Smak Ciszy

Grzegorzk Kupczyk (voc), Wojciech Hoffmann (git), Andrzej Lysóv (git), Bogusz Rutkiewicz (bs), Alan Sors (dr)

format: LP Side A:
  1. Smak Ciszy
  2. Juz Nie Z Toba
  3. Wybieraj Sam
  4. Czy Mnie Nie Ma
  5. Slova Pelne Slów
  6. Wszystko Bedzie O. K.

Side B:

  1. Jaki Byt Ten Dzien?
  2. Caly Czas Ucza Nas
  3. Wariacki Taniec
  4. Narodziny Demona
year: 1985
country: Poland
label: Razem
#: RLP 007
insert: innersleave w/ lyrix
edition: ?
rarity: 6/10


It starts out fine. After the curious intro/"titletrack" the up-tempo Metalrocker "Juz Nie Z Toba" impress with a catchy, melodic chorus, rather similar to the stuff on their former offering "Dorosle Dzieci", albeit a tidbit more mellow. Already on the 2nd track is where I start to frown though. What kind of throwaway "Melodic Hard Rock"-crap is this?? And it doesn't stop with "Wybieraj Sam". "Czy Mnie..." comes with a few more mood-filled parts, but as a whole it's just LA-metal at it's most boring. "Slowa Pelne Slow" is a slight improvement. Although a slow and melodic number, it's heavier and sounds alot more sincere. "Wszystko.." closes side A ballad-style. It's not half bad, but WHERE IS THE METAL???? Well, it's certainly not waiting around the corner. If anything, "Jaki Byt..." at least proves that TURBO has become increasingly better at writing ballads compared to their last album. With "Caly Czas Ucza Nas" we finally get something resembling The Music Of Steee:aaahl(!). It's a great sing-along tune, a mellow partytrack gone strangely melancholic and heavier than intended. The kind you only ever get to hear from East-Euro Metal acts. "Wariacki Taniec" saves the day with more of that Maidenesque Metallism they do so well when they actually get around at trying. The good times keep rolling with the closing instrumental epic "Narodziny Demona" - probably the heaviest and best track so far. A great ending to a less than great album...

This is definitely the rarest of all TURBO-vinyls, released on the same mysterious Razem label as the KAT debut LP "666" and it turns up almost as infrequently as that one, but on the other hand it's also the least essential of their records (not counting the non-metal debut "Titanic"). If you enjoy their other 80's material as much as I do, it's still an interesting piece for your collection, but don't expect it to be the perfect mix of the Maiden-laden predecessor and the mighty Power Metallic follow-up coz it's nothing of the sort. Even if the back cover clearly states that the record is dedicated to IRON MAIDEN (!), I can't imagine Steve Harris trembling with pride over that salutation. There's a bootleg CD with this LP and "Dorosle Dzieci" which I'm tempted to recommend rather than this original vinyl. Although far from a total disappointment, this is by no means the TURBO-release to start with.

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