Tony F. (voc), Hasse (git), Matte (git), Benke (bs), Tony S. (dr)

format: MLP Side A:
  1. Whiskey Drinking Woman
  2. Cold War
  3. Rain

Side B:

  1. On Stage
  2. Caught In Hell
  3. Touch Of Gold
year: 1990
country: Sweden
label: Overload Music
#: -
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 9/10


Here's something for the Scanda-Metal collector to chew on. A micro-pressing of a few hundred (500 or less) copies. It's no masterpiece, but if you ignore the opening and closing tracks (G'N'R-style HR/dreary ballad) you've got yourself a pretty decent, basic Swedish Metal album, not too different from the kind of heavier stuff bands like GOTHAM CITY or AXEWITCH did in the early 80's, mixed up with some METALLICA minus the thrash. My favourite cut is "On Stage", a Hard Rock Metal epic that METALUCIFER would like to have written. Overall they make a rather homey, down-to-earth impression, without coming off as too corny. They followed up this record with a 7" one year later and a full-lenght CD on Black Mark in '93. There's not much more to add, since not much history is known about the band. The Swedish Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Encyclopedia does however tell this funny anecdote about their debut CD on the Black Mark label: It turnes out they only got the deal 'coz the label confused their demo with MORGANA LEFAY's and didn't discover their mistake until after the contract was signed. Note that the band themselves deny this ever happened and the fact that ML got signed before OVERLOAD hardly gives credit to the myth. As for this debut, it's no essential item, but like my old aunt used to say: "Primitive b/w artwork on Metal albums always rule, and if the music doesn't suck, go for it!".

I thought I'd add a few words on their 7" since it's really not so special it deserves it's own slot:
"Second Stroke" was released 1 year later and I would estimate it's as rare as this MLP, but musically it's unfortunately not as metallic. A-side "Motorcycle Man" is a decent rocker pretty much in the heavier (you guessed it) SAXON-vein, while the flipside "Ode Of A Biker" is more Joe-Shmoe-goes-AC/DC-and-forgot-about-the-groove. Manic completists should look for a b/w sleave with a similar logo + pic of the 5 bandmembers on 3 Harlys(!?).

Addition: The band now has their own webpage from where you can download both these releases.

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