Victim (Bel) Discography 1979-1984

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Victim (Bel) Discography 1979-1984

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Here's the discography by Belgian band VICTIM, compiling their 2 singles, the entire 1984 demo tape & one track from their 1983 demo/rehearsal tape. Their 7"s (from 1979 & 1980 respectively) sound VERY 70s if you know what i mean, sounding like an odd mix of UFO, THIN LIZZY & SPARKS (! Yes, that Sparks). Very catchy hard rock with some proggy piano/synth involvement, which works very well actually. The guitar leads are great & remind me alot of Tony Iommi's solos (He MUST'VE been an influence). The real metal starts with their 1984 demo tape, where proto - speed metal & that early 80s Euro metal flavour is in abundance. Again, a very commendable attempt & execution. The one track from the 1983 demo also present, basically sounds like what they were building up to for the 1984 tape (albeit in lesser audio quality & heaviness). I've had this bootleg cd-r for almost 20 years now & recently pulled it out for a listen & figured i could clean up the sound (the crackling of the 7"s, the unbalanced channels, the rather muffled sound of the demos etc) & give it a decent volume boost too, Enjoy this slice of Belgian Ür-metal from the Vaults. ... 4.rar/file

Youtube link :
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Re: Victim (Bel) Discography 1979-1984

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Many thaks for the upload malegys. I've only previously heard the Lady Love/Squalliday Inn 45, (I certainly hear your Sparks comparison on Squalliday Inn), so i'm looking forward to getting better aquainted with their stuff. Cheers!
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