Eugene Sant (git, voc), Bobby Schultz (bs?), Fred "Killer" Keeler (dr?)

format: LP Side A:
  1. Sleazy
  2. Closet Killer
  3. Pleasures Of The Flesh
  4. Head-on Collision
  5. On The Prowl
  6. Back From The Dead

Side B:

  1. Satan's Charm
  2. Bump And Grind
  3. Tantrum
  4. Suicide Song
  5. Pam Don't Cry
  6. The Chase
year: 1986
country: USA
label: Sant Records
#: -
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 8/10


THIS - out of all possible records - happened to be the first ever "ultra-rare US private pressing" I added to my collection. What a lousy way to start. Yes, it was another case of the "misinterpretation-obsession-disappointment-syndrome". For some reason I thought WAGES OF SIN was this really cool Italian Doom-band. Eeeeek! That's 4 wrongs out of 3 possible: 1. WOS is not cool, 2. not Italian, 3. not really Doom and 4. (most likely) not a band. Let me explain that last one a bit further. First of all there's no real drums on the album, but a horrible, life-sucking, soul-reaping, musically obscene drum machine. Secondly, and most compromising, Mr. Sant is posing between two headstones displaying the names Schultz and Keeler, the surnames of his supposed bandmates - an obvious pun. Furthermore, all songwriting and lyrical credits go to Eugene Sant, and he is the only one who gets to write a thanks-list (incidentally consisting of 2 humans and 1 dog). Finally, naming the record label after himself should be the final circumstantial evidence that this probably were a pure one-man studio project. Fred and Bobby are welcome to contact me to prove me a fool.
...but who cares anyway. If we ignore that appalling beat-box and stale production for a moment, there's actually a few promising songs in there. "Satan's Charm" for instance, is a great heavy piece with a really catchy and powerful chorus. If there's anything resembling doom on the album, it can be found in songs like "closet killer", "back from the dead" and "suicide song" - all of them good songs in some kinda' embryonic WF GENERAL/THE OBSESSED-style. Actually there's plenty of good ideas here, but they're barely noticeable thanx to that downright STUPID production!
So, it may look cool, with the heavy cardboard sleeve, the primitive b/w logo artwork and graveyard shot, but this is nothing but a perfect example of one of those overrated/overprised privates that got lost in obscurity for the best of reasons: It shouldn't have been made in the first place. At least not by Mr. Eugene Sant.

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