Serve Your Savage Beast

Randy Hano (git), Rich Black (git), Kim La Chance (voc), Darry Shishido (bs), Dave Hall (dr), Steve La Voie (git), Bill Furtado (git, bs), Glenn Noyes (dr), Ken Brown (bs), Craig Brooks (dr), Rick Dingman (dr)

format: LP Side A:
  1. Valkyrie
  2. Love For The Day
  3. Step Through Eternity
  4. Serve Your Savage Beast

Side B:

  1. What I Believe
  2. Power Flight
  3. Metal Wars
  4. Burning Rage
  5. Hands Of The Ripper

year: 1986
country: USA
label: Shardan Kane Record Co.
#: SKRC 0010
insert: yes, w/ bio + lyrics
edition: ?
rarity: 7/10

"Crashing through the skies
The battle raven cries
Valhalla open wide
Receive your token pride..."
Yes! This album is about as dead-on, true, powerful HEAVY METAL as you'll possibly get. Not 'Power Metal', 'Speed Metal', 'Epic Metal', 'Heavy Rock' or even 'US-Metal' for that matter (at least not in the traditional sense), but the Metal handed down to us by in the beginning of time by the gods to cherish and to guide us on our path to glory. The only other American band I can think of that created something similar in terms of heaviness and minimal Heavy Metal refinement would be the early works of them oily chaps MANOWAR. We're talking fucking GRAND, heavy, pounding riffing and proud, swordclashing choruses here. "Serve Your Savage Beast" is the album acts like THOR, FAITHFUL BREATH or even HEAVY LOAD could have done if they, well, simply had been better songwriters and at least would have tried to live up to their berserkian Viking-images musically. There's not a weak song on the whole album apart from the seedy ballad "Love For A Day" they chose to squeeze in as the 2nd track on the album, but ballads doesn't count as songs, so there you are. (Frankly, 'ballad' is too strong a word to use for such a limpwristed piece of fluff that makes any greasy fm-rock tearjerker sound like NAPALM DEATH on a bad-hair-day.) I don't really know where to start dissecting this piece of hallowed steel. Every song has something really special to offer, the grace of the heavy and proud "Valkyrie", the bonechilling chorus of "What I Believe", the upbeat quirks of "Power Flight", the raw power of "Burning Rage" etc... Aw, just buy it - Buy It - BUY IT! Buy it NOW! And don't you dare let that corny cover art deter you! It's cool, damnit!

If the name Kim la Chance rings a bell it's because she first sang in the Hawaiian edition of VIXEN (of Marty Friedman-fame). Her raw, kinda juvenile shouting sounded pretty cool back then, but it's not until hearing this album that your realize what an awesome vocalist she grew into in the 3 years between these 2 albums. In case you wondered, MALISHA were not a 11-piece band as the lineup might have you believe, but a project that borrowed the hands of plenty of musicians at the time. It's quite a complicated story, so check out the bio on the insert I've so graciously scanned for you for more info.

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