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J. wrote:If anyone cares - just heard from the Kalapacs bloke that did the recent Pokolgep & Omen cd reissues an apparently the early Osssian albums are set to be reissued on cd this northern autumn - also said they want to reissue Metal Lady but the label is now defunct and they're still trying to find the rights holders.

How can it be? They were reissued by Hammer Muzik that's still active as magazine, online shop and promoters...
in any case welcome to the new Ossian re-releases if with interesting bonus tracks. The 2002 reissues seem to be quite pricey nowadays

Would like to see Missio' also re-released on CD

Top bands:

Korrozia Metalla (early)
Oblachnyij Kraj
P. Mobil
Turbo (Poland)
Citron: Radegast album only
Divlje Jagode (early)
Iris (Romania - a lot of songs)

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