Label Colors on NEAT Records

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Label Colors on NEAT Records

Post#1 » Sun Jul 28, 2019 9:34 pm

While comparing 2 Neat Records copies of Venom's 'Welcome to Hell' LP, I noticed that the lettering on the labels were different colors; one copy had blue lettering while the other copy had green. Discogs lists 2 additional colors too : silver & red.
Do these different colors correspond to different pressings or anything like that?
The copy with the blue lettering came with the orig poster and orig pink lyric insert.
The copy with the green lettering allegedly came from Neat Records' leftover vinyl stock, which was sold to a vinyl dealer in the early 90s. It came with no poster and 2 white copies of the lyric insert, but they look/feel like cheap photocopies.
This makes me think that the blue lettering corresponds with the first pressing, while the green lettering corresponds to a later pressing that never included posters and had a different version of the lyric insert.
Thanks for any info. I'm just curious if the 4 colors correspond to anything in particular.
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