White Stallion

Steve Allen (bs, voc), Joe Allen (dr, voc), Joe Paul (git)

format: MLP Side A:
  1. White Stallion
  2. Black Rider

Side B:

  1. Rockin You
  2. Death Stalker

year: 1988
country: USA
label: Raw Records
#: R E-001
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 7/10


Another formerly "impossibly rare US Metal"-album that suddenly turned up in boxloads (or just about.). Well, that supply may last forever or it may not, so better to be safe than sorry. The infantile fantasy cover art has surely done its part in raising an interest in the album, at least it did for me. Of course there's no way in hell an album looking like this will have even a half-decent production. It's like a universal law - no need to explain it. Still, apart from the bass laying slightly too high in the mix, the raw sound doesn't affect the overall listening experience in any way. I mean, it's not bloody prog rock so who cares, right? Yes, after picking it up at KIT II (thank you Mr. Riermaier!) I was happy to discover it contained pretty much the same raw and unpolished d.i.y./basement-Metal I expected.

The title track stands out though. "White Stallion" dishes out classic US-Power/mid-paced semi-Thrash in the fine tradition of bands like METAL CHURCH or NASTY SAVAGE. A superb, haunting, doomy break in the middle elevates the song even higher. Great fucking start, guys! "Black Rider" is a heavy rocker galloping away alongside CRYSYS and early TWISTED SISTER, perhaps missing a fence or two along the way, but hell, this is amateur hour.

According to the back sleeve, RAW ENERGY apparently stands for Raging Atomic Wild Entering Now Existing Ripping Grinding Yells (now there's a T-shirt waiting to happen..) and gives cheers to all metal heads & thrashers. So are they Thrash? Hm, well, in the same sense that HOLOCAUST and RAVEN were, I guess - that is: no, but they're sort of inventing it all over again. "Rockin You" explains this much better than my measly scribblings. Listening to the last song on this curiosity, the doomy/sludgy proto-thrash of "Death Stalker", I kinda wonder why they never turned up on New Renaissance Records? They would have looked great on stage alongside MEDIEVAL or DREAM DEATH. So I may keep forgetting their songs, but I honestly dig their sound. It's very American, in a trashy sort of way, and at least they lived up to their moniker, which is more than I can say for plenty of other bands.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Should you find an unopened copy of this album, demand to have it opened and checked so that the vinyl is not warped. Several copies have turned up which are. (mine just barely played without skipping)

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