Death Rendez-Vous

T. Satanson (voc), Angel-Face (git), Peps (git), Holly (bs), Crazy Pete (dr)

format: 12" EP Side A:
  1. Wild Night

Side B:

  1. Hollywood
  2. Heavy Metal Angel
year: 1985
country: Belgium
label: Multiform
#: 1027
insert: yes, w/ fan-club info (download printable scan here)
edition: 200
rarity: 9/10


When first looking at this record one wonders if the music is to be glamish hair-rock like the songtitles would suggest, or dark'n'mean Heavy Metal like the primitive but cool-as-hell artwork. Luckily we are presented with the latter. "Turn your amp. to ten, close your eyes and PREPARE YOURSELF TO DIE"... Now that's the spirit! The quote from the back sleave is very well put. After starting off with some stumbling, messy drums this EP can only get better. And it does. "Wild Night" is anything but wild, but who needs "wild" when you can have heavy, grinding, doomish Heavy Metal in the vein of classic DEATH SS/Paul Chain, seasoned with a dark and moody end part worthy of early 80's MANOWAR! Singer T. Satanson is a raw growler/screamer who adds further menace and grit to their music. (Surely an apple in the eye of mom and pop Satanson). So Mr Pete may not be the tightest drummer ever, but thanx to the excellent production WHITE NIGHT still manage to kick some serious ass. Turning to the flipside we first get "Hollywood", a simple but nice NWOBHM-cruncher in the HOLOCAUST vein with a good, powerful chorus, but it's the closing "Heavy Metal Angel" that's the real treat. At first it bulldozes you into the ground with raw, total Britt'-Doom Heavy a lá WITCHFINDER GENERAL / NIGHTIME FLYER, then comes the fast drumming Power Metal part to rip you loose from your livingroom floor and re-inject all your bodily fluids cut with molten lead to the chant of "Heavy Metal! Heavy Metal!..." ...and then it ends. Just like that. I guess the feeling of being unfulfilled is part of the magic. The hunger afterwards for more WHITE NIGHT-Metal makes the record more than the sum of it's parts, and perhaps that's better than having a full-length album with half of the songs being limp and lifeless fillers. The mystery becomes so much larger when the pieces of the puzzle are few. Their sound is nothing complicated or constructed, the musicianship average, but it's still just about everything you'd ever want from an obscure and mega-rare private pressing. It has originality, heaviness and sincerity and it breathes mystery and soul. Although this EP is almost as rare as groupies on a Metal Market, the occational copy do turn up and may exchange hands for something around €100+. Be thankful that mr Satanson, Pete, Face, Peps & Holly didn't come out of the US, or the price would have been at least trippled.

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