Nalle (git), Mika (git), Peku (dr), Kuvis (bs), Jouni (voc)

format: MLP Side A:
  1. Back Into Ashes
  2. Gehenna

Side B:

  1. Before The Night's Done
  2. The Death Joy
year: 1990
country: Finland
label: Dig It
#: DIGMX 189
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 7/10


This kind of typical late 80's-early 90's Power/Thrash isn't usually my first choice of aural brew, but Finn-metalists WARMATH's debut "Gehenna" is so much better than the average US release of it's time. The production, vocals and first and foremost the music is of the highest standard, enough to satisfy Metalfans of any form or taste, and I never hesitate to give it a spin when I'm in the mood for some more tuneful chugga-chugga.

Title track "Gehenna" it their ace of trumps. That bombastic-yet-energetic chorus makes it into one of the finest Scandinavian Metal-cuts of its time and it's the definite highlight of the album, but there's definitely more in there to enjoy. Some of their smartest passages remind me of Swedish Powerthrashin' Gods OMNITRON, especially the technical opener "Back Into Ashes". "Before the night's done" sound just as malevolent as the title suggests. An impressive, lead-weight piece with a real spinechilling, dark chorus best described as "Doom Thrash" and without a doubt highlight #2 on this disc. "The Death Joy" is the logical continuation and conclusion - aggressive but heavy shit that would entice the neck-muscles on a dead TOTO-fan! I guess this is the stuff I wanted METALLICA (r.i.p.) to churn out on their 5th album, instead of doing that cheap TROUBLE rip-off thang'.

In a better world that title track should be a renowned classic within it's genre, but there simply is no justice in this world. Just look at the Swedish METAL MERCY: they released a very similar EP around this time, of a somewhat equal level of rarity, but without half the songwriting skills of these guys and they're on everyone's wantlist now. ("Perhaps they went for the wrong artwork?" asks the little cynical devil on my left shoulder...)
They followed up with a fine full-length album the year after and hopefully I'll get back to that one in the near future. In the meantime I suggest you keep watching those tradelists out there for this baby!

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