Kai Nurmi (voc), Christer Bengtsson (git), Björn Holm (git), Pelle Thambert (bs), Håkan Kjellberg (dr)

format: 7" EP Side A:
  1. Karon
  2. Förlorad Son ("Lost Son")

Side B:

  1. Tid Att Dö ("Time To Die")
  2. Nosferato
year: 1982
country: Sweden
label: private
#: -
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 8/10


I've never been much of a fan of Swedish Metal in general up until a few years ago, when I - like many other collectors before me - discovered the wonderful world of FWOSHM ep's. It seems the LP-media somewhat corrupted the minds & hearts of the majority of Swedish Metal musicians in the mid-80's. I blame a certain big-haired poserband who's name I don't want to mention on this site. However in the early 80's our proud Metal vikings banged their heads to a totally different tune. Anyone who has heard cult acts like ZONE ZERO, GOTHAM CITY, SHAKESPEARE, NEMESIS, AXEWITCH etc should know. A title I've rarely seen on want- or favelists is ONYX's self-titled debut EP. This could be for 1 reason only: They sing in Swedish. I can understand if it will make you sceptical. Alot of HR/HM bands with Swedish lyrix at this period were more 70's influenced and not overly metallic, but trust me, ONYX is an exception. Already with opener "Karon" they kick off in a true early-80's euro-metal fashion, not unlike the faster trax of those early ACCEPT albums, with some guitarwork in the classic NWOBHM/2 first MAIDEN lp's style. "Förlorad Son" is a more melodic number which manages to be just that - melodic - without sounding too commercial. On "Tid Att Dö" we're back in the fast lane and this one could be taken right off the "Breaker" album by ACCEPT = pure old-school Power Metal! Final cut "Nosferato" is what really makes this ep special. An epic Heavy Metal masterpiece and Swedish top-10 contender! A brilliant composition only beaten on their home turf by CRYSTAL PRIDE's debut 7" when it comes to high-class songwriting and being way ahead of it's time. The song ends with an eerie spoken part over double bass drums and heavy, epic riffings that would have made Max Schreck real proud. The production is cleaner than most of the indie recordings from this period, which is both a good and a bad thing I guess. Kai Nurmi's vocals need mentioning too. A rather original voice which can hold a tune and be totally hoarse and freaked out at the same time. As they say in Germany: Kaufpflicht! ...oh and by the way: There's absolutely no connection what so ever to the old NY Hip-Hop act with the same name. No, really. I'm 100% sure about this, so all you Rap Metal fans out there, please don't bother me with queries on this subject.

P.S. It seems there were another Swedish band called ONYX who released an LP in the mid-80's. This one is not even close to Metal, so don't confuse these 2 either (like I did at first).

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