Destroy Metal

Marchan (git), Mantas Nakazoto (git), Nao (voc), Exciter Yoko (bs), Journey Tetsu (dr)

format: 7" EP Side A:
  1. Sniper

Side B:

  1. United
  2. Skill

year: 1985
country: Japan
label: Noise Room Records
#: -
insert: no, fold-out cover w/ lyrics
edition: ?
rarity: 7/10

"Destroy Metal"?!?!?! Who the hell do these Japanese clowns think they are?! That's it. Arm your bombers and get your tanks ready, coz we're going to wa... No, wait. Now I get it. It's Destroy-Metal, right? Like when all those bands back in the 80's wanted to come up with their very own "new" brand of Metal or extra-special image etc. Well, if we didn't know the language barrier could cause commotion before, we know it now. Any other reasons to get exited over this EP? Oh yes. This is one of those "killer-debut/dissappointing-discography"-releases which so easily gets deported to the Island Of Lost And Forgotten Metal Gems. After this storming Power Metal attack (the '85 definition), UNITED treaded the path of bay-area/ANTHRAX-on-their-fucking-skateboards-Thrash and from there further into the murky swamp of "Modern Groovy Thrash Metal". They might still be around, but frankly I don't know and I don't care. Let's just for the moment pretend that they were one of those one-off single-bands and cherish their moment of true Metal Greatness. Yes, "Destroy Metal" is one of Japan's highlights of True Metal. "Sniper" has all the harmonies and class of "..Beast"-era MAIDEN with the speed and dirt of early TANK or KAT. The chanting in their theme-song sounds more like "Motörhead!" than "United!", but me thinks the spotting of Lemmy & co. in the song is anything but subliminal. "Skill" mops it up nicely in an upbeat NWOBHMy sort of way with roaring guitars and very likable leads.

The production reminds me of a lot of d.i.y. punk ep's of this era. It's not bad at all. Together with the hoarse, young-Kai Hansen-like vocals of Nao it gives them a raw and unpolished edge that, thanx to their superb guitar harmonies, never get anywhere near punk/HC territory - a common folly of many of their crossover countrymen in the Japanese underground at the time. Well, that and an abundance of studded leather and Judas Priest-like poses (see foldout).

A few years after its release this EP was re-released (bootlegged?) as a picture 7". I've very rarely seen any version offered so I can't really tell which version is the rarest. Just be sure to grab the 1st one that comes along, coz in all honesty, Jpn-Heavy Metal rarely got better or heavier.

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