-1986
Monolit: Unreleased Lp 1991
Monolit: One more chance Tape 1992
Mortal Remains: Demo 1992 (8 tx)
Mortuary: Demo recordings 1991-1993
Necromancer: recordings pre-1993
Nice Side Of Pathology:
Nightmare (Vratsa):
Nojz: Demo 1992 (1 tx: Vulcha siuita)
NVO: Restorant Tape 1989-1992 (15 tx)
Obratna Vruzka: Demo 1990 (3 tx: Ne kazvaj, Bezpomoshnot, Posveshenie)
Odesos: Demo 1993 (3 tx)
Odesos: Live at Rock Festival Varna 1987
Oktombri: Demo 1990 (3 tx: Po trotoara, Mashinata, A poetut)
Orion: Demo 1988 (4 tx: Konkurent, Prikazka, Dalech ot men, Kogato byagash)
Orion: Demo 1989 (5 tx: Novini, Priznanie, Prikazka, Vojnitsi na dugata, Yazovets)
Orion: Demo 1990 (5 tx: Otgore, Neam nervi, Okolen zhivot, Sun, Nishoto)
Orion: Studio Track 198x (1 tx: Neam nervi)
P.B.B.: Demo 1990 (3 tx: Grupata se razpanda, Biurokrat, Slunchev bryag blus)
Pabirok: Studio Track 1991 (1 tx: Blus za rodniya kraj)
Past Redemption: Demo 1993 (4 tx)
Reliks: Demo 1992 (1 tx: Stupki)
Relsi I Gres: Demo Tracks 1990
Ritsari Na Ognya: Demo 1989 (2 tx: Richari na ognya, Metalen shok)
Rock Sistem: Studio Recordings 198x (2 tx: Vr sulza, Poryaduchen glupak)
Rotor: Demo Track 1992 (1 tx: Dolinata na murtvite rozi)
Runauej/Runaway: Studio Track 1992 (1 tx: Samotniyat ni svyat)
Satellite: Demo 1992 (2 tx: Sinyat kamak, Don't dry the tears)
Simo Lazarov: Studio Track 1988 (1 tx: Shark)
Simulant: Na zhivo Live Tape 1993
Skandal: Crying for death Tape 1992
Solaris: Demo 198x (1 tx: Rozovite ochila)
Spektr: Demo Track 1987 (1 tx: Liubov kum roka)
Suppurated Corpse: Vomit of human bowels Demo 1992 (5 tx)
T.E.K.: The headwrigging noizze Demo 1991 GRIND-NOISE
Taran (Sofia): Demo 1991 (5 tx: Na sud, Deflorator, Krematorium, Zla prokoba, Eric the pie)
Testament: Demo 1988 (1 tx: Izpoved)
The Sladur's: Bulgarian image Demo
The Sladur's: Demo 2
The Sladur's: Demo 3
The Sladur's: Demo 4
Total: Demo 1991
Traper: Demo Track 1991 (1 tx: Stranen svyat)
Triumf: Demo 1988 (2 tx)
Trotyl: Demo 1988 (2 tx: Pesen na trotil, Vurvya napred)
Uzurpator: Demo Track 1991 (1 tx: Yabulkata na razdora)
Vis Vitalis: Demo 1988 (1 tx: Pd dom majka i dete)
Visoko Naprezhenie: Demo 1990 (3 tx: Razdyala, Politicheska farmatsiya, Taralezhut)
W.A.R.: Endless dark - World beyond the sun Part II Demo 1992
W.A.R.: Brothers in metal Tape Ep 1993
W.A.R.: War III Demo 1993
W.A.R.: Nuclear winter ballet Demo 1996
W.A.R.: Apocalypse Demo 1999
Wizzard: Demo 1992 (2 tx)

TURKEY (all bands from the 80's-early 90's):

Angel Skull (Antalya): Just tear down Demo 1992 (4 tx) ... e-remaster
Angel Skull (Antalya): Outtakes from Demo 1992 (15') ... e-remaster
Angel Skull (Antalya): Ceromonies Demo 1996
Apoplexy (Ankara, 1989): Asphyxiation Demo 1991
Asim Can Gündüz & Grup Ambulans:
Ask It Why: Promo tape 1992
Astharoth (1992):
Astrogoths (Ankara):
Axe/Barlas Erinç & Axe (Ankara, 1984): Delusion Video Live Track at Amerikan Kultur Dernegi 1984
Bandaj/Grup Bandaj: Demo 1982
Bandaj/Grup Bandaj: Demo 1987 (2 tracks)
Bandaj/Grup Bandaj: Various recordings (Love games, ...)
Bohem (1988):
Carnete (1992):
Crimegate (1991):
Dark Phase: Rehearsal 03-1991
Death Mosh (1992):
Deep Scream: Empty cage Demo 1993
Destiny (1992):
Devil: Devil Tape Lp 1987
Diabolic Yard: Xantus Dream Demo 1993
E-5 (198x):
Egzotik Band: Unreleased Lp 1983-1984 (9 tx)
Elan Vital: Sardonic utopia Demo 1994
Exist (1992):
Exorcist Child (pre-Devil):
Formül/Formula (1988-1989):
Frustration (1991): Demo cracy Demo 1993
Got (Germs Of Terror): Trust? Not you Demo GRIND-NOISE
Got (Germs Of Terror): It's not fear Demo GRIND-NOISE
Got (Germs Of Terror): Close relationships with the 5th dimension: I fucked God Live Demo 1992 GRIND-NOISE
Guillotine (1988-1989):
Hazy Hill: Demo 06-1989 (4 tx)
Hexagon (1988-1989):
Homicide: Attraction Demo
Horned Cunt (Hornet Cunt): Condemned in cunt Demo
Immortal Death (Ankara):
Kramp: Sonunda Demo 1986
Kramp: Mikrop Tape 1988
Kramp: Ozlemler Demo 1989
Kramp: Subat '84 Eylul 89 Demo 1990
Lazy River: Demo 1989
Leke (1992):
Lost And Found (1992):
M. Uncephall:
Mad Butcher:
Mandated Territory Of Disaster: Demo 1990 GRIND-NOISE
Mandated Territory Of Disaster: First disease Demo 1992 GRIND-NOISE
Mandated Territory Of Disaster: Suicade Demo 1992 GRIND-NOISE
Mandated Territory Of Disaster/Pure Noize: Split Tape 1993 GRIND-NOISE
Mandated Territory Of Disaster/Yeti/Neanderthal: Split Tape 1993 GRIND-NOISE
Mankind Terror (Istanbul):
Masterfuls (1987-1989):
Meridian (1986):
Metafor: Recordings 1986-2000
Mind Vortex (1992):
Mirage (1988):
Mortal Pain (1992):
Murat Net: Escape From Hell Demo 1989
No Named (1992):
Pain (1992):
Panik (1992):
Parkinson (1992):
Pegasus: Live Tape 1989
Pes Planus (1992):
Poseidon (1991):
Presage (1985-1989):
Private Death (Istanbul, 1992):
Pure Noize: Live at Wendy's Hall 1992 GRIND-NOISE
Pure Noize: Never mind the... Demo 1993 GRIND-NOISE
Ra/Grup Ra: Unreleased album 198x
Ra/Grup Ra: Rock fever Promo Track 1981
Reborn (1991):
Rivers Run Red (1992):
Roundabout (1988-1989):
S.A.D. (Super Aggressive Dick): Parental advisory Demo 1992 CROSSOVER THRASH/HC
S.O.S. (1986):
Sarcasm (Istanbul, 1992):
Scarecrow (1992):
Second Realm (1991):
Sex Murder (1991):
Sfenx (1984): Live at Amerikan Kultur Dernegi 1984 VIDEO
Silent Scream (1991):
Speed (1986):
Suicide (Ankara, 1989):
Suspect (1992):
Ten On Richter (1991):
Vae Victis (1991):
Verticle End (1992):
Very Busy (1986):
Volvox: Demo 1988
Witchtrap: The witch Demo 1992
Witchtrap: Incubo succubo Demo 1993


