Thorsten Dierks (voc), Mathias Weissbrod (git), Stefan Dierks (bs), Ingolf Otte (dr)

format: 12" Side A:
  1. The End Of A Dream

Side B:

  1. Incomprehensible Conduct

year: 1987
country: Germany
label: Pro Sound Records
#: 1978
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 6/10


Suddenly remembering this piece of Metal art, I had to do a quick revision in my Metal Yardsticks department, coz TEMPEST's 12" is without a doubt one of the finest Metal EPs ever recorded in my opinion. An unbelievably underrated release that has drowned in the flood of late 80's, mid-league, collectable private pressings. Even though it's quite rare, it shouldn't be too hard for the industrious collector to track down and prices tend to vary around 25-40 Euros - a bargain by any definition.

On these 2 fantastic tracks this young band mastered the difficult art of writing original Metal music that never even got close to any nonmetal contamination. The songs are long and intricate, but stay out of the pretentious Progressive Metal sphere. Frankly, TEMPEST were about as unpretentious as you'd get, something the homey, back-alley lineup shot should testify to. The clever leads, harmonies and arrangements are perfect examples of the kind of prodigal innovation so seldom found in modern-day Metal bands claiming to stay true to the 80's sound. Galloping rhythms mingle with a superb, anthemic chorus and ends in a slower tempo in "The End Of A Dream", while "Incomprehensible Conduct" start out a bit more laid back but then breaks out in yet another incredibly uplifting, radiant chorus. I can't say which song I love the most - it's a bona-fide double A-side hit single for sure. The only vague musical references I can think of would be their likewise underrated countrymen SECRECY, or the stuff that ANACRUSIS churned out on their last album, but much more instant and back-to-basics. The magic could lie in the excellent vocals of Thorsten Dierks, a weapon that TEMPEST wields with mucho grace and sensibility. It has an aura of innocence and attitude of "aw well, we might not conquer the world, but at least we got to immortalize ourselves with our own record" that will eventually have their name cut in stone in the 80's Underground Metal Hall Of Fame. In simple words: This is just bloody awesome music!

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