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Post#31 » Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:08 pm

Werewolf wrote:that's something I find too hard to believe, sorry.
So you are basicly saying that he is a liar, right ?
Why don't you ask to Wang directly, let's see what he says ...


Post#32 » Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:13 pm

Wang disappeared and - guess me - he will pop out again tomorrow, once my brother is finally back to Italy. But he will say "Filippo is my lovely brother, we work in friendly relationship and I phone him everyday" as an Italian label was told a few days ago.

Anyway....he got some money in 2006-2007, at least Wang had to give him something like 2000 euros, but he chosed to disappear and fly to Canada with all my brother's money leaving him without a cent in his pocket. This led to the impossibility to renew the Visa and the subsequent arrest, being also involved in an investigation about Wang's shop in Beijing and being the sole responsible that coould be found as Wang and his wife chosed to disappear for a while to Canada with all the money.
That's why I told you I hate him as a person. Maybe as a manager and a metal fan he's ok, but on a human side he proved to be like every chinese boss/laoban: a pure shit, completely regardeless of human feelings and human dignity of others. Simply a pure shit ready to make money with other people's lives. And my brother was an idiot too because for such a long time he believed in him and was told to have a lot of money apart. brother is on the plane back to Italy, adventure in China and with ADP is over and buried forever. Chapter closed. Topic closed.


Post#33 » Sat Jul 09, 2011 4:35 pm

AHahaha....I just found that Wang tried to sell some copyright of bands who are to be re-released or were planned to be re released, to other labels. He asked a lot of money apparentely.

Unfortunately such copyrights do not belong to him as they belong only to my brother Filippo

When it was time to make money he completely forgot that - beside the costs he beared (pressing CD and booklet) there were also the costs beared by us: copyrights, royalties and remastering. He always ignored those costs and he completely forgot that those reissues/releases were possible only because we bought the copyrights and masters from bands. He always denied that part of business and cashed money just because he thought that if he spent money to pressy CDs so he has 100% right to cash 100% of the money.

But now...he seems/reminds that he can make a lot of money to sell copyrights to other music labels. Unfortunately he doesn't have any copyrights as they are signed under my brother's name only and they belong only to him. The deal is between the bands and Filippo only, on a personal title.

Selling something that doesn't belong to you is criminal. Being a fucking son of a bitch like him who - at first forgets to pay for copyright costs and then we discover that he sells back to others those copyrights to make money when he doesn't have paid for them at's simply disgusting

Fortunately (or unfortunately for Wang) we discovered it just because the Music Label he offered to buy the copyright of a band (I can't make names yet) is a friend of us and I discovered it just talking face to face with the owner a few days ago. I don't know when it happened but once I told my brother he was literally surprised and shocked. He couldn't believe to his ears. Of course we weren't adviced at all, Wang just "forgot" once again to tell my brother he's going to sell (and make some hundred of euros) the copyright we bought, we spent money in and we never seen a buck back, to somebody else, forgetting also to ask our opinion and forgetting also to ask our permission as all the copyrights belongs to us. Well, that's China, for those who still defend that country, and that's their way to make money: regardeless fo any law, regardeless of any moral or ethic, regardeless of any other people's opinion, need, right or existence. Just mafia and total despise of international and common laws.

For MUSIC LABELS: do not accept proposal of coproduction or proposal of purchasing copyrights from ADP/Wang. Wang doesn't hold any copyright of the old bands we reiussed or we planned to reissue in the future. They all belong to my brother. If you buy some copyright from ADP you'll be cheated as Wang has no right at all to sell something that do not belong to him and we may pursue both ADP/Wang and the eventual partner Music Label legally. Copyrights are hold by Filippo so you must get in touch with him for re-issues of planned CD's that - at this point - would be very hard to see the light of day.


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Post#34 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 12:04 am

Oh no! This is just what I don't want to hear!!!!!
I just hope I don't get fucked over on the Rampage re-issue :(
And I hope some of you want to buy it, at least from me when I get the stock
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Post#35 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 1:39 am

...if I get the stock???????
Why are a wise man & a wise guy opposites?


