The Rules Have Been Disturbed

Peter Meijering (voc), Marcel Verdurmen (git / bs), Luit de Jong (git / bs), Claus van den Berg (dr)

format: CD Tracklist:
  1. Power Of The Law
  2. Confused
  3. Tarantula
  4. Atilla The Destructor
  5. Full Speed To Hell
  6. Indenter
  7. One Night Stand
  8. Visit of The Vikings
  9. Furies Child (bonus)
  10. Demiurg (bonus)

recorded: 1986
re-released: 2006
country: Holland
label: Rusty Cage Records
#: RCR-0001
edition: 2000


Looksie here, one of my oldest review-subjects have appeared reissued on a shiny new Cyber Disquette. An excellent move by the good men of Rusty Cage record, seeing as this is by far the rarest of all the releases this new label has taken on so far, and definitely worthy of a proper re-release. Of course it's difficult to review the same album a second time, but it gave me a reason to come back it for the first time in years and, well...

It's still an above-average Power/Thrash album, is still shows a pretty broad variation of styles and their one outstanding masterpiece is still "Indenter". I neither feel the need nor obligation to dissect the album any more that this. As a bonus we are offered the 2 trax from the 1987 "No Aids In Hell" demo that never got re-recorded for the 2 following albums under the MANDATOR-flag. I can see why since none of them can match the material on "The Rules Have Been Disturbed". A tip at the hat for the effort though.

Rusty Cage have chosen to master this CD from an old vinyl and I can only assume it's because the original master tapes were stolen by an bunch of clogwearing, Red Light District ho's, hidden in a windmill under a stack of tulips and cheese which accidentally got burnt down by raving potsmokers (an everyday occurrence in the country of Holland). The upside is I now got an excellent opportunity to compare my own ripping abilities with professionals! Said & done - I ripped both this CD and my old homemade CDR onto my computer and started to thoroughly compare various critical parts of the trax in CoolEdit and who do you think came out on top? Drumroll please....
OK, it turned out to be pretty much an even score, apart from some very minor background noise and clix on the quieter parts of the official CD, but I'm humble enough to call it a draw.

Pros - The original LP is rare as cocking hell; it's cheap; it's almost great.
Cons - The superb cover art is shrunken to fit the RC "series" layout; the sound isn't that much better than what you might find in CDR-trading circles.

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