Spectrum Of Death

Pat Lind (voc), Lee Reynolds (dr), Jay Visser (git), Jim Fergades (git), Mike Chappa (bs)

format: LP (also available on CD) Side A:
  1. Lock Up Your Children
  2. Burned At The Stake
  3. Assassin
  4. Damien

Side B:

  1. Crying For Death
  2. Spectrum Of Death
  3. Scars
  4. Beyond The Gates Of Hell

year: 1990
country: USA (only released in Mexico)
label: Avanzada Metálica
#: AM018
insert: innersleeve with lyrics
edition: ?
rarity: 6/10

"Undiscovered Gems Of The Late 80's Thrash Metal-Scene" would make a very thin book indeed. It seems the fans and collectors of this genre are quite industrious in their search for more, cool underground "cult-records" to rave about and the bands that are left at the bottom of the barrel are often left there for a good reason (although a lot of things being dragged into the light nowadays should definitely have stayed in the dark and not be given a 2nd chance to waste our time and money - no names.) I've already told you about RENEGADE, HELLER, The "Metal Deadness"-split, MYSTO DYSTO and WARMATH, so it's about bloody time I move westward and enlighten you on what could very well be the finest not-yet-too-overhyped-old-American-brutal-Thrash-act to date: MORBID SAINT!

Oh what better way to get your face kicked in than by those chugging, monstrous chords at the beginning of "Lock Up Your Children"? Clichés like 'A full-frontal Thrash-assault!' and such makes perfect sense when listening to this album. It's fast-as-fuck, remorseless, unstoppable RAW Thrashing Mayhem from start to finish, very much in the tradition of bands like DARK ANGEL, KREATOR and SADUS and it never looses pace. It's very hard to pic some standout track coz it's all so bloody breathtakingly fast! (and short) There's tempo changes, sure, but they're used very skillfully and the whole album feels totally seamless, like a white-hot projectile shot out of a cannon from some terrible, future war. It comes with THE perfect Thrash-production: all the punch of "Reign In Blood" combined with the roughness of "Darkness Descends"; probably laid down for less than a 10th of the budgets of those classics. Of course the vocals are no further from perfection. Pat Lind sound like a particularly pissed-off Mille Petrozza, invoking the ghost of Quorthon in his greatest moments. Want another one of those clichés? How about 'A must-buy for any REAL Thrash Metal fan!' 'Tis true I tell ye.

Well if they're so bloody great why didn't you know about MORBID SAINT already? The most likely reason for the silence surrounding the band is the fact that this their sole album was only released in Mexico (!), on the Avanzada Metálica label which mostly dealt with domestic bands like TRANSMETAL, NEXT, GEHENNA etc, as well as a few licensed Wild Rags-releases (yeah, there's actually some Mexican pressings of bands like RECIPIENTS OF DEATH, BLOODCUM and ANIALATOR up for grabs for those of you sick enough to collect that useless label..) Obviously their export was minimal, and in retrospect perhaps that was all for the better as far as the band were concerned. I guess they'd be hearing from the lawyers of IRON MAIDEN pretty quickly if that album cover ever got out into the limelight. However, the clandestine brotherhood know as 'The Global Vinyl-Mafia' has once again done a good deed unto us all. A box of LPs and CDs have beed unearthed in recent years and there should still be affordable copies available for those who care to eye through a few of the larger trade- and distro-lists on the web. All hail the G.V.M!

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