Metal Power III


format: 7" EP Side A:
  1. Are You Ready - SPOILER
  2. Kiss My Ass - BLACK OUT

Side B:

  1. Oh Lord - JAILBREAK
  2. Der Stuka - BLACK SUN

year: 1984
country: Holland
label: Iceman Records
#: IR 28402
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 7/10


The 3rd "Metal Power" compilation is the last one I've heard, but I know of at least 2 more volumes in existence. To noones surprise it's the heaviest one so far and probably the best one musically, although it lacks some of the [ahem] 'cultist charm' of volume II. Take it away, DaN!

...OK, DaN! SPOILER makes for a perfect kick-start into fast, upbeat stuff in the CROSSFIRE/GOTHAM CITY/VULCAIN Euro-Metal fashion, boosted with the kind of charming, relentless soloing that owes plenty to both the 70's and the NWOBHM/Ebony-recs sound. It's an unfitting name for a band which clearly had lots of potential, at least judging from this one track. Then we see a return of BLACK OUT from the 1st volume, here in a more chugging Heavy Metal style than earlier. Kinda like the less epic and more Hard Rocking MANOWAR moments. I believe it's the same band who later released a full-length album, possibly on Mausoleum. A fine effort from label-guy Tiny v. Stiphout and his chums. (What?? Putting the ANWAR-project to rest so quickly? For shame!)
On side B we first encounter JAILBREAK and do they sound very much like THIN LIZZY you wonder? Um, yes, and subsequently very British (well, Irish, technically). A bit dated perhaps, but it's a heavy and nice enough early NWOBHM filler not better nor worse than your average quazillion-dollar NWOBHM 7" megararity. Metal Power III ends with a real scorcher: the mean and brutal "Der Stuka" by BLACK SUN. With so-so musicianship and somewhat corny vocals working against them, they still come out on top as the most interesting act on the EP. It's a dark and slightly quirky cut, like CIRITH UNGOL on a machinelike horror-trip; the 1st Airborne Brigade from the Dark Dimension on a mission to terrorbomb your living room and of course you'd want to bang your head to THAT. I don't think there's any relation to this band and the BLACK SUN who made the very rare "Imperial Journey" album, but I've been wrong before so don't quote me on that. I just get the feeling that if this BLACK SUN ever released a vinyl of their own we'd all know about it.

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