Rude Girls

Joann Rebel (bs), Heidi Hansen (git), Sandy Sledge (dr), Cara Crash (git), Leather (voc)

format: 12" Side A:
  1. Lords Of The Night

Side B:

  1. When Lightning Strikes
year: 1987
country: USA
label: Neon Angel Records
#: -
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 7/10


When you collect something it's always a good idea to narrow down your focus at times. To find those special treats that will trigger your interest no matter what, and just grab anything falling within those frames. You know the frequency of disappointments will be at it's lowest, and you can often without too much trouble complete your collection in this field and move to the next...
What the hell am I rambling about? Short version: I collect all-girl "real" Metal bands from the 80's 'coz: 1. They're usually great ...or at least original in some sense (Thrash Queen anyone?), and 2. there's very few of them so there's actually some hope of one day "catching 'em all!". Perhaps the hardest vinyl to find in this field is SF-based MALIBU BARBI and their "Rude Girls" 12". Typically this also happens to include the 2 best* Speed/Power Metal trax ever recorded by a bunch of (hmpf.. hick! what??) guuuuuhrlz.
Or whatever. "Lords of the night" is gut-kickin', hard POWER Metal right up there with the finest parts of METAL CHURCH's classic debut. Vocalist extraordinare, Leather, even sounds like a female David Wayne at times. (Eat that, Ann Boleyn!) Perhaps even more powerful is the Speed Metallic ode to the late Cliff Burton, "When lightning strikes". Aaaarrrrgh!!! That bloody chorus is just perfect! If Metallica (r.i.p.) could have written fast songs as catchy as this one, they might actually have been worthy of all that hype. I've got one major complain though: WHY waste the full 12" format on a measly two 3-minute songs? Not that the artwork isn't absolutely smashing in this size, but this is plain teasing! If you're gonna write so bloody great music, at least give us enough to last for more than ten minutes! (especially when you'll have to pay 1-200 dollars for it nowadays..)
The artist-name Leather might ring a bell for a few people. Yes, this is the same lass who sang on a few CHASTAIN-albums. A kinda sad career-move in my ears, seeing as how MALIBU BARBI had a lot more punch and aggression (and world-dominance potential) than self-proclaimed guitar-hero Mr. Chastain. Who would have guessed with a band name like that?
In 1991 the band released a 7", apparently without Leather on vocals, and the music is said to be Punk Rock with no trace of Metal whatsoever. It really saddens me to hear when young girls fall from grace in such an immoral and treacherous manner.... (thanx to Rob Preston for additional info)

* = ORIGINAL SIN and their epic "Conjuration Of The Watcher" are temporarily disqualified due to suspicion of Metalploitation-fraud.

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