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'pataphysicien wrote:no seriously I'd choose one myself if I were you. I'm feeling weird for you asking (in two threads!). In case you're wondering I also won't name your songs or albums or decide the musical direction. recently a certain band *coughcough* asked people to choose demo tracks that should go on the next album. that's just weird in my book. maybe I'm old fashioned, but I like to think that the artist made these decisions for certain reasons, to present a certain vision. but maybe we've become more collaborative and we can just all make our bands together?

if you're not ready for the big creative process that is randomly finding some words that you want to stand for your music you can take the easy road: go through your favorite records and pick song titles or pieces of lyrics. this can either be win or fail, but that will only be decided as your musical oeuvre unfolds.
I think it's rather pathetic comparing some ideas / inspiration for a bandname and title for songs ,albums and decided musical direction.

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right-o. to each his own.
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because of stupid like you. Died My old friend Jon Nödtveidt.

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Knell Striker

add umlauts & intentional errors as you please

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Post#19 » Thu Sep 24, 2009 4:52 am

Maybe this should be trashed...

Ah, but no Moderators...
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How about Delete This for a bandname?

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Black Axe wrote:How about Delete This for a bandname?
Sounds perfect to me.

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