Acero Inoxidable (1988, con Willy Suchar, Luis D'Agostino, Ivo Calderon, Carlos Sandoval, José Farias): Contractuado Track 1989
Agnus Dei (1994):
Avalon (198x): Distorsion track on "Lo Mejor del Rock Nacional" Tape 1990
Batallon: Demo 1987 (Corrupcion, Bajo tierra, Batallon)
Bautrohem: The return of the ancient evil Demo 1997
Black Ritual (1993):
Blood Expire (1989): Oh Dios track on "Lo Mejor del Rock Nacional" Tape 1990
Building Heads:
Cirrosis (1994):
Crematorio (pre-Disincarnated):
Dafman Hell:
Devastation (1991, con David Shugar)
Engranaje (1997):
EOS: Desde el jardin Track 1991
Funeral (1985):
Furia (1993): Demo 1994
Go Ahead (1994):
Golgota (1990):
Human Race (199x):
Inside Death:
Kaos: Titeres rebeldes track on "Lo Mejor del Rock Nacional" Tape 1990
La Confesion (1994):
Malignant Assembly/Maling Amsamblea (1994):
Massacred (1989):
Mayborn (con Osmar Aquino, Marcos Capdevilla, Dario Gaona): Demo 1997 (3 tx)
Mayborn: Demo 1999 (5 tx)
Medieval (1995 con Sebastian Gulino, John Aguiar):
Medusa (1993):
Metal Heart:
Metal Urbano: Uniformes track on "Lo Mejor del Rock Nacional" Tape 1990
Metaloide (198x):
Morbid Decay (1992):
Nash (1984, Dany Zayas, Ramón Méndez, Pedro Ávila, Oswal González): Burning for your love; Spirit of lust Demo Track 1984
Ni Los Perros (198x, Roberto Thompson, Kike Calabrese):
Orion (1997):
Oxígeno: Será que me estoy volviendo loco? Demo 1994
Proteus: Demo 1997
Requiem: Demo 199x (Q'pasa aquí!? + 1 more, instrumental)
Rigor Mortis:
Sanctus: Sanctus Tape 1993
Scythe (con José Florentin, Ángel Molina): Demo 198x (2 tx)
Splatter Noise Core: Odio y furia Demo 1996 GRINDCORE
Stonehenge (1995):
Suicide Note: Entrance Demo 1997
Sumeria (1990):
Trio Mugre (197x, Nicodemus Espinosa):
Vértigo: Tierra de nadie Track 1991
We (198x):
Witch Tower/Wick Tower (1994):
Zeus (1997):
Zona Roja (1994):
VV.AA.: Evolucion 2000 Tape 1994 (Corrosion, Steel Rose, Scoff)
VV.AA.: Evolucion 2000 Tape 1996 (Funeral)
VV.AA.: Lo Mejor de Rock Nacional Tape 1990 (CD re-release announced for 2015) ... ne/#titulo ... tos_stream ... 1782%2C809 ... 632&type=3 ... 435&type=3 ... 0YYJKY9yMw


Abbadon (1992):
Acido: Al ataque (from Compilation)
Acido: Demo 1987 (2 tx: Fria helada, ... ?)
Acido: Demo 198x (2 tx: Por siempre heavy metal, ...)
Acido: Recordings 1981-1985
Alto Voltaje: Acosados Demo 1987
Alto Voltaje: Live at Parque Rockdo 1988
Alto Voltaje: Video 198x
Alto Voltaje: Video 198x
Angkor Vat: Rehearsal 1991
Angkor Vat: Live at Thrash and Metal 1989
Angkor Vat: Live at Teatro de Verano 1990
Arsenal (Nestor Porto, Ernesto "El Biblioteca" Esclavo, Fer Lemos, Ricky Quintero):
Asfixia (1995):
Asgard: La condena, La proxima oscuridad on "Unidos en la misma" Compilation Tape
Azacat/Az'zacat: Ateo on "1er certamen nacional de rock uruguayo – 100.3 Eldorado FM 1987" Compilation Tape 1987
Barbarie: Tremendo pedo, El 38 on "Unidos en la misma" Compilation Tap
Caballo Loco: El páramo Track on Metal uruguayo Revistado Vol. 1
Ciclope (1992-1997): Concreto Demo 199x
Crematorium: Promo tracks 1990-1991
Crematorium: Rehearsal 1991
Crematorium: Live at Kiel Pub 21-01-1991
Cross: Solo quiero salir de aqui Tape 1991
Danger Four (heavy metal in the beginning, 198x, then moved to hard/pop rock):
Darkesthrash: Place of horror Demo 1991
Delirium Tremens: Live 1988
Delirium Tremens: Live at Sala Cain 06-1990 (6 tx)
Delirium Tremens: Live at Teatro de Verano 22-09-1990 (9 tx)
Eclampsy: Rehearsal 1990
Eclampsy: Demo 1995 (2 tx)
Escape: Un ángel más Demo
Esclativud (1995): Demo
Fakin Birra/Fucking Birra (with Alvaro Garcia, 1995?): Demo 1995
Frenetica: Cementerio de esperanzas CD 1996
Graf Spee: Demo 1986 (2 tx: Prisionero,
I Must Fall: Demo 199x
I Must Fall/Wicca: Split Tape 199x
Inner Sanctum: Rehearsal Demo 199x
Inner Sanctum: Live in Montevideo Tape 1988
Inner Sanctum: Live at Teatro de Verano 21-01-1990
Luz Roja: No me afiles Tape 1993
Luz Roja: Roc dac, Orosea on "Rock 5" Tape 1989
Luz Roja: Ya ni sé on "Material Desechable" Tape 1992
Luz Roja: Rock de la oficina on "Rock de Primera" CD 1994
Luz Roja: Lluvia on "Metal Uruguayo Revistado Vol. 1" Tape 1995
Maldicion (1993): Demo 1994 (2 tx: Pasta fatto in casa, Creencia apestosa - thrash metal)
Maldicion (1993): Tedio Demo 1995 (COLD WAVE/POST METAL)
Mantis: Unreleased Demo 1990
Mantis: Recordings 1989-1991
Melker Morgoth/Melkor Morgoth: Rehearsal Demo 1989
Melker Morgoth/Melkor Morgoth: Recordings 1986-1989
Moby Dick (1985):
Morbid Blood:
Nazca: Viaje electrico Track
Necropolys (1995): Rehearsal 1994
Necropolys (1995): Rehearsal Demo 19-02-1995
Nostradamus (1985):
Orion (Montevideo, 1992-1993): Rehearsal 10-1992
Ossuary: Cementery Demo 1992
Paddok: Apocalipsis Demo 1988
Quo Vadis: Quo vadis Lp 1977 (hard rock)
Quo Vadis: Paranoia Track
Rhapsody (with Mario Stocco): Ascencion Day Demo Track 1994
Sadica: Rehearsal Tape
Sádica/Sadika: Mi testamento Track
Sarcast (ex Cabeza Negra, 1993-2000): El Pacto Demo 1995
Sarcast (ex Cabeza Negra, 1993-2000): Last Rehearsal 1999
Shock: Tape Lp 1992 (10 tx No te dejes atrapar, Toca y sento, Diosa de la seduccion, No puedo alcanzarte, Ella, Shock de rock'n'roll, No quiero perderte, La cantina del diablo, Vieja cancion, Noche de accion)
Shock: En soledad Track
Stratus: Demo 1994 (metal)
Titanic 3 (pre-Macbeth):
V.A.: Rock 87 - 1er certamen nacional de rock uruguayo – 100.3 Eldorado fm Compilation Lp 1987 (with Ateo)
V.A.: Brigada metalica Lp
V.A.: Eldorado FM - Una buena onda Vol. 3 Tape (with Cross, Alvacast)
V.A.: Live at Rocker Building 1995 (with Necropolys, Asfixia, Esclavitud) VHS
V.A.: Material Desechable - 7 anos de rock hasta el melodia Tape 1990 (with Qu Vadiz, Luz Roja, Alvacast, Cross)
V.A.: Sublevacion extrema Tape 1995
V.A.: Thrash attack compilation Vol. 1 (compilation tape enclosed with Thrash Attack Fanzine, early 90's)
V.A.: Underscream Comp. Vol. 1 Tape 1995
V.A.: Unidos en la misma CD 1998
V.A.: Compilado De Bandas Uruguayas - Limpia Tu Mente Tape 199x


Abraxas: Tan solo una parte Demo 1989 (6 tx)
Apocalipsis (1986):
Centurion: From my room to the moon Tape 1993
Centurion: Sucio y podrido Tape 1994
Centurion: Chaotic side Tape 1996
Centurion: Viaje en el tiempo Tape 2001
Centurion: Unknown scapegoat CD 2008
Clows: Pegaron loco por ti Unreleased Ep
Delirium Ov Mortem:
Devastacion: Rehearsal in Judibana 1984 VIDEO (4 tx: Betty, Muerto en vida, Ritos malignos, Devastacion mortal, Drum+Guitars solo)
El Feretro Satanico:
Etica Etilica: Recordings 1986-1992
Exorcion: Demo Tracks 1986-1989 (Exorcion, Torre de Babel)
Exorcion: Rehearsal in Judibana 1984 VIDEO
Genocidio: Rehearsal in Judibana 1984 VIDEO
Grand Bite: Demo 1984 (4 tx)
Kanser: 3 Studio Tracks (Asesino, Un heavy para mi, Pacto sangriento)
Kanser: Live at Club Marvel
Necrosis: Rehearsal 1987
Necrosis: Demo 1988 (Venganza, Consigna de guerra)
Nemesis: Anarquia en L.A. Demo 1988 (6 tx)
Pablo Mendoza:
Sentencia: Demo 1992
Sentencia: Live at Paseo de los libros, Fundarte 1992
Stratuz: Rehearsal 1988
Trance: Demo 1992 (3 tx: Almas libres, El pasado pasado es, Nada oculto bajo el sol)
Tremens: Demo 1 1982 (Soñadora, Comienza por ti)
Tremens: Demo 2 1982 (No me comparen, Un dia mas)
VV.AA.: La gran descarga metalica Live 30-11-1991


