Shadows Are Falling/The Beast

Brian Anderssen, Jørgen V Jensen, Torben P.

format: 7" Side A:
  1. Shadows Are Falling

Side B:

  1. The Beast

year: 1986
country: Denmark
label: Arp Grammofon
#: ARPSL003
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 8/10


I've actually come across this beauty once on a record fair and I must say I consider it one of my greatest collector mistakes to not have picked it up when I had the chance. It would have been a new personal record in most cash spent on a 7", but hearing this music now on a less than perfect CDR-rip and still kicking myself for letting it slip through my fingers feels so much worse than a momentary dent in the monthly beer & debauchery-budget. Even though I love this kind of cover art it left me rather skeptical of their musical qualities. It gives quite a rugged impression, doesn't it? Well, fuck me! This is one of the best, most well-produced and classy Scandinavian Metal singles I've heard in a looooong time! (months, in all likelihood...)

"Shadows Are Falling" start out like the darker side of THIN LIZZY riding on the back of a MAIDEN-tempo and then goes into classic melodic Scanda-metal a la RISING FORCE/early EUROPE on the chorus. It's a very instant, catchy tune and so NOT green-cannibalistic-space-monster-invoking it'll give you quite a chuckle on the first listening. On the other side of the river Styx we find "The Beast", a song so similar to BRAINFEVER's "Capture The Night" we could very well be talking pure theft here, but since the German's epic classic is one of Europe's finest Metal moments it's quite impossible not to love this awesome song. It makes this 7" is a perfect reminder of how rare double-A hit singles are in this field of private demo-vinyls, so what the heck, let's forgive them their trespasses, OK?

From my own experience, the RANDY single is the rarest of the very few private Danish 7"s issued in the 80's and no-one seem to know much about the band's history or demography. Judging from these 2 trax they had the solid backbone of pure Heavy Metal Class-A Quality to have released a quite respectable full-length, but as fate has decided, it's now the responsibility of the Metal-archeologists, cult-label executives and bootleggers to settle the score. Go-go-gadget-reissue-LP!

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