Dorosle Dzieci

Grzegorzk Kupczyk (voc), Wojciech Hoffmann (git), Andrzej Lysóv (git), Piotr Przybylski (bs), Wojciech Aniola (dr)

format: LP Side A:
  1. Szalony Ikar
  2. Przegadane Dni
  3. W Sobie
  4. Ktos Zamienil
  5. Pozorne Zycie

Side B:

  1. Toczy Sie Po Linie
  2. Nie Znaczycz Nic
  3. Mówili Kiedys
  4. Dorosle Dzieci
year: 1982
country: Poland
label: Polton
#: LPP 004
insert: innersleave w/ lyrix
edition: ?
rarity: 4/10


Judging from the sleave this should be just another average, early 80's East-euro rock record. 5 bearded men in jumpsuits and plain shirts says more STATUS QUO than anything Metal to me, and Eastern Europe were chock-full of lame middle-of-the-road pubrock- or a.o.r.-bands at this period, and they all looked pretty much like these guys. "Dorosle Dzieci" is the golden exception to the rule. Not only is it the 1st real Metal album from the Eastern Block, it would probably rate as one of the earliest full-fledged Classic Metal LPs in Europe and without a doubt one of the best from this period, pretty much in the same family as contemporary underground classics like U8's "Pegasus 1001", BERSERKS' s/t and the MOOTTORILINNUT LP. (The definiton of "Metal" here being "more Metal than Hard Rock", so don't bug me about your favourite old SCORPIONS or KROKUS platters, OK)
"Szalony Ikar" kick-starts the album in fast, energic and melodic Power/Heavy-style and it's imminently clear that IRON MAIDEN have had a HUGE influence on the band since their supposedly more QUEEN-like debut from 1980. Stylewise "Doroszle Dzieci" could be the missing link between "Killers" and "The Number of the Beast". The hard-as-steel "Przegadane Dni" gets more than a little friendly with some riffing from "Killers" (the song), but that doesn't exactly make it a piece of crap music, does it? If I'd have been there and had the honor to pic the bands hit single this year, my vote would go to "Ktos Zamienil" - Maiden at their most epic! - galloping riffing and a fantastic, melodic oozing-aahh's-chorus, the kind of stuff you just can't live without. The only downside to this record is the 3 totally redundant ballads, perhaps put on to appease record label people/government officials in order to make the album happen. Just pretend they're not there, coz on the 6 other cuts TURBO are flawless, top-notch METAL! A song that stands out from the rest is "Mówili Kiedys", a heavy cruncher with similarities to MOTÖRHEAD's "Metropolis", showing that there's more to TURBO's sound this year than Maidenesque power-hits and schmallad fillers.
This album shouldn't be a problem to pic up for anyone who could spare a few hours of going through sale/tradelist on the web or old mailing lists. It's actually one of the more common Polish Metal vinyls, since it's on a major label and all. I suggest you take advantage of this rare situation and go get it a s a p before matters start to change.

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