4to Reich: No estás en mi/Deseos 7" 1978
Abraxas: Mi religion (Track 1983)
Abraxas: No mas presion + El rock es mi religion (1985)
Abraxas: Rompiendo rutinas (Track 1989)
Abraxas: Hasta la eternized, Solitario, Rock nacional, Profecia, Ultima generation, A new form of lice (Track 198x)
Abraxas: Rehearsal tracks (Rompiendo rutinas, My monster, En blanco, Sin nombre)
Abstracto (Loja, 1989):
Acero Negro (Cuenca):
Ambición Necia:
Amnesia (Loja, 1989):
Animal Rock Ecologista: Dios miró y no aceptó el holocausto (Track 1985)
Animal Rock Ecologista: Especie en Especie en extinción (Track 1988)
Basca: First Live in Ambato Tape
Blaze: 2 tx Demo 1987 (Blaze, As bajo tu manga)
Bolsas Tristes: Demo 198x
C.R.Y.: Sadico Track 1988
Cancerbero: Demo (3 tx: Cocaxicasion, Malicia, Dulce suenos, Noviembre negro)
Chancro Duro: Ya sacamos nuestro primer demo Rehearsal 1992
Demolicion: Noviembre negro (Track from METAL EXPLOSIÓN Comp Lp 1991, IFESA/EMI)
Demolicion: Divino designo (Track from La Historia del Rock Ecuatoriano Nr. 1, Tape 2000)
Devored Dark:
Equinox (1983):
Eslabon (1987):
Excremento Putrefacto: Total putrefaccion de la putrefaccion total Demo 1990
Fango (Loja, 1988):
Futura (Cuenca): Tú Volverás Ep
Futura (Cuenca): Y soñar Ep
Futura (Cuenca): Demos 199x
Krakem: Rompiendo cadenas Track 1989
La Biblia:
Lignum Crusis: Recordings 1990-1998
Los Maderos:
Moulin Rouge: La noche Single Track 1989
Mutación (Quito, 1987):
Narcosis: Inocencia asesina Track 1988
Narcosis: Sueno negro Track 1989
Postmortem: Atahualpa Rock + Pesadilla satanica Tracks 1987
Post Mortis:
Psicosis (Quito, 1989):
Right: Fugitivo de la ciudad/Muerte Ep 1985
Right: Yo âme una chica de azul/Aunque te quiera Ep 1987
Right: Mala noche Ep 1989 (1 track)
Right: Electra Lp 1989
Sabotaje (1986):
Sak: Hypermeticadictivo Lp 1994
Sak: El rock no va perecer Tape 199x
Skalibur: Promo Tape 199x (photo on Museo del Rock Ecuatoriano)
Skalibur: The lowest top (Track from METAL EXPLOSIÓN Comp Lp 1991, IFESA/EMI)
Spectrum/Spectrum Line: Demo 1982 (2 tx: Cum on feel the noise, Metal health)
Super Star Band:
Taller: Poder descansar (La playa)/El tipo común Ep 1987
Taller: no necesito tocarte/El velo negro Ep 1989
Taller: Esta noche/Viernes 13 Ep 1989
Taller: Ep 1988
Tarkus: Recordings 1988 (Aqui estoy, Trilogia, Verde y blanco, En ese lugar, ...)
TNT: Días Extraños/El Último Verso
Total Death:
TPM: Y un sipote algo grosero Demo 1992 GRIND/NOISE
Trash Beat (Manabí): Reflexiones por la paz/Vuelve junto a mi 7" 1989
Trash Beat (Manabí): Aunque el tiempo/Memorias Ep
Vandalica (Loja, 1989):
V.A.: Heavy metal live concert Tape 1988 (Spectrum, Demolicion, Abraxas)
V.A.: La historia del rock ecuatoriano Vol. 1 Tape 2000
V.A.: Rock nacional 80 Tape
V.A.: Todos por la paz en concerto Live Tape 1995 (Skalibur, C.R.Y., Dalane, Circuito, Melo Blues)


Alcoholika La Christo: Unreleased Demo 1991
Armas Vertiginosas:
Black Mass: Have no fear Demo 1992 (6 tx)
Black Mass: Idiots Demo Track 1989
Collage: Unreleased Demo 1986 (Derecho al rock, A donde vaya)
Death Crucifiers:
Dies Irae: Dies de Ira Tape 1993 (Fuerzas en accion, Solo tu y yo, Todo o nada, Algo de ti, Fuego en las calles, Poltergeist)
Dies Irae: Dies virginados Lp 1994 (9 tx)
Dies Irae: Demo 199x
Dixi: La vida es una Demo 1989
Dixi: Rompiendo las reglas Demo 1990
Dogal (1991):
Encrucijada: Demo 1985 (5 tx)
Escatofagia: Rehearsal Demo 1993
Escatofagia/Anal Macabre: Split Tape GRIND NOISE
Extasis (1991):
Fiebre Metálica:
KR/KyR/Kill And Rabish:
Macro Desperdicio:
Materia Gris: Demo 1988 (Nuestros cuerpos, Una mujer…)
OM: Demo 1987 (Cacafonia, El reggae del condor, Estano metal del diablo, Circulo de cuadrados...)
OM: Mutante I Demo 1988
OM: Mutante II Demo 1988
Sacrilegio: Demo 1989 (10 tx)
Sacrilegio: Escapa Live Track 1988
Sanctum Regnum:
Santichristor (1990):
Stratus: Demo Pre-Ep 1985
Slatanic (1989)
Subvertor: Terrorista Rehearsal Demo 1990
Subvertor: B.I.G.N.O.I.S.E. Demo 1991
Unarmed (1989):


Warning: Live at Sentro Pro Arte 1987


Scion: Demo Tracks 1991-1993
Sentinel/Stoneblind (1991):


Ratskyn (1981):

CUBA (all bands from the 80's/early 90's. WARNING: some band can be hard rock/alternative)

Acceso Prohibido:
Alien: Demo 1993
Alto Mando: Leyenda Demo 1990
Alto Mando: Rehearsal 1990 (Noticias y confesiones, Los perros de la guerra, ...)
Alto Mando: Los perros de la guerra Video 1990
Amplio Spectrum:
Banda De Maquinas:
Cosa Nostra: Killing your childhood Demo 1992
Costa Norte:
Cuerpo Y Alma:
Dark Side:
Delirium Tremens/Celhow: Demo 1993
Enemies Of Society:
Fosiles Vivos:
Fuego Adentro:
Geminis: Recordings 1987-1988
Infestor: Hidden remains Demo 1991
Lignum Crucis:
Linea Roja:
Los Beltas:
Los Dalton:
Los Huesos:
Los Migs:
Los Trimmers:
Madness House:
Metal Oscuro: Demo 1991 (7 tx)
Metal Oscuro: Various recordings 1986-1993 (Misioneros del rock, Busca tu fuerza, Solamente tu y otros...)
Metal Pacifico:
Metal Sagrado:
Morbo: Asesinatos en masa Demo 1991
Necrofago: I love the war Demo 1993
Necrofago: Spiritual Resurrection Demo 1994
Necrofago: The Warlost Empire Demo 1998
Necrofago: Clonation Demo 2000
Necrofago: Misery Demo 2001
Necrofago: Astract State Demo 2002
Necrofago: Grinder Demo 2003
Necrofago: The Begining of Pain Demo 2004
Nekrobiosis: El escuadron de la muerte Demo 1992
OVNI: Recordings 1981-1991
Proyecto Climax:
Proyecto Van Gogh (1990):
Proyecto X:
Red: Recordings 198x (Murcielagos, Emergencia,...)
Rhodas: Demo 1992
Septimo Dia:
Sexto Sentido: Fuerza y voluntad Demo 1991
Symphony Of Doom: The blessed shadows Demo 1993
The Widow:
Ultranza: Recordings 1991-1992 (El distorsionador, No dudes de mi, Nadie cantara, ...)
Venus: Metalizando el espacio Demo 1988
Venus: Various songs (Los lobos solitarios, Despues, Amenaza nuclear, Los enemigos del mundo, Del metal mas duro, Pershing, Apocalipsis, Desconfianza)
Volumen Dos:
Zeus: Demo 1 05-1989 (6 tx)
Zeus: Demo 2 09-1989 (? tx)
Zeus: El renacer de los muertos Live Demo 3 01-1990 (6 tx: El renacer de los muertos, Leo Fender, ...)
Zeus: Demo 4 01-1991 (? tx: El diablo al infierno, ...)
Zeus: Demo 5 02-1992 (? tx)
Zeus: Demo 6 06-1993 (? tx)
Zeus: Libérame Demo 1995 (? tracks)
Zeus: romo Demo 1999 (? tracks)
Zeus: Making hole in your head Demo 2004 (? tracks)
Zeus: Demo 2005 (? tracks)
Zeus: Demo 2006 (? tracks)
Zeus: La verdad prohibida CD (Producciones Colibrí, 2015, 13 tracks)


