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Post#16 » Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:48 pm

Herkus Monte wrote:I`ve never heard The Seventh Day of Doom but Anno Domini is, along with Blood Fire Death and Campo de Exterminio, one of the best albums of the 80s extreme metal to me.
And those who adore Tormentor need also check Angel Reaper, especially their Exhumalt Vilag demo. Awfully primitive as it sounds, it`s got the same feeling as Anno Domini.
ANGEL REAPER-Vegzet Utoler is a lot better than the 3rd demo Exhumalt Vilag.
The Vegzet Utoler demo is perfect Speed/Thrash metal in the very amateurish way i worship of the East European style.Whereas the Exhumalt Vilag demo sounds like primitive death metal.Sorry i don't like nor the production nor the style nor the tracks on it.

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Post#17 » Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:13 pm

for obscure hungarian late 80s demo black metal bands, mayhem gets my vote, though i do like pretty much everythinig i've heard from that scene

anno domini and 7th day are both mega classics for me. quite different from one another yet containing many of the same songs, i can't choose a favorite between the two

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Post#18 » Sat Aug 06, 2011 12:35 pm

I liked Angel Reaper. Quality of the sound is really poor but it has a good feeling and good riffs.
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