Hecho En Venzuela

César Alberto Somoza Torres (voc), Rodrigo Antonio Yoma Aparici (git), Marco Tulio Ciargo (git), Victor Manuel López Inaudi (bs), Ricardo Alberto Escobar Bruce (dr)

format: LP Side A:
  1. Hassan Ben Sabath
  2. Angeles Cayendo
  3. Tierra Prometida

Side B:

  1. Pared De Concreto
  2. Muerto En Vida
  3. Resistencia
  4. Templo De La Oscuridad

year: 1981
country: Venezuela
label: Color
#: 102 09022
insert: 1st ed. with fold-out, 2nd ed. w/ inner-sleave
edition: ?
rarity: 6/10

Finding a copy of this record (or most other early South American Metal records) in Mint condition is just about unheard of. If you’re a mint-or-bust type collector, be prepared to pay up. If you, like me, can settle with a playable vg/vg copy it’s not too impossible to find for about €50-€70, given you have some good contacts. I bought this record simply on recommendation (thx Hasse!) at a local record fair and it turned out to be a real find. (Pathetic incident: I later recommended this LP to another collector. His answer: “Sorry, I don’t collect South American records”. No wonder “record collector” is considered an insult amongst many..) “Hassan..” is a J. PRIESTified kick in the groin. The kind of hard post-70’s metal sound that made albums like “Sin After Sin” and “Stained Class” to such groundbreaking classics.. “Angeles..” is a slower (but not softer) and more epic piece which for a few seconds in the middle of the song sound more like JUDAS PRIEST than JUDAS PRIEST ever did. Then it comes, this rabid monster of a song! “Tierra Prometida” is like Thor The Thundergod galloping over the South American midnight sky on his 8-legged horse Sleipner, both of them juiced up on Venezuela’s finest uncut cocaine! Fuckin’ raging METAL that took most of the US scene another 5 years to match. Side B has slightly less epic songs, but is none the less powerful, with 2 particular standouts: “Muerto en Vida”, a real crusher and definitely the fastest song on the album, and the almost doom “Resistencia”, another brilliant song well worthy of being a theme-song for the band. RESISTENCIA are even more ahead of their time than their legendary countrymen ARKANGEL. Unlike them they never border on Rock/R’n’R, but stay consistantly on the narrow Metal path and are also more dynamic in their songwriting. Despite my repeated reference to another old classic act I would still say they had a sound of their own. There’s an exotic, almost graceful vibe throughout the album, not only due to the fine vocal performance of César Alberto Somoza Torres. Must be their indian genes. The band produced 3 records between ’81-84. 2nd LP “Estrategia contra el Movimiento” (82) I’ve recently got a CDR-copy of and it's a Total Metal MONSTER! More info to come as soon as someone can hook me up with the vinyl. 3rd effort “Dacapo” is less heavy and slightly more progressive, but still with one foot in the metal-sphere. However, most agree that “Hencho..” and "Estrategia..." are both essetials in any collection.

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