Scream For Mercy

Pat Savage (voc), Mike Thunderstick (dr), Metal Gunny (bs), Cliff Marauder (git)

format: MLP Side A:
  1. Victims Of This Earth [intro]
  2. Lord Of Darkness
  3. Master Of The Valley
  4. Lost In Love

Side B:

  1. Scream For Mercy
  2. Don't Say Goodbye
  3. Heavy Rock In Town

year: 1985
country: Belgium
label: Colour Records
#: CR 507/508
insert: no
edition: 1000
rarity: 6/10

Metal artist names reign supreme and the current Metal scene's lack thereof is one of the many things wrong with the current state of Metal affairs. Who you're gonna believe will deliver the Mighty Riffing of Steel, CLIFF MARAUDER or bloody Albert H. Poindexter-Schmoe?? Would the juvenile yelps of a 'Sven Nyqvist' ever compare to the Mean Metal Machine screeches of PAT SAVAGE? Fuck hell no. It's not that the über-kool monikers of the 4 members of TRIAL is a major factor in their Metallic excellence, but it does add something a little extra to the overall atmosphere of their one and only vinyl "Scream For Mercy". The brooding colors and eerie artwork even more so.

After an unusually atmospheric intro we're pushed into the claws of one of Europe's finest and most venomous Power/Speed anthems EVER. We're talking riffing forged deep, deep into the most fiery pits of Hades! "Satan takes you by the hand, and leads you to the promised land.." - of course he does! The tempo changes dramatically with "Master of the Valley", an excellent 'Metal-blues' relying heavily on drums and bass just in the manner that our lords ACCEPT taught us. A-side ends with a... hm... ballad? Well, at least it's a heavy one with plenty of guitars, so the mood is not entirely ruined. I dare you to keep yourself from clenching your fists and violently throw them in the air while listening to the title track chorus - this is truly West-Euro Metal in its most pure and gloriously blackened form. Following this gem is the up-tempo yet more anonymous "Don't Say Goodbye", which at least will warm up your neck muscles for the triumphant, closing Heavy Metal Epic "Heavy Rock In Town". Though not 'Power Metal' it the traditional sense, this song is truly Metal With Power all the way. This album ends much too soon. Should you have the same problem as I have, trying to locate those live recordings w/ plenty of unreleased material rumored to exist, you could always satisfy your hunger for more of the same with some FUTURE TENSE, STEELER or WARRANT.

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