Post#36 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 5:04 am

We'll see...I have no idea. As my brother came back to Italy yesterday we completely lost control on what is happening overthere in China...

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Post#37 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 5:23 am

I fuckin' regret to have directed AFTERMATH to them....


Post#38 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:40 am

As for AFTERMATH we spent something like 200-300 euros for remastering, delivery costs and other costs beared by Filippo and me only and we just got a free copy of the box set: never seen a refund for all the so called pre-production costs. I asked for one more copy (to give to my best friend in Italy) but he said that "we could have it for a special price" because WANG feels that is not right to give away for free his productions.
"If it's for your friend, I can give one at a very special price".
Well, having beared almost 70% of total production costs and WANG piad only a mere 30% while he cashed 100% on sales, we felt we could receive at least another copy for free. "No, but you can get it for a special price".
Son of a bitch. Chinese people all think in this way.
I press the newspaper and I bring everyday for free to the chinese bar in front of me: but in 2 years I never got a cappuccino or a croissant for free. Never. "Thank you for the newspaper" but they never offered me a free cappuccino, that costs even less than the newspaper. Never, not only a single time. This is China men: all the money belongs to me, my money is my money and your money is my money too.

Then Wang is going to say around that he beared all production costs: pressing CD, pressing booklet. But making a CD does not only mean pressing CD and booklet. There are copyright costs, remastering process that cost some money, delivery of master, spending time on artwork, collecting pictures and analyzing seems he doesn't know that kind of job. He only recognizes his efforts: sending the master to some illegal CD pressing plants and cash the money he gets after sales. Thanks, for effort, here's your free copy for the help you gave to me, bye bye.

That was all the money we got...just 1 free copy, 300 euros lost and thank you very much, thanks for helping me making such money, bye bye and another kick in the ass


Post#39 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:58 am

Somebody is asking about future and planned releases: STONE VENGEANCE, RAMPAGE, SABBAT, MONOLITH from italy...Will they ever see the light? I have no idea, WANG never informed us since months.
Maybe he's waiting the right time (now that Filippo went back to Italy, so he can't claim any more money, I think the right time has come) or - on the other side, being WANG completely disinterested in old bands - he may resell those copyrights, even if they do not belong to him, like he tried to do with WITCHES HAMMER, whose copyrights belongs to Mr. Tattini Filippo and he tried to sell them to an italian label for 400 euros "forgetting" to inform my brother. So, I have no idea on what WANG is going to do...also the SABBAT box set is in dubious position. It is a coproduction with FOAD but WANG is trying to ask all the pressing costs + delivery costs to FOAD, though he said he has already paid all the money for pressing the CD. It had to be out last MAY according to the schedule planned by Filippo, but it's still on hold because WANG want somebody to put money to press it. Of course the official excuse is "though I write to Filippo everyday and I phone him everyday, he never gave me a release schedule for the SABBAT box set" that sounds far beyond ridicolous and demented.

Around march WANG knew that Filippo had to move back to Italy on july because his job contract at the University expired and he didn't want to renew it. From that moment on we lost any trace of Wang: he didn't reply to emails anymore, he din't answer to phone calls (he changed his telephone number) and we had to find tons of excuses to bands who wrote to us angry emails asking why they didn't receive any answer for weeks, weeks and weeks.