Acero: Live 198x
Armagedon: Grabaciones 198x
Armagedon: From Todo El Rock Compilation Lp 1987
Colemesis: Rehearsal
Igni Ferroque:
Lascerate/Lacerate: Rehearsal Demo 1993 (4 tx)
Los Cavernarios: Recordings 1985-1986
Mantra: Hell's garage Demo 1994
Mantra: Planeta odio Demo 1997
Morbid Symphonies: Uterhorror Demo 199x
Muerte: Morbitorium Demo 1987
Profanum: Rehearsal 1991
Pseudostratified Epithelium: Rehearsal 09-1992
Psy War: From deep depressions to the borders of noise Demo, 1991
Putrid Faith:
Sentence: Rehearsal
Sentence: Demo
Strobe: Rehearsal 1991-1992
Surgath: Rehearsal 1991-1992
Viuda Negra: Rehearsal Demo

Black Light (1983):
Brah-Mins: Somos rockeros Lp 1983
Corte Legal:
Crudos: From II Olimpiadas Del Rock 1985
Dark Simbol (1984):
Ekinoxio: Rehearsal Tracks 1992
Empiphis: De cara al futuro Tape 1989 HARD ROCK
Empiphis: Por ultima vez/La bamba Ep 1987 HARD ROCK
Empiphis: Donde estaran Single Track HARD ROCK
Empiphis: From III Olimpiadas Del Rock 1986 HEAVY METAL
Fobia: Live Track 1989
Fuzz: Studio Recording 1987
Fuzz: Los angeles del umbral Song for Olimpiadas del Rock 1987
Fuzz: Demo + Live Tracks 198x
Fuzz: Live at Punto Clave 1989
Fuzz: Other recordings
Hard Times:
Hazel Grace (1984):
Hekaton: Live At Club Coanca, Santo Domingo 1989 VIDEO (12 tx, 63')
Hekaton: Live at Olimpiadas Del Rock 198x
Hidra (1984):
Nexus: Live At Metal House, Santo Domingo 1989
Perjury: Live at Club Coanca 1989 VIDEO (19')
Proyecto Final:
S.M.I. (Speed Metal Instrumental):
Stage (1982):
X Drama:

Alerta Roja (1989):
Broncco: Estudio Picaro Demo 1974 (I can see my face on the coin + 2 covers)
Broncco: No somos diferentes/No puedo vivir sin ti Demo Ep (1981, Compañía Leo’s Records)
Broncco: Estudios Graposa Demo 1981 (I can't see my face in the coin)
Broncco: Estudios Ricardo Luna Demo 1981 (Sentado en el muelle de la bahia, El perdedor, …)
Broncco: Demo 1982 (Estamos aqui)
Broncco: Demo 1985 (Tiempo de amanecer, Fantasia, Guerra nuclear, Tu presencia, Este es rock, Estamos aqui, Cielo sobre cielo)
Broncco: Demo 1989 (El vendedor de sueños)
Broncco: Demo 1990 (2 tx: Ya no estás, Vendedor de sueños)
Camouflage (1984):
Crisis (Fernando Alvergue, 1980-1984): Intervention, Quedate, Jet Set, Transilvania express, Loco por ti, Fuck you, Huevon, Anarquia)
Crisis (Fernando Alvergue): Wired (Single track 1980)
Crisis (Fernando Alvergue): Ciudad de pietra (Single track 1981)
Crisis (Fernando Alvergue): Children of war (Single track 1982)
Crisis (Fernando Alvergue): Baby (Single track 1983)
Golan Holocausto: Hardcore extremo Demo 1986 (FAKE ?????)
Heaven Positive Band: Positive rock Concert VIDEO 1990
Heaven Positive Band: Christmas Show Calvin Klein Metrocentro VIDEO 12-1990
Heaven Positive Band: Cine Deluxe Concert 1991 (Tribulacion, Inocentes al patibulo, Un grito en la oscuridad, Libertad, Vuelve, Levantate y pelea, Muros, Aprender a ganar, Con principio y sin fin, Heaven) VIDEO
Hell (pre-Regenado): Recordings 1988-1992
Revell: Aniquilacion Promo Track 1992
Sabotage/Sabotaje (Roberto Salamanca, Oscar Serrano, Rafael Alfaro, 1985, metal): Unreleased Demo 1987
Sepelio (1991):
Sex (Roberto Salamanca, Napoleón López, 1983, metal):
Tabu (1987, metal):
Thorns (Broncco): Estudio Dicesa Demo 1970
Thorns (Broncco): Radio YSU Demo 1971
Vive (1988): Esclavo de tu amor, Gritos de paz
VV.AA.: Massacres from the jungle Compilation Tape


Blasfemous/Blasphemous: Espiritual Satan/Garbage of God Demo 1993 (2 tx)
Bulimia Subhumana:
Cannabis Satiba:
Denial: Underground time Demo 1990
Espectral Prophecies:
Grave Stone:
Infernal Darkness:
Invasion: Live At Gran Teatro Nacional, Guatemala City 1989
Pesadilla De Parker:
Rotting Corpse: Reek with blood Demo (1993? 1994?)
Rotting Corpse: Live at Guatemala Musical 1992 VIDEO
Sanctum Regnum: Demo 1993 (Bajo el embrujo, Tabernaculo de maldad, Los hijos de Satan)
Sanctum Regnum: Live in Guatemala City 12-1993 (4 tracks)
Sangre Inocente (Decision):
Sore Sight:
Spectral Prophecy:
Vaca Sagrada:
Vox Dei: Live in Costa Rica 1992

Delirium Tremens: Demo 1991 (4 tx: Burocracia, Hombres de verde, Delirio, Mente encatenada)
Delirium Tremens: Live at Megametal 1992
Delirium Tremens: Live at Megametal 1993
Orin's: Prisionero Tape 1993
Terciopelo Negro: Live at Megametal 1993
Trauma: Demo 1992
Trauma: Live at Megametal 1992
Trauma: Live at Megametal 1993

Clave 90 (Fabio Buitrago, 1990):
Crisis (Alex Bolaños, Larry Mulligan, 1990):
Cruz De Metal (Leon, 199x):
Especie Maldita (pre-Maligno, Managua):
Habeas Corpus (Managua o Alvaro, con Mario Benavides, 1990): La canción pirata Single Track 1992
Legión (Managua, 199x):
Leyenda (Managua, 199x):
Maligno (Managua, 1993)
Necrosis (Managua, 1991): Paradise hell Track 1993
Necrosis (Managua, 1991): Apocalipsis Track 1994
Nemesis (Jinotepe, 199x):
Profecía (León, 199x):
Raza Oculta (1990, pre-Necrosis):
Sepulcro (León, 199x):
Simetra (Alejandro Mejía, Mario Guillén, Eloy Canifrú, 1987):
Storm Hunter (Managua, 1991):


Angel Rage:
Ataud: Jesus deception Rehearsal Demo 1991
Burning Face:
Cadaver: Demo
Cannibal Massacre: Inri Demo 1992 or 1995 (12-13 tx)
Cardinal Sin: Secret vaults exposed CDR
Cardinal Sin: To be continued Demo 1986
Cardinal Sin: Rehearsal for 1st Demo 1986
Cardinal Sin: Rehearsal Recordings 1987 (Landlords of doom, Scrypts of a dead man, Nightmare instr. version, Anthrax covers, Metallica covers, other tracks)
Cardinal Sin: Live in Boston 1991
Cardinal Sin: Live in Mayaguez 1992
Corrupt Society:
Dead Innocence: Rehearsal 25-07-1991 VIDEO
Dead Innocence: Live in Aguanda 1992 VIDEO
Deathkross: Live in Mayaguez 1992
Deathless: Who's fault Demo 1993
Enigma Force: Live track at Wole Tv Canal 12 1986
Excel: Demo 1991
Godless: Nefastus angel Unreleased Demo 1990
Godless: Alive on the ritual Demo 1990
Godless: Rehearsal Tape 1991
Godless: Live at Infernal Night Live Demo 1992
Godless: Transcendence 666 A.B.C. Demo 2001
Godless: The ultimate blasphemy Live 2001
Illegal Touch: Live at El Mas Salvaje Encuentro Rockero, Lajas 1986
Iron Trident: Live at El Mas Salvaje Encuentro Rockero, Lajas 1986
Las Cargas:
Metal Cross: Cover Demo 1985 (Resistire, Tell me, Turn up the radio, Wanted man, You just got lucky)
Metal Cross: Original Songs Demo 1985
Metal Heart: Live Track at El Mas Salvaje Encuentro Rockero, Lajas 1986
Nonpoint Factor: Live in Guayama 11-10-1992
Nothing Remains:
Organic Infest: Live in Mayaguez 1992
Rebel Rose:
Red Steel:
Rock Shott: My first love/Heart breaker Ep 1986
Signs Of Deception: Live in Guayama 11-10-1992
Soul Hunter:
Tortura: Foul emanations Rehearsal Demo 1993
Tour De Force:
Uziel: Demo 199x (8 tx)
Velyal: Recordings 1987-1990
Zeus: Live Track at Wole Tv Canal 12, 1986
Zyron: Live at El Mas Salvaje Encuentro Rockero, Lajas 1986


