Kawaleria Szatana

Woiciech Hoffman (git), Andrzej Lysóv (git), Bogusz Rutkiewicz (bs), Alan Sors (dr), Grzegorz Kupczyk (voc)

format: LP Side A:
  1. Zolnierz Fortuny
  2. Dlon Potwora
  3. Sztuczne Oddychanie
  4. Kometa Halleya
  5. Kawaleria Szatana czesc 1

Side B:

  1. Wybacz Wszystkim Wrogom
  2. Kawaleria Szatana czesc 2
  3. Ostatni Grzesznikóv Placz
  4. Bramy Galaktyk

year: 1986
country: Poland
label: Pronit
#: PLP 0037
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 5/10

It's an ugly fucker, I know, but don't let the crummy cover art fool you, coz this is truly great stuff. On "Kawaleria Szatana" the band has once again renewed themselves and the difference between this LP and the lackluster "Smak Ciszy" from the year before is so striking you'd hardly take them for the same band. No doubt is it one of the finest Power Metal albums ever from the old eastern block and it stands proud among it's German contemporaries and cousins like HELLOWEEN, BRAINFEVER, RUNNING WILD etc. This was actually the first East European Metal album I ever heard and if YOU happen to be completely oblivious to this much exciting scene, I can hardly recommend a better starting-point. It may not be the most original album ever from the eastern block, but all of us who grew up with the Teutonic power/speed of the Noise Records family and the likes are bound to really appreciate TURBO's MAIDEN-meets-early-HELLOWEEN style of classic Euro-Metal. If the music itself won't bring you back into the glorious 80's, the title "Kometa Halleya" surely will (yeah, like you didn't stare blindly into the sky back then to catch a glimpse of this magnificent stellar object?) ...And waddayano it's a fucking great song too!

There's fast songs with bombastic choirs, mid-paced song with bombastic choirs and... well, even more songs of a certain pace and level of bombasticness. It's really not the kind of album that one wants to dissect song by song, so I'm tempted to leave this as a shorter review and let you check it out for yourselves. I don't think it will be that pricey, should it cross your path in the near future, so why not indulge yourselves in some 'Exotic Metal' hullabaloo and make up your own mind? Owning the record with the ugliest/creepiest zombie-pic ever is of course another valid reason to add "Kawaleria Szatana" to your collection.

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