So we have no idea about future releases. They all are in WANG'S hand now and we'll see what will be his next step to make money on them.
Anyway it's months we never received informations and answers from WANG and all the requests by us to make the releases scheduled for due times simply faded in vain because that fucking yellow face never replied. The things that makes me feel upset is that - when he answers to other music labels he says that he's in touch with Filippo everyday, he phones Filippo everyday, he takes care of things and he's so anxious to tell Filippo how things are going. This is 100% pure fake, hypocrital chinese attitude: only lies, everything is going well, I am so good that I am the first one to make things happen, without me things can't work properly. Everybody shoukld know it and thank me.
Chinese mentality ignores problems: they are taught to say that everything is going well, that there are never any kind of problems. They simply ignore to talk about problems: we are all happy, we all live in good harmony, and if there's a problem or an interference this is due to some foreigner's influence who is trying to break the great harmony and happiness of our great country. It has always been like that. They shoukld be a lucky country: they never got any kind of problems. Also Tien An men 1989 was a great feast/party that was ruined by some drug addicted/mentally shattered criminals paid by some "foreigner enemies to break chinese happiness and put illogical dubious in our people". Like the recent massacre in Tibet where "the happy, friendly and cooperative chinese residents were provoked, killed and persecuted by ungrateful tibetan population that deny and does not recognize the great effort and the kind friendship that chinese majority offered to them"...chinese people are always kind, friendly, helpful, they would even work for free to show other people how kind they are. Sure. And we're so idiot to believe that. And chinese people are even more idiot to believe their government and their mass media and think that this is true. Well I am going too far now.
Fuck him and his fucking race.

So...once we bought copyrights and spent money for the masters and delivered them to WANG in Beijing we lost all traces.
In my opinion all the future releases of old bands made by ADP would be illegal, in the sense that they are made exploiting other people's job and they were possible simply not paying those who made them be possible. I hope - on one side - that they can't sell even a single copy (for sure we can't receive also our free copy anymore, so we lost also that free copy), on the other side it's a shame that things went this way because WANG really did nothing except being a good merchant - as every chinese - while all the job of contacting bands, remastering, artwork, liner notes, choosing material was made by somebody else that has never been paid, cheated and stolen of time, money and energy.

But this is repeating once more the same things. I just want to say that I wish WANG can die, as well as all those greedy, bastard, vulgar, fake, hypoctrical dickheads we met in that shitty country.


Post#40 » Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:17 pm

"We have made this statement is just made to make clear the false accusations appeared in what's supposed to be english old school metal forum where they accuse ADP cheating and refusing charge of paying wages.

We were contacted and were dealing with more than 40 bands unilt now. some big names, and some new bands, We paid royalty by Paypal or bank account. Both the contracts and receipts of the bank transfer are still in our possession as a proof that we did everything the right way.

We deal with more than hundreds of labels, distros, from all over the world. We try our best with deal, and never did rip-off with anyone. we are creditable business partner, and so many metal dealer would attest with this.

It looks like in Europe there are few Racism wrote dirty words to China, some of them even we never know each other, and never deal with them. Their brainless attack and dirty words to China without any reason. Here we say Fukk Off !! You are incompetent motherfucker, bastards racism what we pissed off.

ADP wants to state that we are a honest, hard working underground label from China. BIG thanks for all old and new friends, bands, labels, media partners who supported us, and anyone trust us even bad words behind us. ADP will continue with brave, RAMPAGE, SABBAT, NADIMAC and more out, all for metal!"


Just 2 or 3 notes:

1) There is no reference at all about the fact that they didn't pay Filippo. No mention at all. ADP completely missed the point. The critic comes by the fact that PEOPLE WHO WORKED WITH ADP WERE NEVER PAID.
It seems that ADP completely ignored this point. It's more convenient for them.

2) "We were contacted and were dealing with more than 40 bands unilt now"
Yes, true. Unfortunately the bands didn't contact WANG. He forgot to distinguish between ADP and Filippo. Until Filippo was never paid he can't consider my brother as an effective member of ADP. before saying or using "we", "us", it should be better if he makes some clear point.
"We were contacted, we paid, we did"....YOU DID NOTHING. Don't abuse of that "WE".

3) "We paid royalty by Paypal or bank accountBoth the contracts and receipts of the bank transfer are still in our possession as a proof that we did everything the right way"

Wang didn't pay a buck for royalities for sure. The right way is to recognize that WANG never paid a buck for ROYALITIES but he forwarded everything to Filippo. He can't use that "WE" as he never shared costs. Once he will share costs and share earnings, he can be allowed to use that "WE" that he likes very much. Until that moment the only one who was contacted and who paid is NOT HIM.