Aggressor (Enslaver): Rehearsal 1989 (4 tracks)
Alambre De Puas: Rehearsal Demo 1991 GRIND-NOISE
Alambre De Puas: VIII Demo 1992 GRIND-NOISE
Amenaza: Rehearsal Track 1988
Black Death (1987):
Black Mass: Rehearsal Demo 1987
Cabeza De Martillo/Hammerhead: Legions of death Demo 1987
Cabeza De Martillo/Hammerhead: Demo 1988
Cabeza De Martillo/Hammerhead: Unreleased Demo 1989
Cabeza De Martillo/Hammerhead: Emancipation of the environment Demo 1990
Cabeza De Martillo/Hammerhead: No one to tell Demo 1991
Carnivoro Castrador: Necropsia Rehearsal Demo 22-05-1993
Cementerius: Totalmente Cementerius Tape 1992
Conspiracion Piromaniaca: Broma sangrienta Demo 1991
Conspiracion Piromaniaca: Entretenimiento funeral Demo 1992
Conspiracion Piromaniaca: Factor putrefacto Demo 1992
Conspiracy: Evil within Demo Track 1992
Corpsephagous/Fuego Uterino: Split Tape
Distorsion: From A Todo Rock Compilation Lp 1987
Hecatombe: Rehearsal 1993
Holy Death: Demo 1990
K-Ries: Demo 1991
Merciless Death: Rehearsal Track 1990
Morbid Heads: Rehearsal 1988
Morbid Silence: Rehearsal Track 1992
Muerte Subita: Rehearsal 1988
Necroforus/Necrophorus: Rehearsal 1989
Neutrasmo: Rehearsal 1988
PHB/Ramiros PHB: La mosca Demo 1990
Psicosis: Somos tus muertos Demo 1993
Psykopatas (pre-Psicosis): Demo 1991
Psykopatas (pre-Psicosis): Emanacion de gases Demo 1993
Rogam: Recordings 1985-1996
Sarcoma (pre-Disemburied): Rehearsal (1 tx)
Schizophrenia: Rehearsal 1989
Sepelio: Rehearsal (2 tx)
Virulenzia/Virulencia: Anal Sexxion Rehearsal Demo 1992
VV.AA.: 100 anos de que Lp 1992
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map part one: Europe

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High Speed Beer: Red Demo 1985 (4 tx)
High Speed Beer: Ghost solo hell Demo 1987
High Speed Beer: Live at From The Underground II Festival 22-03-1986 (6 tx)
VV.AA.: From the Underground Vol. 1 Tape 1986 (Rebel Rockers, ...)
VV.AA.: From the Unverground Vol. 2 Tape 1987 (Rebel Rockers, Fireworks, Crisis, Novel) CRISIS and Fireworks are Metal/Hard Rock

NEPAL (most bands are from Pokhara)

Cobweb (Patan): Anjaan Tape 1993 HARD ROCK
Dead Soul (Kathmandu):
Maneater (Kathmandu):
Milestone (Pokhara): Adhuro prem Tape 1995 (only first song is pure metal, rest is hard/soft rock)
Newaz: Newaz Tape 1992 (Harati Records) HARD ROCK
Newaz: Single on Compilation Tape 1991 (Harati Records) HARD ROCK
The Crisis (1992): Wildfire Tape 1992 (12 tx) CROSSOVER/THRASH/HC
The Move (1991): Tape 1991
The Peace (1991): Tape
Vegetarian Vampires (Kathmandu):
Who Duz : The disaster of Tape - Kebal timro lagi Tape 1992
Wrathchild (Kathmandu):
Zenith (Kathmandu): Tape

BANGLADESH (all bands from 80's to earlt 90s):

Aces: Unreleased Lp 199x
After Death
Cryptic Fate: Demo 1994
Deth Row (1991): Shesh nishshash on "Agontuk 2" 2004
Deth Row (1991): Porloy on Compilation CD
Devil's Den:
Glad Tiders/Glad Tigers (with Sohel and Daiyan Mir):
Jolly Rogers (1987-1989):
Kirtinasha: S/T Tape 1987 (first heavy metal album released in Bangladesh. Contact me for full tape cover)
Koprophilia (mid 90's): Unreleased Album 1999 (full download here:
Koprophilia (mid 90's): one song on "Agontuk" Compilation CD
Maestria/Maestro Trilogy (1993):
Member's Only/Reza Khan: S/T CD 1991 (Dawn Recording Group) HARD ROCK/METAL/SHRED
Metal Warriors:
Misan Thrope/Mission Thorpe (mid 90's):
Mysteria (1991-1993):
Phantom Lord/Fantom Lord (1993):
Poached Boogie/Poched Boogie:
Psycodeth (1991-1993):
Rock Brigade: Unreleased Lp
Rock Phantom (1986-1992):
Silence (1990-1992):
Sweet Venom: Sweet Venom Tape 1994 HARD ROCK
Thrashold (1994-1997):
Waves: Unreleased Tape 1984
Waves: 3 songs for BTV 1984
Waves: Purono shrithy Live Tape 1996 (Yusuf Electronic Records)
Waves: Live at Shilpokola 14-06-1984
Waves: Live at Guide House 15-02-1985 (Dragon attack, Tush, You may be right, Down under, Heaven and hell, Letter, Eye of the tiger, Rock you like a hurricane, Whole lotta rosie, Supernaut, Iron Man, Ace of spades, Heart surgery) VHS EJU Video 1985
Waves: Purono shrithy Live VCD 1996 (Bhore, Prem murchona, Monisha…)
X-Uranium/Axe Uranium: Shopnolok on (single track)

PAKISTAN (all bands from 80's to late 90's):

Axe Attack (with Aamir Zaki, Karachi, 1984-1986): The bomb Tape 1985
Dhun (with Fawad Baloch): Jawan aur azaad Tape 1996 HARD ROCK
Final Cut (with Shehzad Mughal, Rizwan Khan, 198x): Various tracks: Mere sath/Meray saath (1990), Mein chal deya/Mein chaldia/Main chuldiya (1989), Dastaan (1989), Nayee umang, Jab ham saath hongay, Jhoomay yeh sama
Kainath/Kosmos: Demo 1 1996 (?)
Kainath/Kosmos: Demo 2 1997 (?)
Krash (Karachi, 1987):
Metal Purge/Black Warrant: Resurrection 1995-1997 CD
Midnight Liner/Radiation (with Amir Zaki):
Midnight Madness (with Zahid Awan, Saeed Iqbal, Lahore, 1990-1996): Barious tracks (Breaking the chains, You say, ...)
Overdrive: Anarchist growl Tape 1994 HARD ROCK/ALTERNATIVE
Power House (with Adnan Afaq/Adnan Vai, Faraz Anwar, Jamal Nasir, 1988-89):
Scratch (Aamir Zaki, 1987):
The Barbarians (with Asad Ahmed, Jamal Afridi, 1987-1990): Yeh zindagi aka S/T Tape 1989/90 (EMI)
The Barbarians (with Asad Ahmed, Jamal Afridi, 1987-1990): Yeh zindagi hai Track 1987
VV.AA. - Video Junction - Step 1 Tape 1994 (Eastern Boyz, Elixir)

INDIA (all bands from late 80's/early 90's):

