Old and unknown metal demos from Malta 80's and 90's

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Old and unknown metal demos from Malta 80's and 90's

Post#1 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:34 am

Here's what we can find searching on facebook....lot of unknown early metal bands from Malta

Just names and pictures....don't expect any reply from the owner:

Kremation: Guardian of the realm Demo 1987


Stratkast: Heavy Metal Explosion Demo 198x (later changed name to Stratkast Desaster). Active in the very early 80's. With Joe Mizzi who played in a lot of band in Malta (B3, Eternal Journey) as well as in Germany (High'n'Dry, Ruscut) before recording 3 CD which are virtually impossible to find except for some photos of the covers:


Stratkast apparentely recorded also a split 7" but I don't know if the style was still heavy metal or what:


Brainstorm: released one demo (year unknown), one vhs with 10 songs and 1 song ("One Eighty Seconds") on the "Eruption" Compilation CD 1995:


Masada: Untrodded Demo 1995. Unknown. Somebody put the tape on Discogs, luckily:


Enraged: WWII Demo 1992. Thrash as it seems. A guy has it on Discogs. A rehearsal 1994 is also listed with a catalogue number, so there should be the cover artwork for itbut it didn't surfaced for the knowledge of us mortals:


Purple Haze: Hard rock/metal with female voice. This is one (?) of their demos. It seems there is another instrumental demo recorded in 1990 as well as a song (Helping Hand) on the "Eruption" Compilation CD 1995 as well as at least a couple of live bootleg recorded in 1984 and 1987:


Extremity: They recorded a demo in 1991 (tracklist unknown) as well as I am aware of at least 5 audio and video bootleg recorded in 1990-1991 at Radio City Hall in Hamrun and at Upper Lyceum in Msida. Some concerts broadcasted on TV too. A fan-made DVD-r gathers almost all of them:


Empire: totally unknown to the outside world:


Valdacry: To break the ice Demo early 80's. Formerly known as Triton (late 70s?) then Overdose. Later some members founded Stratakast


Ruscut: Time waits for no one Demo 1991. With the maltese bass player Gino Micallef and Gino Mizzi, who were also active with B3 and Stratakast in Malta and High'n'Dry in Germany. Joe Mizzi released also 3 CD in Germany whose tracklist are totally unknown:


Vandals: well, this band is known and it was very famous. Later changed name to X-Vandals and blah blah blah. It seems there are more tapes around but to get information is virtually impossible thanx to the same usual collectors:


Acid: Live at Tigne Rockfest 1982. Heavy metal with a macho moustached singer called Mario. In the vein of Judas Priest. It seems they played a lot of concerts. Many flyers around. No samples anywhere:

http://www.m3p.com.mt/wiki/Acid (some information for other bands too, here)

Lord Adder: some members where in Vandals. Released a CD in 1995 (and maybe another one? as usual it seems discographies and release list aren't so mandatory nor necessary when it's time to talk of a band: anyway everybody overthere know them, so there is no need to mention any eventual discography). I don't know how's the music:


Overdose: formerly known as Triton (late 70's?), then Valdacry (released the demo "To Break the Ice" in very early 80's) then changed name to Overdose and were quite active (no wonder if they recorded a demo). Female singer. Lot of gigs and flyers around:


Kraken: I only know there's a full live gig boradcasted on TV recorded in Hamrun on 13/09/1991:


Exorcist: it seems it was quite a successful and famous band in mid 80's. Lot of flyers and promos. No audio samples available to public:


Ivory Cross: there is a video concert shot and broadcasted for TVM in the second half of the 80's:


Passion Blade: another mysterious metal band from the 80's:


Epycure: another unknown band. I found the name of the drummer somewhere. Nothing else. I just know they played some kind of hard rock/metal:


The Faith: somebody lost in the sands of time:


Forsaken: there is a live gig broadcasted by TVM in 1992:


B3: an old band with Joe Mizzi and Gino Micallef later in Ruscut and High'n'Dry in Germany. It seems they got success at the time. This is the Rokaria Festival 1983 and Raffles 1983:


Victims Of Creation: they recorded at least one demo in the 90's before the album in the 2000's. I don't know more:


Orbus Vitae: a band from the 90's. Unknown:


Fatal Aggression: unknown:


Other mysterious bands include:
Blind Alley (pre-Forsaken), Biblical Hinfamy, Birkirkara, Blade (shouldn't be the same Passion Blade), Centaur, Coven, Covenant, Cry, Dark Medallion, Dark Sanctuary, Dilapitated (there is a live at Domus Zebbug recorded in 1993), Dirt, Disinterred (apparentely with a live demo and a tv broadcast with 3 more songs), Entract, Fatal Aggression, Hellequin, In Memoriam (pre-Norm Rejection), Insanity (with a Demo 1995), Lithomancy (from 1990), Lords of Misrule, Manslaughter (with a Demo recorded in 1991 and a live recorded for TV at City Hall in Hamrun), Mortuary (1988-1991), Mystic Pearl, Necrofist (with at least 1 rehearsal track recorded in 1991), Necrosis, Nightwing, Obscurity, Segregation, Sphinx (from 1983), Substraction, Subverts (with a demo with 2 songs, "Break the chains" "Theatre of the absurd" recorded in 1989), Tamarisk, Thera
and possibly others with - to us - totally unknown recordings like Demos or Live Tapes or even VHS (who where quite a popular mean of diffusion at the time)

It would be nice to find some collector from Malta who can share more information. Unfortunately all the attempts to get - at least - a tracklist or a release year for the above mentioned demos (not to say to get further information about more bands/demos) by the one and only collector in the Island just passed unanswered for years.
Before this stuff will disappear in the total indifference by the new generations, it would be nice if somebody would share at least some basic information. I don't say to share the music but at least some cold and rational information.

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Re: Old and unknown metal demos from Malta 80's and 90's

Post#2 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 7:07 pm

Nice work.

I would have never imagined that such a tiny island would have a scene such as this.

Any sound clips to be heard?
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Re: Old and unknown metal demos from Malta 80's and 90's

Post#3 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:53 pm

i will try to find the - few - sources available. Unfortunately as I said those wh have this stuff don't tend to share. In the next days I will try to see what is available but I guess very few, unfortunately

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Re: Old and unknown metal demos from Malta 80's and 90's

Post#4 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:10 pm

Nice job!

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Re: Old and unknown metal demos from Malta 80's and 90's

Post#5 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:01 pm

Knowledge Is Power

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Re: Old and unknown metal demos from Malta 80's and 90's

Post#7 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:34 pm

yes....unfortunately nothing more than few extracts from videos....i wish one day somebody can upload or share the tapes and demos but i don't have much hope

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