7" metal and hard rock mixes

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Re: 7" metal and hard rock mixes

Post by Pavlos »


Wow, thanx for doing this. I just downloaded all four of them...

Listening to it right now...and here's the GIF to show my feelings about this projects!!
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Re: 7" metal and hard rock mixes

Post by Noisenik »

Mr. Preston, thank you very much for making these available for download. Hopefully I will not forget to give you some kudos at MC again. And sorry, no gif.

This make me wonder, Graham, any chance to see COTU efforts as downloads? Vol. 1 at least? Cheers in advance.
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Re: 7" metal and hard rock mixes

Post by Priamos »

The Sword by my side mix,the only one I 've listened so far, is very good indeed. Especially the Invasion track was a total killer! Along with the already known Chalice, are my favourites. On the other hand, this "Hare Krishna" track was a bit... awkward. :lol:
Ps. Thanks Rob for the time and effort. He is a long time metal scouter and generous enough to share his findings.
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