Scotland Shops?

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Re: Scotland Shops?

Post#16 » Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:43 pm

I was in Edinburgh around two years ago. Pretty desperate in terms of record shopping. The monsoon rain hardly helped either :D

Have a good trip
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Post#17 » Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:41 pm

DaN wrote:Cheers Kit!

I just checked and I think I'll probably make a day-trip to "Glesga" some time in the middle of the week - should be cheap and only about an hour w/ train. Are these shops still around?-->
bigfootkit wrote:There are quite a few good record shops in 'Glesga', most of which have a healthy proportion of vinyl, a lot of which is Metallic in nature.
I'd start with a look round Missing Records (Argyle Street) and The Record & Tape Exchange (Jamaica Street) which are just one street apart next to Glasgow central station in the city centre.
Just off Argyle Street at the other end you'll find Record Fayre on Chisholm Street which is usually worth a visit as well.
Love Music on Dundas Street might be worth a look too.
If you can find someone who knows the city and is willing to take you to The Barras market one weekend there are several record stalls dotted around, some of which deal also in bootleg vinyl, CDs and dvds etc
Don't go by yourself though, it's too easy to get lost and/or robbed.
The Record & Tape Exchange is apparently no more, but all the others, (to the best of my knowledge), are still around.
I've turned up good stuff in most of them down the years, (particularly Missing & Record Fayre), but it's all a matter of luck & fortunate timing.
Someone was recently telling me that Monorail (12 Kings Court) has a good selection of new vinyl, but i've never been in there as far as i can recall, so i can't vouch for it personally but it could be worth a look.
Happy hunting!
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