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better reading the answer below.
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ok I'll try to explain things for those who do not understand

1) We worked for Areadeath since 2005. We have never been thanked and we have never been paid for the releases we put out. We spent 8000 us$ and we never saw one dollar back. Everytime there was a penal to pay for dealys Wang didn't say anything. Everytime a band complained for delays or lack of communication, Wang never spent a single word.
On the other side we never received any answer from Wang about delays on scheduled releases. He alwais avoided to answer to these questions as he feels - like every chinese boss - that he is not forced to give answers to his "inferiors". The boss shouldn't justify to anybody.

2) The only time when we were promised money, Wang escaped to Canada brining to him every money he had to pay to Filippo. At the same time a police investigation about 666 Music Shop led my brother to jail because Wang was in Canada and nobody was able to find him. When Wang came back Filippo had nothing to do but keep on going with scheduled releases: contratcs were signed and if the CDs couldn't be put out we (I mean Filippo and me) had to pay penalty for delay. Wang never spent a single word about this. He decided to delay scheduled releases and we had to pay for his sudden delays. Never received any clear answer at all by Wang about his

3) At one point we decided to fuck him off. He already decided to fuck us once my brother moved to the south of China for job. At that point Wang simply disappeared and never got in touch with my brother. The few times he did (1 answer every 20 emails sent to him) we were just answered - in typical chinese style - "everything is ok don't worry": and still the scheduled releases were put on endless delay and we never received any answer why.

4) After 8000 US$ lost and thousand of email complaining why ADP was keeping on hold promised releases we felt it was too much. Wang is the boss: he has the duty to get in touch with bands and explain them clearly why such delays. He never did anything. All the shit with bands had to be carried by my brother and me.
At one point we decided to give up was senseless to work for a label who never pay and never give an answer

5) Wang is spreading around that every cost was beared by himself: "pressing cd and pressing booklet". But making a CD is not only pressing CD and booklets. There is purchasing of copyrights, remastering costs and hundred and hundred of hours of job behind it. Wang simply ignored that part because he always ignored all the previous job behind a release: gloryfying himself spreading around that he beared all pressing costs is simply stupid, ignorant and hypocrital. He never said "thank you" for purchasing copyrights, he never said thank you for remastering job, he never considered that all the hundred of hours we spent to make the CD possible were part of the job. And - of course - we never saw a money back: because making a CD release means only pressing the CD and the booklet according to Wang.

6) We have a lot of remastered material: we sent it all to Wang. They have all be paid and purchased by us only, with our own money. We'll never see any money back and we will never get even a free copy unless we pay for it and delivery costs. Wang can put out those CD and make money on them: for sure we'll never see a buck back for all that we paid. But we do n't give a fuck anymore. If bands complains for delay we're here to pay fines and penalties once again, because Wang will never do it. I wish this horrible nightmare can end once and for all. I don't know if he's ever going to release them on CD or not: if not we're forced to pay fines to bands because every contract was signed by Filippo: Wang always claimed some excuses for not signing them. We don't give a fuck anymore, if we have to pay we'll pay once we have some money. If Wang make money on those CD, good for him. For sure we'll never receive any money both on sales or on copyright costs we beared in advance. He's the boss and he decides, he decides wheter to pay his workers or not. This is China man, for those who have never been there and for those who think that China is only kind smiles, gentle manners and philosophical paradise on earth. It's not. It's only a place were men are wolvwes against wolves and everything is allowed to make money. The only law is the boss' law and the only respect is towards the boss and never towards the workers. He's free to answer to bands or not, he's the boss and his decisions are not to be discussed by anybody else. We do not want to have anything to deal with him anymore. He's the boss, his duty is to get in touch with bands and communicate with them

7) Maybe bands can be happy forthe job. But this DOES NOT MEAN that relationship between Wang and my brother (and me too) were based on honesty and reciprocal, mutual help, friendship and respect. He showed total lack of respect for our job, he never paid us and he claims that all the costs were beared by him only

8) Wang never replied, never took part in this polemic, he simply ignored everything, he's going to spread fake emails saying that my brother is dead and that he's still in China working happy side by side with him....he's so pathetic and fake

9) Filippo simply left this was a passion, it turned only into a horrible nightmare, a complete economical failure and a sordid exploitation, with tons of promises and no answers at all.

Stone Vengeance's masters have been sent to ADP....Wang may answer to you about its possible release. Maybe he will answer to you, maybe not. That's not our responsibility. it's Wang's only responsibility to make his policy clear and definitive. And I wish he can spend a word to answer to this question: "why you never paid us? Why you simly ignored all the costs we beared for you? Why you never gave us explaination about delays on scheduled releases? Why we had to pay fines and penalities everytime a scheduled releases was delayed without any clear explaination? Why we had to bear all these costs, why we had to be responsible in front of every abdn and you never did anything?" Just answer to these questions if you have some dignity

Now Filippo went to Mongolia to pursue his career as a teacher. He just closed with music, he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. if you can understand it is ok, if you do not want to understand we don't give a fuck anymore, anyway.

For us it was 5 years completely wasted......and a complete, total economical failure where - while Wang made a lot of money exploiting our job - we lost every money we saved and kept apart for many years.

We are waiting for our copy of the Sabbat box set...we paid 700 euros for purchasing copyrights, we spent hundred of hours on it: remastering, cleaning sound, everything.
We never received even our free copy. Wang sent an email to us some days ago: if we want it we must pay it, including delivery costs.
On the other side, the italian coproducing label complained because the deal was to put on sale the Sabbat box set when the 500 copies arrived to Italy. As in any coprodution it's fair to put on sale a CD in the same moment. Wang didn't waste time: he put on sale immediately his copies in order to fill the requests and send the 500 copies to the italian coproducing label after some the italian label is pretty upset with this policy and complained with Wang's lack of honesty.
Thanx to all for comprehension....keep on doing business with ADP because bands were happy to work with Wang.
When I say chinese people are ready to do everything for money and in business there is no respect for others...well, this is just one of the countless examples. Then, you are free to think whatever you want. In any case Wang wrote many times to the italian label saying that Filippo is happy to work with ADP, they never had any problem, that he is still in China (he was already back in Italy since a week or so) and they never had any kind of problem, they were like blood brothers. On the other side Wang complained with the italian label because "he paid every cost for the Sabbat box set: pressing CD and booklet". He forgot to mention the 700 euros for copyrights, remastering costs and hundreds of hours of job behind it never paid to those who did it. But these were marginal details. We only see the things we want to see and we avoid all the rest, as usual. Wang is a master in this field.

now, this chapter is completely closed. Forever. Stone Vengeance's masters are on the way to China. Wang will decide whether to release them or not. But it's not said that he is forced to give you an answer, in any case.

Chapter closed. Forever.

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