It's a typical chinese way to misfocus the main point of the problem. "WE paid, we did, we contacted"....fuck... HE DIDN'T PAY, ONLY FILIPPO PAID, fucking liar WANG, YOU NEVER PAID and you never returned money back. Don't attribute to yourself success and efforts that you never achieved..

4) "It looks like in Europe there are few Racism wrote dirty words to China, some of them even we never know each other, and never deal with them"

Ah, I forgot that it is completely forbidden to talk bad about China. I experienced it when I was in China too: China is perfect, everything is perfect, there's no reason to criticize China, because everything is perfect. There is freedom of expression and the country is the richest in the world. There is no poverty and - if there is - it may be the same as everywhere else in the world. There is no fake business market - and if there is, it can be the same as everywhere else in the world. There is no discrimination or violation of human right: if there are any, it may be similar as everywhere else in the world. Of course, every problem in China is everywhere else in the world. But every good thing that is in China can't be found elsewhere. China is perfect. There is no need to criticise it. When chinese people say "we are the best and we are going to rule the world", that is not nationalism or racism. It's simply their mission. Nothing more nothing less. China has always been the centre of the world, the point of reference to which every nation should bow and obey. So, we can't criticize it. We're naturally inferior to the greatness of China. Lack of freedom? Tibet? Dalai Lama? Tien An Men? Persecution of christian believers? Persecution of ethnic minorities? Never existed. Newspaper never spent a word, so it does not exist. And if something may exist, it can be the same as everywhere else in ther world. So why should we be scandalized? These things happen everywhere else in the world. And, anyway, there is no need to talk about it. We must talk only of good things: i.e. the greatness of China and its strenght. And if there's any problem it's not our business and - anyway - we don't know anything about China, so we don't even have the right to talk about Chinese problems. We are foreigners: how can we have the right to talk bad, criticize or say that China has problems? We know nothing, we are not chinese. So we have no right to say such things.

4) "we never know each other, and never deal with them. Their brainless attack and dirty words to China without any reason"

In a private email to a music label WANG said that he never met me and he doesn't even know me. Strange: we spend my birthday together, we went to dinner together and went almost everyday to his shop during March-August 2006 and later in 2007, 2008. I brought a lot of chinese girls to his shop, he talked with my girlfriend. Strange that now he seems he forgot me. Maybe it's more convenient for him, he can look like a poor victim of some unknown insane.
"Dirty words to China without any reason"....ahahahahahahahahaha
It's always "without any reason" when you criticize China.
"Your critics to China are without any reason, what do you know about China?"
Well, probably much more than any chinese resident...

Anyway, if youtalk about racism, why don't you stop considering tibetans, thai, viet, mongols, korean, japanese, burmese, cambodian as inferior to you? Before imposing others to stop talking bad about China, why don't you stop considering all your neighbors inferior to your greatness? Your cultural arrogance has been always imposed and used as a green card to put your dirty hands over other asian countries: China has the right to direct and handle other countries's economy and politics just because China feels superior to the other local populations and the other local populations should be thanfulk and grateful to China and its effort to help inferior neighbors. The same that is happening in Tibet: Tibetan people should be only thankful to China. China is rescuing Tibet from ignorance, primitive mental conditions, eradicating their ignorant superstitions and its primitive, dirty, stinky, childish culture to install the more modern, rational, business oriented chinese mentality. Tibetan people should be grateful but - on the contrary - they only hate chinese rescuers, they are very ungrateful.

The level of hypocrisy of Chinese cultural arrogance can't be believed until you don't go there: China consider itself the real and only centre of the world, everything must be compared to the greatness of China. The point of reference for the whole world must be China only. They don't evern recognize it. It's part of their culture and vision of the world since thousand years. For them it's natural to consider themselves the only point of reference for the whole world, the level pf perfection that every population should reach. And China is willing and ready to help everybody to reach this ambited superiority.

