Total Armageddon

Ron Cartledge (git); John Gibson (voc); Mick Scott (dr); Steve Scott (bs)
No credits on the album. Info taken from The Australian Metal Guide

format: LP Side A:
  1. Necromancer
  2. Decapitation
  3. Black Ritual
  4. Lucifer's Reign

Side B:

  1. Total Armageddon
  2. Riot Squad Gladiator
  3. Maneater
  4. Threshold Of Death
year: 1987
country: Australia
label: Cleopatra
#: CLP238
insert: no, fold out w/ lyrics
edition: ?
rarity: 6/10

graphix from the fold-out


There may not be a god in heaven, but if there's a devil in hell I'm absolutely positive His Satanic Majesty looks exactly like the red reptilian bastard on RENEGADE's one and only LP. In retrospect I feel like a complete twat for not grabbing the album the first time I saw it. With a sleeve like this one you cannot go wrong! It may be ugly as hell, but there's no doubt in your mind it will carry some really riveting Satanic Speed Metal within it's folds. You can virtually see the unpleasantly naughty hordes of hell in front of you, raising their right hands doing the sign of the devil as they chant the chorus to the incredible title track: "TOTAL! TOTAL! ARMAGEDDON!, TOTAL! TOTAL! ARMAGEDDON!!" It's hectic, raw and malicious, with more focus on energy than technical perfection. It's kind of a relief that there were bands around at this time who just didn't copycat Slayer on their road to Thrash Metal-infamy, but rather glanced towards the likes of ONSLAUGHT, EXORCIST and perhaps most of all, the mighty DESTRUCTOR! I'd love to say that there's more to Renegade's sound than that, but I think I've managed to pigeonhole them pretty accurately there. No particular need for outstanding originality when playing in this Metallic top-division. In songs like "Decapitation", "Riot Squad Gladiator" and "Black Ritual" they truly master the long lost art of minimal, never-ending minor chord caresses which many top-quality bands - from FLOTSAM & JETSAM to SARCÓFAGO - has employed with such grace both before and after. I can only speculate why RENEGADE never conquered the world with this album, but it's probably the usual fallacies: a somewhat thin production, the occasionally wiggly rhythm section and being one or two years too late with the Evil Thrash-gimmick. In retrospect, these factors shouldn't matter much to fans of this exciting brand of Metal.

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