7" metal and hard rock mixes

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Re: 7" metal and hard rock mixes

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doomedplanet wrote: Sun Nov 13, 2022 7:09 pm
Have you heard any of the earlier podcasts from previous seasons? If you have I TRIED to take some of those "Feg-isms" a little further by deliberately saying things that would get an anticipated reaction or, at least, expected line of rambling. In a few cases it worked really well.
alien laserblast wrote: Sun Nov 13, 2022 4:21 pm This was great, that Lizzy track was out of sight. I gotta track down that box set! Also holy shit at that blue max, so cool! A lot of the stuff you played had kinda Feg-sims which seemed to go unnoticed by the hosts, nice work!
Yes, I've listened to all of them. Even sent them a Good Rats live record to play on air, haha! Yeah, your selection seemed very intentional! I was kind of shocked by Mike's response to the Blue Max in particular, as the song structure/riff style is so close to early Slough Feg (thinking demos/self-titled thru Down Among).
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