In another email WANG is saying that I said my brother is dead....he's completely crazy......but didn't he said that he doesn't know me? He said he doesn't even know that Filippo has a brother....

mah....anyway, that's it

I found this funny statement on ADP website and it just made me laugh....completely missed the point, completely ignored the charges, completely ignored what the critics originated from.
He as just like any other chinese minion: "oh western people are talking bad about china, what bastards! I feel so angry, how can they talk bad about china? Oh, bad western people"....



Post#41 » Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:40 pm

So, I just want to kindly invite WANG to answer and explain with further details the situation of copyrights. Who actually paid, if they were refunded to the members of ADP who beared them in advance, how was the politics of subdivision of costs and the subdivisions oe earnings. The object of this topic since the very first page is simply this. I feel you ripped off my brother because he spent thousand of dollars and he never seen a cent back.
You say that ADP always paid bands, copyrights and so on...this is true, but I would like you can make clear who really paid and if those costs were refunded or never refunded once you got cash from the sale of CD's.

I would like to ask him - and I would like he may answer here - who actually paid the royalities/copyrights to the bands, who beared remastering costs and who legally signed and owns masters and contracts. How the politics of sharing costs and earnings worked and why those thousand of dollars spent for purchasing copyrights were never refunded to the members of ADP who beared such costs. And why every earning was directly going to your bank account only. Nothing special, just answer to these simple questions.

I feel that "WE" is totally abused. it is right when he says (nobody said the contrary, so he didn't found anything new) that royialties and copyrights were regularly paid and no bands were ripped off. Nobody said the contrary..

I just want WANG to enter in further details about THOSE WHO REALLY PAID copyrights and royalities and remastering costs. And I would like to ask him if those costs were refunded or never refunded to the staff member of ADP who beared and paid them all in advance. And I would like him to answer how were the earnings divided by every member of ADP, if there was an equal or honest subdivision of earnings or if there even was a redistribution. I feel that there has never been.

Please, Mr. Wang, this space is for you if you want to answer. Bring some evidence if you want. But before scandalizing about western people who talk bad about china (at least we brought evidences, stories, memories, personal situations and general situations that can be found also on newspaper, books,'s not a secret or a racist attack), it would be kind if you make a clear point about the politics of cost sharing inside ADP and between each member. Who paid what, who refunded who and so on. That's all that we need to know. Thanx.

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Post#42 » Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:11 pm

You really think he's going to reply to those specific questions, right ? :lol:

Btw, you forgot to say that he also didn't pay for the WORK that you and/or your brother did. Time spent doing the graphic of the booklets ? The remastering ? The whole "package" I mean, it was done by you/your brother right ? So it's not only the copyrights ...

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Post#43 » Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:14 pm

This is horrible news. I've been out of contact with Fil for the last couple of months due to some personal issues. But the last time I talked to him he was so excited about these releases finally getting the releases they deserve. It's a shame about the business culture over there, but I think that most people have had an idea of how bad it was.

Tell Fil that Robb wishes him the best that I look forward to hearing from him again soon.


Post#44 » Sat Jul 23, 2011 2:39 pm

I will....but he completely gave up listening music. Since he came back I haven't never seen him listening to music. Some CD arrived but he didn't even had a look at them. I think for quite a long time he won't listening to metal at all.

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Post#45 » Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:55 am

according to Wang, this is what Fillipo said about this issue:

 “I am in Italy, with some serious health problems, so I had to come back home to check my health. Furthermore, there are problems with my brother, who's really becoming worse so I have to put on hold some music business. It's him who spread some bad words about ADP online, and he's him who's always spreadng I am also studying for a course, and i may come back to China in September.
  I may continue to make cd, but now i have some urgent problems to solve, first of all, solvey health problems, so do not be surpised if for a while i won't be active with music. ”

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