Steve Horwood (voc), Mike Childs (dr), Zak Black (git), Rikki C. Ricci (bs)

format: MLP Side A:
  1. The Innocent
  2. Sinister Minister

Side B:

  1. Pharaoh's Awakening
  2. Beware Of The King
year: 1988
country: Canada
label: private
#: TNT-8806
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 5/10

I've owned this MLP for for doG knows how long but it wasn't until I started the scanning work for this page that the obvious, glaring error on the back sleeve struck me like lightning out of a clear blue Toronto sky: With only 2 member pictures on the left and a sufficiently large blank space on the right, this must have been a printing error of the most embarrasing sort. The argument that must have ensued between Mike & Steve (pictured) and Zak & Rikki (not so pictured) is such a brilliant setup for pure Spinal Tap/Bad News humor genious... "Yeah Mike, sure, a 'mistake' - My arse!!"

That's about all the fun I intend to make of this record, since in all other aspects this is one formidable piece of Private Metal mastery, perhaps only topped on the home front by fellow Ontarians OVERLORD. Apart from the fact that both bands play in the trad-HM sphere of things there's not many similarities to draw musicwise. Whyle the Overlords were Obscüre Mystic Metal-galore, these Wikkans is pretty much Type A 'US Metal', specifically a 'Dungeons'-era SAVATAGE type of sound, stripped down to its bare bones, occationally rubbing shoulders with some powerful METAL CHURCH-riffage, like in the opening crusher "The Innocent". If I had to pick a fave track tho' it would probably be "Sinister Minister". With the careful addition of keybards, the crystal-crisp production and awesome, unique vocals with its razor-sharp teeth really does this song the most justice. Just pure Metal gold!

The B-side opener deserves some special mention too: When you think about it, has there ever been a bad Metal tune about Egypt? The theme more or less guarantees great, exotic riffing and a heavy, somber mood and such is also the case with "Pharao's Awakening". (OK, I guess stand somewhat corrected - here they do sound a wee bit like Overlord!)

This gem is easily recommendable to just about anyone with a taste for Better Heavy Metal, and as far as rare private pressings go this one isn't that particularly rare at all to be honest. It's rather commonly spotted on the lists of larger dealers and good distros and you can tell them that The Corroseum said you shouldn't need to shell out more than €50 for a still sealed copy.

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