Wings Of Change

Wayne Wild Man (dr), Bernie Carlos (git, keys, voc), J.K. Black Jack (bs)

format: LP Side A:
  1. Born Again
  2. Do Or Die
  3. Take Cover
  4. Fox On The Run
  5. Strings

Side B:

  1. Run Wild
  2. Wings Of Change
  3. Sooner Or Later
  4. Speed Master
year: 1988
country: Canada
label: Loud Spell
#: LOU 001
insert: Yes, w/ lyrix
edition: ?
rarity: 6/10


It's safe to say that SYE's debut LP "Turn On The Fire" were one of Metal Blade's more forgettable releases. Not that it totally sucked syphilitic baboon dick (like PREDATOR for instance), but despite a decent, classic 80's Metal sound, their songs were utterly plain. It's an ever reoccurring irony that that the band managed to release a minor masterpiece all by themselves 3 years later, which so few people got a chance to hear at the time. Unlike their bargain-bin debut this album was poorly distributed outside of Canada and has until recently been quite tricky to get hold of. Kudos to the global vinyl mafia for digging up a box of this killer release and spreading it throughout the globe!

So what happened in the 3 years between the 2 albums? While there's no info to be found on the web (not even RockDetector had them in their data base), you can draw some conclusions just by comparing the 2 albums:

- They got a new, proper lineup. (The debut only had 2 names credited, smelling like a studio project/band-in-the-making)
- They obviously had their share of trouble and bs through the years, which only seem to have increased their determination and spirit. (judging by the 'thanks to'- (no one) and 'fuck off'- (plenty) sections on the credits of "Wings..")
- They got harder, heavier and significantly better song writers.

The appropriately named "Born Again" is a real face-pounding hammer - no - turbo charged power tool of Pure Fucking Speed Power Metal Mayhem! I can honestly not remember ever hearing such an aggressive cut on a classic Metal record. Add some growling vox and they'd be jamming in hell w/ BATHORY or SADUS. The double-bass-drum injection of "Do Or Die" and the oozing aah's of "Take Cover" is a great intermission before another highlight, their superb take on SWEET's "Fox On The Run", which they brilliantly manage to incorporate into their own sound. And then there's The Exceptional "Run Wild" - A real Power Metal Scorcher! One of those trax that instantly makes you wanna start compiling a mix-tape/cdr for the next Keep It True-festival trip, with this one as the opener! The following title track is the album's 2nd instrumental, which impress a whole lot more than the average "Strings" on side A, with it's cool melodic riffing and keyboard harmonies. Then, instead of throwing in the predictable fillers at the end of the record, we get the powerful WASP-tinged "Sooner Or Later" followed by another ultra-fast, aggressive shitkicker called "Speed Master".

OK, so they often get so close to ANVIL-territory that the infamous "clone"-moniker springs to mind, especially on the speedier trax, but they do it so bloody well I couldn't care less. I definitely prefer Mr. Carlos as a Lips-impersonator on this album, rather than his nasal screeching on their 1st LP. Buy this baby when you see it. Period.

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