New Bands (90´s / 00´s) mantaining the true metal tradition

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New Bands (90´s / 00´s) mantaining the true metal tradition

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What are some Good New Heavy Metal Bands (90´s / 00´s), mantaining the old school true metal tradition of the NWOBHM bands like Angel Witch, Diamond Head, Tygers of PT, Satan, Holocaust, Satan, Maiden, Tank, Tyson Dog, Savage, Tokyo Blade... etc..
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Re: New Bands (90´s / 00´s) mantaining the true metal tradition

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Helvetets Port, Tungsten Axe, Black Trip (haven't heard the VOJD stuff yet), Tyrann, Lethal Steel, and Century are some Swedish bands I've really liked.
For American stuff: GraveDanger while rather quirky is probably the best band doing sort of Agent Steel-meets-Cloven Hoof around. Demon Bitch is quite good too, and very unhinged - they have a side band called White Magician which while not-as-memorable for me, was quite good. Blood Curse (local band) are Witchfinder General and Angel Witch worship, which might sound uninspired considering how many NWOTHM bands are influenced by those two bands, but they're really good and have some speedier numbers.
Only other bands I can think of from other countries that I found listenable would be Angel Sword who I find to be quite alright, music's good but the sort-off Lemmy-impersonator vocals don't work for their rather low-gain guitar tone.
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