13AD (Kerala): Ground zero Tape 1990 HARD ROCK
13AD (Kerala): Tough on the streets Tape 1992 HARD ROCK
5 Zenith (pre-Eastern Dark, Imphal, Manipur, 1994):
Agni: Wind dance with fire Tape 1993 HARD ROCK/PROGRESSIVE METAL ROCK
Angel Dust (Manipur, 1987):
Angellica/Born Free (Manipur):
Arkaitor (Shillong, 1993):
Astounder (Manipur, with Momocha Laishram and Paul Marudai Gangmei, 1984):
Avalanche (pre-Lucid Dreams, Bangalore 1992-1994):
Axecalibre (with Oliver Pinto):
Black Insurgents:
Black Sultan (Manipur, with Paul Marudai Gangmei, 1985)
Black Tooth Sabre (Pune):
Black Widow:
Born Free (Manipur):
Brain Damage (Manipur, 1987):
Cannibals (Manipur, with Momocha Laishram and Paul Marudai Gangmei, 1987-1996): In the middle of the night, Sweet reggae, Dirty boy blues, Confused, Goodbye dead boy, Devil devil, Burden of dream, Inner feeling, ….
Chaos/Vedic Chant:
Cranium (Kolkata): No mercy Demo 1995 (10 tx)
Crystals (Manipur, with Praveen Raj, 1990-1991):
Dark Ages/Dark Of Ages (Manipur, 1993):
Dark Domain (with Guru Jiangam Kamei, 198x):
Dark Krusaders/Drixian Empire (Churchandpur/Manipur, 1986-1993):
Dead Bones:
Death's Guitar (pre-Post Mark, Manipur, 1988):
Devil Worshiper (with Guru Jiangam Kamei, 198x):
Dorian Platonic (with Shihan Borbhuyan, Guwahati, 1987-1993):
Eastern Dark (Imphal, Manipur, 1996): The monkey lies Tape 1997 (8 tx)
Eastern Dark (Imphal, Manipur, 1996): Kangdroom - The monkey truth Tape 2001
Eastern Dark (Imphal, Manipur, 1996): Kangjei Tape 2009
Easy Meat/Ezee Meat (Pune):
Greek (Adam Avil): played at Range Ground, Imphal
Heavenly Fingers (Manipur, with Momocha Laishram, Sarat Thounaojam, 1989)
Hell's Angel/Hell's Angels (Manipur, 1985):
Hellions (Manipur, 1987):
Holocaust (Guwahati):
Holy Rider (Kakching, Manipur):
Kalashnikov (Bangalore, 199x):
Kill Roy:
Lucid Dreams (Bangalore, 1994):
M.A.I.D.S./Metal Aliens In Devil's Soul (Madras/Chennai):
Machine Head (pre-Cannibals, Manipur, with Jean Giansing Panmei, Paul Gangmei, Len Gangte, Momocha Laishram, 1985)
Metal Teens (Manipur, 1992):
Millennium: Demos 1988-1992
Millennium (Bangalore): Born to reign Tape Ep 1993 (4 tx)
Millennium (Bangalore): Millennium Tape 1994
Misanthrope: Demo 1993
Morgue (Guwahati, with Mrinal Das, Neeraj Kakoty, Ambar Das, Raju Seal, Manas Chowdhury)
NH-39 (Manipur, 199x):
Post Mark/Death's Guitar: Stamp on you Tape 1989
Power Pak/Nexus (Manipur, with Imocha Kabrabam, 1989):
Power Slave (Manipur, 1988):
Psychopaths (pre-Eastern Dark, Imphal, Manipur, 1991):
Red Devils (Manipur, 1992):
Rex (Manipur, 1988):
Phoenix/Phynyx (Manipur, with Len Gangte, 1980): Demo Tape 199x
Post Mark: Stamp on you Tape 1989
Ravage/Ravages (Pune, with Uday Iyer): Dream slayer Demo 1992 (2 tx)
Rock Quake:
Sabre Tooth:
Shangri-La (Hyderabad/Churachandpur):
Psychopaths/Sykopath/5 Zenith/Eastern Dark (1989-1991):
Rock Machine (Indus Creed, Bombay): Rock'n'roll renegade Tape 1988
Rock Machine (Indus Creed, Bombay): The second coming Tape 1990
Shiva (Kolkata, with Amyt Datta, 1988-1993): Classics Tape 199x (HMV Records)
Sykopath (pre-Eastern Dark, Manipur, 1989):
The Great Society (Shillong, 197x-1992): Breakthrough Tape 1987
The Great Society (Shillong, 197x-1992): Dance your ass off Tape 1988
The Knightsand Contraband:
The Lapps (Manipur, 1992):
TNT (Manipur):
Ultra Vires (Manipur, 1987):
Young Ones:
VV.AA.: Rock Street Journal Great Indian Rock Cassette Vol. 1 Tape 1995
VV.AA.: Rock Street Journal Great Indian Rock Cassette Vol. 2 (Phynyx: "Woman") Tape 1996

PHILIPPINES (all bands are Heavy Metal/Thrash/Crossover/Death/Black except whre noted. All from late 80's/early 90s):

A.O.D. (Agony Of Destruction):
Akeldama: Tupang itim on "Monsters of Metal" Tape 1997
Amorcass: Life denied on "Sa kabilang anyo ng buhay" Tape 1994
Anno Domini/Mutiny In Manila:
Attila: The rise, Lupang ina on "Sigaw ng kalamayan" Tape 1995
Banned (1992):
Barang: Barang on "Sa kabilang anyo ng buhay" Compilation Tape 1994
Barang: Alma perdido on "Tunog Tone Def" Compilation Tape 1997
Barang: Anyo on "Filipino Alternative Rock" Tape 199x
Black Skulls: Lies, Cross of sin on "Alternatibong musikang pilipino Dekada 90" Tape 1994
Bonehead: Kargado CD 1995 (PolyCosmic) HARD ROCK
Bubonic Plague:
Brutal Punishment: Recordings 1992-1999
Canis Lupus: Ano on "Filipino Alternative Collection Vol. 2" Tape 1995
Caress Of Steel:
Casket (1991):
City Limits: Para sa iyo 7" (year unknown)
Convinction: Miserable on "Buyaheng Ilalim" Tape 1995
Cookie Monster:
Crematorium/Krematorium/Kampo Santo/Sacrilegion:
D.F.A. (Death From Above):
Dead Sea Scroll (1986-1987):
Dead Sperm:
Death After Birth: Recordings 1990-1993
Depth Charger:
Dethrone: Aswang on "Sa kabilang anyo ng buhay" Tape 1994
Dethrone: Pok pok on "Biyaheng Ilalim" Tape 1995
Dethrone: Ebanghelyo on "Monsters of Metal" Tape 1997
Discant X:
Dominion: Within these walls on "Numeric Sampler 507" Tape 1997
Dominus Cross: Angry society, Brown sugar on "Angry Society" Tape 1995
Dominus Cross: Kaibigan, Katuga on "Sigaw ng kalamayan" Tape 1995
Dominus Cross: Karahasan on "Filipino Alternative Collection" Tape 1995
Dr. Faust: Waka ka naman nyan on "Buyaheng Ilalim" Tape 1995
Drastic Noise:
Drone: Samaral on "Buyaheng Ilalim" Tape 1995
Euthanasia: Tao on "Mga Himig Natin - Pinoy Rock Revisited" Tape 199x
Faust: Katakataka on "Filipino Alternative Rock" Tape 199x
Flabbergast: Nakakulong sa panaginip on "Buyaheng Ilalim" Tape 1995
Flaming Hemorrhoids:
Friday The 13th:
Gum Bleed:
Hayp: Caught in the crossfire CD 1991 (WEA) HARD ROCK
Hayp: Caught in the crossfire (Karapatang pantao Compilation Tape 1989) HARD ROCK
Kabaong Ni Kamatayan: Let flesh decay, Eve of pain on "Screams from the underground" Tape 1992
Kabaong Ni Kamatayan: Prelude to insanity on "Sa kabilang anyo ng buhay" Tape 1994
Kabaong Ni Kamatayan: Bakas ng karimlan on "Filipino Alternative Collection Vol. 2" Tape 1995
Kaptain Bakal: Demo recordings 198x
KNK/Kryptik Death:
Loads Of Moterhood:
M.A.D. (Mutual Assured Destruction):
Major Front: Stupid dog, Gulo on "Sigaw ng kalamayan" Tape 1995
Mass Carnage: Lest thou sin, Conceal and reveal on "Numeric Sampler 507" Tape 1997
Mass Carnage: Sa pagkalat ng dilim on "Monsters of Metal" Tape 1997
Mere Mercy (1984-1985):
Mind Heart Blood: Dugo sa isipan on "Monsters of Metal" Tape 1997
Mushroom Cloud:
Necreous: What comes out from within Demo 1993
Necreous/Desecrator: Disinterred Split Tape 1994
Nuklus (1980-86/1993-1997): Kasaysayan ni juan Tape 1993 (AMP Music Phils.)
Nuklus: Dambuhala sa morong Track 198x
Nuklus: Mamang may baril Track on "Tuklas - Musical competition Live Concert - Vol. 2" Tape 1985
Political Chaos:
Predator: Pagdating on "Monsters of Metal" Tape 1997
Pulpito: Sapatos ni syon on "Scream for a rare music past" Tape
Puneraria/Earth Angel/Kundinado:
Razorback: Hebigat sounds Volume One CD 1995 HARD ROCK
Re-Aninator: Dios on "Buyaheng Ilalim" Tape 1995
Re-Animator: Sigarilyo ni Pepe on "Filipino Alternative Collection" Tape 1995
Red Corpse: Recorded chaos Rehearsal Demo 1997 (7 tx)
RP: Street legal Tape 1985 HARD ROCK/AOR
RP: Strange storms Tape 1986 HARD ROCK/AOR
Sacrilege: Demo
Scum (with Joe Pangan): Rehearsal Demo 1992 GRINDCORE
Sepre: Sa pagbuka ng lupa, Ayaw yumaman on "Sigaw ng kalamayan" Tape 1995
Sepre: Balat demonyo, Tsismosa on "Angry Society" Tape 1995
Shattered Soul: Fist on your face, Wars with in wars on "Sigaw ng kalamayan" Tape 1995
Signos: Recordings 1988-1994
Smile Plenty (noisecore):
Solitude (1991):
South Of Heaven (198x):
Sphinx: Galit sa mundo on "Buyaheng Ilalim" Tape 1995
Sphinx: Bahala ka na on "Filipino Alternative Collection" Tape 1995
Tarabusaw: Partisano on "Monsters of Metal" Tape 1997
Temper Of The Times (pre-Dahong Palay):
Thanatopsy: Primal eden on "Sa kabilang anyo ng buhay" Tape 1994
The Abyss:
The Dawn: Enveloped ideas Demo Track 1986
The Wait (198x):
Tulisan: Halimaw on "Buyaheng Ilalim" Tape 1995
V.O.D. (Valley Of Death): Demo 1987 CROSSOVER/PUNK
Violent Psyche (1986-1987):
Warhead: Meltdown Tape Lp 1986 (Ivory Records, 1986)
Warhead: Halimaw on "Monsters of Metal" Tape 1997
Warlak: Asidong bato on "Scream for a rare music past" Tape
Warmoth: Payo, Durog on "Sigaw ng kalamayan" Tape 1995
Wolfgang: Wolfgang CD 1995 HARD ROCK
Wolfgang: Demo 1994 (2 tx: Darkness fell, Left alone) HARD ROCK/METAL
Zamora: Recordings 1991-1993
Zeta Zone: Terrorista on "Monsters of Metal" Tape 1997
VV.AA.: Themes of madness Tape 1993 (Iconoclast, …)
VV.AA.: Tuklas - Musical competition Live Concert - Vol. 2 Tape 1985

