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Post#16 » Mon May 14, 2007 5:00 pm

Generally I think it is impossible to "take influences" from certain bands and try making them your own. An influence is probably only effective in a good way when it's an influence that's been haunting the band for many years. Otherwise it mostly turns out in a bleak, pathetic rip off which usually don't sound like the original at all. Take that german band OLD for example, they made an uninspired album which was supposed to sound like Celtic Frost or Hellhammer I guess. But all in vain. Some things are supposed to be done ONCE, not TWICE.

But just to contradict myself I gotta mention the brilliant MASTER'S HAMMER thefts on NIFELHEIM "Servants of darkness", 1st song "Evil Blasphemies", which is a good rip off from the first song of MH demo "Finished". Anyway, that was ONE theft, the whole album didn't sound like that particular demo. The rest is some strange mixture of BATHORY, IRON MAIDEN, TREBLINKA, MORBID ANGEL, VENOM, TÖRR, DARKTHRONE, Southamerican death metal, German thrash, heavy metal in general... which is quite diverse when speaking about different metal influences at least.

As a conclusion I think what counts is the AMOUNT of influences to make a good band, not only WHICH influences.
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Post#17 » Tue May 15, 2007 9:18 pm

@ Metalipeiklo:

Joel, I certainly agree with you. Yet there are much more pespectives to view the topic. Actually I meant to use influences or be influenced with in order to advance them or make advancement from them, however you like. A lot of bands have got somewhere but then continue in strange directions or unfertile terrains with gross results. At the moment I am little confused. I'll try to get back with whole synthesis and explanation. But the (lack of) time is strangling me.
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