Biro "Metal Lady" Ilona (voc), Kukovecz Gabornak, Nagyfi Lászlónak, Tarcza Lászlónak, Kalapács Józsefnek, Pazdera Györgynek, Szekeres Tamásnak

format: LP Side A:
  1. Legendak Es Mesek
  2. Jegszived
  3. Nelkuled
  4. Ebredj Fel
  5. Kicsi Katonam

Side B:

  1. Kegyetlen Hajsza
  2. Egy Falka Egy Ver
  3. Az En Vilagom
  4. Hit Nelkul Eltem
  5. Szoljon A Rock

year: 1990
country: Hungary
label: Filmpremier
#: ELP 004
insert: yes, w/ lyrix
edition: 1000
rarity: 8/10


It's female fronted! It's Hungarian! It's orange and full of cats! It's...
METAL LADY! Yes, this is possibly the rarest Hungarian Metal LP ever and quite a beauty to behold. The 4 felines airbrushed ontop of a photograph of the electrified Ms. Metal herself (I presume?) on the front and a totally radiant castle-pic on the back will surely get most collector's undies in a bundle. Any other reasons why we should sell our souls and grandparent's life insurances for this piece of plastic & paper? Well, "Legendak Es Mesek" for starters. 5 minutes of excellent Euro-metal very much in the same style as their colleges OSSIAN and POKOLGEP. Incidentally it's no coincident that the sound of 'The Deathmachines' is so prevalent, since METAL LADY, The Band, is mostly made up of POKOLGEP-members. Like the other classic Hungarian bands the songwriting varies in quality, some brilliant, some very average stuff. "Kicsi Katonam" has such a mellow and uppity chorus I had a hard time stomaching it at first listening, but in the end it's insipid catchiness got the better of me. Another highlight is "Kegyetlen Hajsza", the mandatory Power Metal-warmachine. These songs combined with the stunning artwork almost makes the album a must-buy, however, the blandness of the remaining material drags it down to just above curiosity-level. You've got your 2 ballads, your ACCEPT-leftovers and JUDAS PRIEST-fillers, but nothing that leaves this much wanted lasting impression. Nothing original here in other words, although Biro Ilona's vocals are quite unusual. There's noone I can really compare her with (a Dagmar Krause-comparison might fall on deaf ears..) It's rather dark, disciplined, almost masculine, yet still melodic and more than a little enjoyable. Hm... yeah, brilliant or just average, I think I still regret trading away this baby way back then:(

METAL LADY would record at least one more album in the years to come, these only available on CD ("s/t" was vinyl only) and are said to be very rare as well. Stay vigilant! (oh, and Heavy ofcourse...)

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