MALAYSIA (I didn't include the HUNDREDS of hard rock/aor or hard rock/metal cassette albums on RSR and various other labels, such as Rocers, Bumi putra Rockers, Handy Black, Search, May, Lefthanded, Masa, Medicine, Dinamik, Bloodshed....:

Anator: Rehearsal Demo 1990 (2 tx; Bath in sin, Evil orchestra)
Axthara: Cerucuk Tape 1991
Bacteria: Evil bastards Demo 1987
Batturwar: Banishment Rehearsal Demo 1992 (4 tx)
Betrayer: Recordings 198x-1992
Blackfire: Recordings 1984-1988
Blaspherereion (pre-Narsamum): Recordings 1989-1991
Block Head (Crucify): Suffocated heathen Demo 1992
Chronic Mass: Messed chronically Demo 1992 (5 tx + Intro + Outro)
Critical Mass:
Demori: Arabian death Demo 1990
Demori: Victims of the rule Demo 1991
Dennis The Mennace:
Hijrah (Kuantan): A pilgrimage to nowhere Demo 1990 CROSSOVER a la D.R.I.
Hijrah (Sarawak): Hijirah Tape 1991
Incubated Worms:
Infectious Maggots: Life among the ruins Demo
Lamia: Recordings 1990-1992
Larrong: Curse of devastation Demo 1993
Lost Infidel:
Mallaria: Rehearsal 1987 CROSSOVER a la D.R.I.
Mazetorment: Recordings 1991-1992
Mentally Murdered: The dwell Demo 199x
Merciless Death:
Metal Ghost: Recordings 1982-1984
Metalian: Identiti Tape 1987
Metalian: Era Tape 1989
Mighty Devastator: Fear us Demo 1991 GRIND
Misanthrope: Hording of evil vengeance Demo 1991
Misanthrope: Demo 1992
Modar: Dead century Unreleased Demo 1991 (10 tx)
Narcotic Death:
Necrophilia (pre-Chronic Mass):
Necrotic Chaos: Live 14-08-1992
Necrotic Chaos: Promo Tape 1993
Nemesis: Recordings 198x
Nuklear Death: Recordings 1989-1992
Operation Corpse: Operation corpse Demo 1 1992
Operation Corpse: Final couse of creation Demo 2 1992
Profane Creation: Recordings 1991-1992
Protopsmet: Abomination Demo GRIND
Psycho Death (pre-Sputum):
Punisher: Recordings 198x
R.O.T. (Reign Of Terror):
Rator: Recordings 1987-1989
Sauts Alastor: Recordings 1992-1995
Senseless Death: 4 live tracks from Terminal of death Demo 1990
Sputum: An enormous feeling of hatred Demo 18-11-1992
Sri Mangkat (Aradia): Recordings 1991-1992
Stone Crows: Rehearsal 1987
Suffercation: Day of darkness Unreleased Demo 1992 (4 tx)
Tormentor (NOT from Kota Kinabalu):
Tragedy (XPDC): Recordings 1987-1988
Unitheism: Lord of very nation Demo 1994
Unitheism: The black art of Ilmu Jahat Demo 1999
Unitheism: Behind the cracked idols MCD 2008
Vormit: Blossom in putrid Demo 1991
Vormit: The God project Demo 1992
Vulga: Demo 1991
Vulga: Recordings 1985-1992
Wizards/Scandals: Split Tape 1991
X (pre-Necrophilia/Chronic Mass):
VV.AA.: An epidemic darkness-nerto effects VIDEO 1993 (Catarrh, Kitanai Chi, Silent Death, Carburetpr Dung)


Abhorer: Rehearsal Demo 1991
Anti-Social Kiosk:
Bird Brains: Peanut butter jelly sandwich Demo 1991 (24 tx)
Blacklysted (Krax): Recordings 1983-1990
Corpses: Songs from M.I.S./Made in Singapore Vol. 2 Compilation Tape 1992
Crucifucktor: Demo 1989
Dethmute: Recordings 1992-2000
Down Syndrome:
Eternal Throne: Recordings 1991-1996
Ethos: Beyond the reality Demo 1992
Ethos: Recordings 1987-1991
Ethos: Songs on M.I.S. - Made In Singapore Vol. 3 Tape 1993
Extremists (pre-Cemetery/Eibon/Debauchery): Rehearsal Demo 1988
False Melissa (pre-Nuctemeron):
Global Chaos: And it's all our fault Demo 1990
Global Chaos: Songs from M.I.S. Made in Singapore Vol. 1 Tape 1991 (A piece of puzzle)
Global Chaos: Songs from New School Rock Vol. 2 CD 1991 (Open up the windows, The mortals must be crazy)
Global Chaos: Songs from View Beyond 002 Tape 1992 (Dying Inside, Your noise is our noise)
Harvester: Recordings 1992-1994
Impiety: Rehearsal 1991 (4 tx)
Infernal Death:
Infernal Scum (pre-Cardiac Necropsy): Recordings 1991-1992
Insanity: Rehearsal 01
Insanity: Rehearsal 02
Insanity: Rehearsal 03
Krax: Recordings 1990-1992
Leviathan: Songs from M.I.S./Made in Singapore Vol. 2 Tape 1992
Lycanthropy: State of moribund Demo 1992
Lycanthropy: Songs from M.I.S./Made in Singapore Vol. 2 Tape 1992
Mayhem Force:
Messerschmitt: War Demo 1990 (4 tx)
Metallik Storm (pre-Nuctemeron):
Metempsychosis (pre-Obsequies):
Mindrape Protestants:
Monsier: Demo 1992
Morbid Death (pre-Debauchery/Cemetery/Eibon): Recordings 1988-1989
Morbid Deformity (Bird Brains): Recordings 1989
Morbific: Obscure dreams Demo 1993
Multicrane (pre-Brutal Fear): Recordings 1990-1993
Necro Sadist: Churning bowels of hell Demo 1989
Obsequies: Resurgence of dark exequies Demo 1991
Opposition Party: Viva la anarchy Tape 1986-1988
Opposition Party: Unreleased Tape Lp 1993
Opposition Party: Songs from No Surrender Gig Tape 1987
Opposition Party: Songs from Ruff Cuts Tape 1987
Opposition Party: Songs from Nazis Are Coming Back Tape 1987
Opposition Party: Songs from Alternative Pop Tape 1988
Opposition Party: Songs from Skullcrusher Tape 1989
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Azmael: Provocation evil Demo 1992
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map part one: Europe

Post#5 » Sat Sep 19, 2015 4:03 pm


Mario, you are insane! ;-)
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map part one: Europe

Post#6 » Sun Sep 20, 2015 10:36 am

That list is an Amazing piece of work! How large a part of all that do you have recordings of? I don't know if I can fit it into the map-project, but as a reference when searching for and evaluating other sites it's very useful. I figure you should have a few tips on sites and blogs dealing with Music from these areas?
Noisenik wrote:Nice try. Although the idea of setting site of Slovenian Metal has immediately caused me a headache. :-P
Nenad, hark the voice of the Metal Gods - this just might be your Calling!
Noisenik wrote:Well, surely it would be nice to have it all covered, yet there still seem to be lot of mysteries even in such Metal superpowers as Germany. *sobs

IMHO, bigger countries should be split into smaller units, eg. Germany into federal states, not to mention States or Russia. Roman, would you take over Bavaria? ;-)
There used to be a great German site doing just that, but it disappeared. I've been asking for info about the guys behind it in another thread (I've got a co-op offer of sorts..)

