Welcome To The Asylum

Dennis Hartog (git), Joost (Guitar), John Frijn (voc), Manfred van Zadelhoff (bs), Donovan (dr)

format: CD Tracklist:
  1. Crystal Lake
  2. L.W.S. Inc.
  3. Die A Violent Death
  4. 1428 Elmstreet
  5. Count Your Blessings
  6. Mental Weakness
  7. Go Song
  8. A Prayer For The Dying
  9. Pieces Of Human Waste
  10. Curse Of The Creeps
  11. Chop til Death
  12. L.W.S. (demo)
  13. Chop til Death (demo)
  14. Dead Or Alive (demo)
  15. Mental Weakness (demo)
  16. Condemned Property (demo)

recorded: 1989
re-released: 2006
country: Holland
label: Rusty Cage Records
#: RCR-0004
edition: 2000


Out of all the promos I got from Rusty Cage, this will be the last one I put into the stereo. What a fucking terrible name for a band! 'Funny' band names indicating what a bunch of 'kreeeeisy gais' they are is a most excellent DaN-deterrent. Well, I guess I could use a soundtrack for making dinner, so here we go...

OK, it's pretty energetic stuff, I'll give them that. Hardly a mid-pace riff to be found on the whole disc, so LWS Inc. should definitely be filed under Speed rather than Mosh Metal, and listening to the 'theme song' it was also good to hear that the band moniker stems from a contempt towards skateboarders and skateboarding rather than fandom of the same (take that, ANTHRAX!). I can't really come up with anything else interesting to write about any particular song, which may sound like the worst kind of slag-off but it isn't. Honestly there's not one bad song on the album, it's just that they all blend into this forgettable blur. You are allowed to demand a little more originality than this from a 1989 release and LWSi must have sounded pretty dated at the time - the uncool kind of dated. Across the Atlantic bands like RIGOR MORTIS, THE GUFF and HORDE OF TORMENT may have done similar things around this time, but with so much more balls and attitude the Americans easily got away with it and more. Still, uncritical die-hard Thrash fans swallowing anything with the 'right' riffing will surely finish this plate of meat & potatoes with a smile on their faces no matter what.

Originally released on the Aaarrg label on both CD and LP, "Welcome To The Asylum" isn't exactly a bigass rarity by any definition and I can't recall anyone in the Metal community ever screaming for a reissue of this particular title. So it may include the band's demo tape from '88 but it only makes you more confused as to why the band got signed in the first place. I'd say the fact that an old member is involved with the label is the weightiest reason this CD happened and sure, the band and their old friends and fan club will surely rave about the importance of this release till the cows come home, but as an outsider I can't help scratching my head about it. Of course, had it been my band/label, chances are strong I'd have done the same thing and scorned anyone not recognizing the greatness of my legacy.

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