Mark Platt (git), Branko Zugaj (bs), Session musicians: Colin Wilkinson (voc), Dario Rubini (dr)

format: MLP Side A:
  1. X-Rated Man
  2. Messiah Comes

Side B:

  1. Distant Orphan
  2. Prelude/Endless Sun
year: 1985
country: Canada
label: Word Records
#: WRC1-4811
insert: no
edition: 1000
rarity: 8/10


I found this gem in a local Stockholmian 2nd hand shop and judging from the heavy cardboard sleave, the primitive artwork and overall d.i.y. feel I knew instantly that this was a real find. I even managed to keep my promise to myself not to ever pay more than 50$/euro cash for a record! (Well, if someone can offer me the 1st SARCOFAGUS 7", let's talk....;-) I can truly say that the sparse design and obscure songtitles keep their promises on this one. If you like moody, heavy, "homemade" underground metal like DARK KNIGHT or IMAGE, this record should top your wantlist. Opener "X-Rated Man" stand out as a real rocker. It could have come straight off the the "Sad wings of destiny"-sessions and here vocalist Colin Wilkinson sounds slightly like a long haired (=young) Rob Halford. On "Messiah Comes" the real driving MAIDENesqué riffing starts and and suddenly we are in Power Metal Heaven! In the second half of the song OVERLORD unleash their deadliest weapon: Guitar harmonies that shatter steel and burn down concrete! My favourite track however is "Distant Orphan". This is definitely one of my all time favourite US-metal tracks. A totally mysterious & epic piece of Metal mood-music. The opening riffs remind me of the early CELTIC FROST eps, while the rest of the song gives me the same kind of chill like when listening to BROCAS HELM or early MANILLA ROAD, but still totally original with a extremely powerful brigde/chorus. Here Colin goes up a notch on the already high vocals and unfortunately on some parts he just doesn't make it. This kinda ruined the album a bit for me in the beginning, but after a few listenings you realize it's just on a few parts that the vocals goes out of tune and luckily my Metal-friendly brain manage to censor them. And yes, he sings about Valhalla on this one too. The album closes with the doomy "Endless Sun", and it really brings up images of endless deserts and ancient ruins. The song just lingers on like an endless caravan dying with thirst under a burning desert sun ...or a bit like SOLITUDE AETURNUS if you're not into my poetry. And, of course, once again an incredible guitar harmony which totally elevates the song and makes a perfect ending to a damn near perfect record. Compared to for instance contemporary-fellow-countrymen-and-big-ass-rarity-BLACK KNIGHT I like OVERLORD a whole lot more. The production is more stripped down, more of an underground feel, and the music way more original and eerie. It's curious how this gem has evaded collectors and listings for so long. Usually these kind of odd records are ignored because of the simple fact that they suck shit, but this is obviously not the case here. It seems however like some copies are starting to turn up now, so be quick now or forever regret yourself when all of them are gone to their rightful owners.

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