On Part Two - North America, the USA will be split into states-specific links and I'd like to take this opportunity to ask for some help: Any state- or city-specific Metal or general rock trivia/history/Encyclopedia sites you know of, post 'em here!
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#7 » Sun Sep 20, 2015 10:54 am

For the USA part, would it not be great timing to evaluate some more US comps for the compilopedia in the same news bulletin? Like the Missouri and Kansas comp I sent you. :D
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#8 » Sun Sep 20, 2015 1:09 pm

Yes, insane work, unfortunately he didn't include all Malaysia, Singahell, Indonesia or Philippines Hard Rock/Metal MC's (Promo LP's) as this would show how insane that scene was there. Especially the malay stuff. People always screaming "Brainwash LP Brainwash LP" but there has been 100 more records of better bands. Would be cool to finally have list of all of them.
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map part one: Europe

Post#9 » Sun Sep 20, 2015 5:16 pm

That list is an Amazing piece of work! How large a part of all that do you have recordings of? I don't know if I can fit it into the map-project, but as a reference when searching for and evaluating other sites it's very useful. I figure you should have a few tips on sites and blogs dealing with Music from these areas?

I had some of them, but I deleted all my files a couple of years ago. I just kept something from Botswana (Metal Orizon demo from unknown year, their Promo Tape 1998 and an interview on tape) + other small things from India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore.
Unfortunately I deleted a lot of stuff from Caribbean countries while a lot of stuff from Lithuania and caucasian countries can be found in full in some links I enclosed to the list.
I just have some contacts with collectors from those countries, from time to time they update me with new researches and information. Of course I have some more details about each band (year of formation/activity, line up, photos, facebook&myspace/website links/blogspots) and other information taken from scanned articles/magazines/fanzines....but of course I update those lists everyday, just last night I made a massive update of photos and articles from Madagascar.
I was searching also some bands from Paupa New Guinea...there was a band called Riot Squad who put out 2 tape albums:

Riot Squad: Riot Squad Tape 1993
Riot Squad: Vulcan rock Tape 1994

which are hard rock with some heavy moments. Therefore there were another band called Painim Wok who made a couple of albums (their discography is 8 or 9 tapes) with heavier sounds, they can be easily found on youtube in full. This song is taken from their 2nd album from 1987, "Tangtangi", they made a lot of other albums but only a few of them are hard rock/heavy:

while this is taken from their first album, "Gitar naigal" also recorded in 1987, strange rock/heavy basis (double pedal, speed guitar sounds) with typical pop/ukelele folk singing:

But mostly I am in contact with bands, people who were in some bands, there are some book/essays on the history of local metal scene (from Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, now there's an upcoming book about Dominican Republic)....and it's a good way to lear (or get used) to new languages...the problem is that it's very hard to find further information from countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines and even african countries because it's almost impossible to get informations about detailed discographies or even find imaes of cover artworks. In these countries it seems the "discography matter" is a secondary thing...most bands (for example, Tselatra from Madagascar: they were hard'n'heavy in the beginning, from 1984 to early 90's then turned into classic rock/soft rock with "heavy" image: they made A LOT of CD, VCD, Best of but nobody lists them, nobody can say how big is their discography: they just say "theit major hits were this and that" but of course you can't make a band history just listing which were their major hits....same in India where all the contacts I have just refer to the bands with a "yes, their most famous song was this and that" and they never answer to simple questions like "how many albums they recorded, do you have a tracklist, do you have some cover artwork?")

To me the most obscure band is Warhead from Philippines...they made a tape album in 1985 on Ivory Records (the most important major label in the country) but NO ONE ever supplied me with some information in over 6 years of search. The most commin answer is "they are old, nobody can remember them"...which is a really childish and teenagerish question. So I guess that also european people should forget a good 99% of 80's bands because "they are too old, we weren't even born when they played, how can we say something abouth them? too old..."

In any case I am planning to go to Pakistan to find those tapes...I have a friend there right now and I asked him to look for them...let's see what happens

Other bands from Ecuador or Caribbean Countries...well, there are a lot of Facebook Pages (I think to the "Museo del Rock Ecuatoriano" page) which can provide interesting information and images

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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#10 » Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:07 am

Papua New Guinea ?! True Cannibal Metal?

just what I said.+

*takes hat down and bows
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#11 » Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:36 pm

This site has info of a few DDR Hard Rock acts as well, but it covers all kinds of german bands mainly.
Not sure if it's of interest. Too bad that Hendrik doesn't updates the Ost-Metal website anymore since he's working on a book about it or something (since years). Goat knows when this will be finished. I know he's got much more band infos and new bands yet than featured on the recent site.

DDR Hard rock/Metal fetishists should notice the Setzei article as I know a TV clip ("Falsches Spiel") of them from 1984 and it's pretty cool Heavy Rock! But I know that earlier they played just Rock music and changed around 1983 to Heavy Rock. Unfortunately I think none of the heavier tracks appeared on any Compilation LP, just the pre-Heavy phase material. But I'm still searching for old compilations ...
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#12 » Mon Sep 21, 2015 7:20 pm

Prowler wrote:

This site has info of a few DDR Hard Rock acts as well, but it covers all kinds of german bands mainly.
Not sure if it's of interest. Too bad that Hendrik doesn't updates the Ost-Metal website anymore since he's working on a book about it or something (since years). Goat knows when this will be finished. I know he's got much more band infos and new bands yet than featured on the recent site.

DDR Hard rock/Metal fetishists should notice the Setzei article as I know a TV clip ("Falsches Spiel") of them from 1984 and it's pretty cool Heavy Rock! But I know that earlier they played just Rock music and changed around 1983 to Heavy Rock. Unfortunately I think none of the heavier tracks appeared on any Compilation LP, just the pre-Heavy phase material. But I'm still searching for old compilations ...

You can find that videoclip here only, apparently: ... B00MQ8Y5X2

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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#13 » Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:08 am

I already have the clip, I want it physically and their other material of their Hard Rock period. There's at least one more track that they have recorded for radio airplay.
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map part one: Europe

Post#14 » Tue Sep 22, 2015 11:28 am

demophil wrote:In any case I am planning to go to Pakistan to find those tapes..
I get that urge ever so often, to actually travel to the home country/town of THAT band with THAT ultra-obscure release and just go knocking door-to-door for months until I finally score a copy, but then reality comes knocking.. :(

If you ever feel the least bit interested in writing some specials about the old scene of these countries, please let me have first dibs on publishing them on The Corroseum website!
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Re: Ye Olde Metal Wold Map - link tips & feedback

Post#15 » Tue Sep 22, 2015 2:03 pm

I'll try, now in this moment I am just collecting information, datas, contacts from Madagascar where in the 80's and early 90's there was a HUGE metal scene (much bigger than in South Africa, with dozen and dozen of bands and a lot of recorded material) and I was planning a trip overthere, next year too.
As for Pakistan...this will be my third attempt to go there, I was blocked twice in Iran because there were problem at the border (the first time) and because I couldn't apply for a VISA along the way (the second time, when some rules changed)...I hope this time I can do it, even because I need to find some 80's horror and sci-fi movies from there...

In any case, yes....if I find enough material, why not. I was talking with Andy Teesh, the singer of Ayasiin Salkhi from Mongolia (who's a friend of mine, we spent some time together last winter when I was living in Mongolia) and he told me more than once that there were "exactly 10" metal bands in the country in the 80's/early 90's but he never named them apart his band, Hurd and Haranga (they released a Demo in 1988 which is much harder than their first 1996 album),,,so I was curious to go deeper into this fact.
The problem from these countries is that musicians tend to forget bands which didn't have commercial success ("there were other bands but not important as they did not have enough commercial success" which is meaningless to me) or they tend to forget and remove their discography ("yes, we made some tapes before the album but they weren't professionally recorded" which means that only CDs or 24-track digital mastering deserve to be mentioned) any case, yeah, why not...I hope I can find enough material to write something, expecially from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.
India is the worst place where to find the history of metal bands: most of the recordings are totally disappeared ("because they are old and they were not recorded on CD or there was no mp3 at the time") and new generations simply think they are too old to be found. Plus there is this natural tendence to list only "major hit songs" by bands which makes their discography or outputs even more obscure to list (a hit song deserves much more attention than its containing album)
Even Postmark, one of the first (?) band to record a cassette album back in 1989 do not have any copy of the tape anymore. They tried to publish some advertising on local newspaper to find somebody who could provide a copy, but they never get any reply. It is strange as the tape was printed by a major label (the information on Metal Archives are wrong: the full album has 12 tracks and the cover is a little bit different: that one posted comes from a hand made drawing made by a schoolboy fan of the band at the time on his notebook) is this natural tendence to forget, destroy, remove or simply let rot and disappear produced material in Asia (same for movies: 70% of old thai movies, a good 50% of old indian movies, a good 80% of turkish movies and a good 60% of pakistani movies are lost forever as they were destroyed, recycled their films, got rotten, broken and threw in the dustbin....).....
so...let's see, it's not easy at all, expecially when music is considered just a "use-and-throw-away" thing or something to forget in case of commercial insuccess

As for quantity of material, information, names, contacts, bands, local scenes, gigs, years and days....yes, I gathered a huge amount of material during the years...the problem is to organize it all, find time (I am about to leave Italy in a couple of weeks or less...destination unknown...Turkey, maybe Pakistan, maybe India, Nepal, Tibet and Indonesia+Malaysia for sure...maybe China and Mongolia again on the way depends on a project I have with a photographer friend of mine) and - most important - have skill enough to write as I totally lack of it

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