Out Of The Dark

Per Sandberg (voc / bs), Patrik Johansson (git / voc), Marcus Fornander (dr)

format: MLP Side A:
  1. Memories I
  2. Lightnin'

Side B:

  1. Go Away
  2. Memories II
year: 1990
country: Sweden
label: private
#: PLC 911-04
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 5/10


Phew! This proves there's just no end to all obscure and unknown private pressings out there. I'd never seen or heard anything about this band until I just recently found it in some old 2nd hand shop in Stockholm. Mind you, I almost passed it by because of the dreadful cover. Really, T.E.R. must have made one of the ugliest Metal sleaves ever. It's not even ugly in a cool way! Had they gone for the badly drawn wizard casting fireballs against some medieval dragon-creature-thingie, the value of this EP would have been 10 times higher and they would surely have spurred the interest of the collector elite of today. As of now, would you put this abomination next to your BLACK KNIGHT, DRAGONNE or HYKSOS albums? No you would not. Rather surprising was it then to discover that the music was pretty OK. Not genious but quite classy. Soundwise they mix "Keepers.."-era HELLOWEEN with standard melodic Swe-metal/HR like ARROW, RISING FORCE or early EUROPE. Per Sandberg's vocals also bears a striking resemblance to Michael Kiske's. Opener "Memories I" is a catchy, mid-tempo piece of classic, melodic Metal. "Lightning" is likewise, but a bit more commercial on the chorus. First on side B comes "Go away", the typical, lame power-ballad attempt. I blame SCORPIONS. With "Memories II" T.E.R. gets back on track with a snappy speed/power piece that should satisfy any fan of German, mellow singalong-Metal. Stylewise this will be a likeable item for some collectors (who will have a hard time locating it outside of Sweden!), but personally I think they lack spirit and come off as a bit too corny to be taken seriously. Even if the edition of the record most likely were very limited, a box of records seem to have turned up lately, and aIot of copies are now in circulation, so don't be fooled into paying mega-bux for it. I just found out they are still active. Go here for more info: http://welcome.to/TER

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