No Futuro


format: LP Side A:
  1. Dinero - PESTES
  2. Nunca Triunfé - PESTES
  3. No-No - PESTES
  4. Sin Reacción - MUTANTEX
  5. Ramera del Barrio - MUTANTEX
  6. Estúpidas Miradas - MUTANTEX
  7. No Te Desanimes, mátate - MUTANTEX
  8. No Más Clases - PE-NE
  9. Sala Negra - AMEN

Side B:

  1. Violentas Arenas - EKRION
  2. Poseído - AGRESOR
  3. Profanación - PROFANACION
  4. Tu Futuro Es Muerte - DEXKONCIERTO
  5. Postmortem - BLASFEMIA
  6. Sucias Entrañas - MIERDA

year: 1990 (recorded in '88)
country: Colombia
label: J.J. Mundo
#: -
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 8/10

In case you're still not fed up with hearing about the most impossibly rare Black/Death/Extreme Thrash releases ever made, let's just add one other menacing title to to that frustrating list of unattainable Devil-rock items, shall we? Here's the deal: in 1988 Colombian filmmaker Rodrigo D. shot a documentary about the now legendary extreme music scene and youth culture of Medellin. Apparently the film was a successful enough domestic hit for a soundtrack to be released in 1990. On this extremely scarce release 4 punk bands and 6 Metal bands were included and trivia-buffs might want to know that the bands were compiled with the assistance of Carlos Mario Pérez of the godly PARABELLUM. In respect to the occasional, trivia-searching punk-fan stumbling across this review I'll include a few words on the punksters as well...

PESTES play stumbling, pogoing, wavey Punk in the CRASS/early WIRE vein really bad, while MUTANTEX makes such a mess out of "My Way"("Sin Reacción"), the old Sid Vicious-"original" sound like Beethoven's 5th in comparison and their other heavily SEX PISTOLS-influenced songs doesn't improve this first impression. Finally there's PE-NE which is more Oi/HC oriented, but so much out-of-tune even the most undemanding EXPLOITED-fan would turn them a deaf ear. Luckily we don't have to wait until the B-side for the Metal to start. AMEN start out really promising with some neat Speed Metal riffing in the earliest SLAYER/POSSESSED vein. The incredibly thin production makes them sound more classic Metal than anything Black Metallic.

EKRION's head-on Thrashing sounds just a wee bit more modern than AMEN. I dunno, maybe I'll rather stick to my SLAYER albums.. AGRESOR is the first band in the more "well-known", insane Colombian Death/Black style. Unfortunately the playing is even worse than on the BLASFEMIA and REENCARNACION-releases. PROFANACION falls even further down into the hellish pits of Total Blakk Metal-dementia. A pretty neat number taking obvious influences from the sickest bands of the era: MAYHEM (NOR), SARCOFAGO and PARABELLUM. Would love to hear more actually. I haven't got a clue why DEXKONCIERTO ended up on the Metal-side of this album, since their "To Futuro Es Muerte" is so much more Hard Core Punk than anything metallic. It's a pretty cool track though, in a totally different league than the childish fuck-ups on side-Punk. DWARVES-fans take note! BLASFEMIA (featuring ex-members of PARABELLUM and future members of MASACRE) is the only band on the album who had a vinyl release of their own. Unfortunately the song "Post-Mortem" is not an exclusive cut, but a different recording from the one on their "Guerra Total" MLP of '88. A slightly tighter (and superior) version of this fast Black Deathrash cut for the hoards of BLASFEMIA-completists to covet. The wonderfully demented MIERDA (does that mean what I think it means?) wrap up this jangly noise attack of an album and I dare almost bet my own copy of "No Futuro" that's the luwly little voice of Ramon Restrepo (PARABELLUM/BLASFEMIA) screaming his guts out behind the Black Thrashcore wall-of-sound.

So, with almost half of the music on this album being in the punk-vein, and the other half not exactly being all-out genious material, it's safe to say that "No Futuro" is an item solely for the Manic Completists (kinda like a "Kent Rocks" for the Black/Death-cliqué.) I do however have the feeling that most people who manages to seek out this review belong to that cathegory.

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