Warrior/Bang Your Head

Kim "Power Baby" Sixx (voc), Hans D. Olsen (git), Jens Michelsen (git), Lars Laursen (bs), Ulrik Steiner (dr)
no line-up info on the sleave, info taken from

format: 7" Side A:
  1. Warrior

Side B:

  1. Bang Your Head
year: 1985
country: Denmark
label: Genlyd
#: GENS 1022
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 8/10


Not only did Denmark spawn the greatest metal LP of all time ("Don't Break The Oath"), the overall quality of the few bands that came out of this tiny little country in the '80's were the highest in Scandinavia, and Denmark was surely one of the most interesting Metal-countries in Europe together with Italy and the UK. But unlike Sweden for instance, the 7"-media doesn't seem to have struck it big time with the Danes. There are only 4 "real", Danish indie Metal 7"s known and all of them are rare as hell, the pricey and much coveted WITCH CROSS 7" incidentally being the most common. KIM SIXX I have only seen offered once or twice. I don't know if I would rate Kim "Power Baby" Sixx and her cohorts the best underground Metal band of the country, but this EP is still a highly recommended piece of early Scandinavian Metal with good production and musicianship, as well as some really impressive female vocals, which at least light a fire in the heart of this particular metalhead. Further "buy me!"-vibes comes from the neat spiky logo (Axe - yeah! Pentagram - huzzah!) and the stern don't-you-fucking-fuck-with-me-fucker! expression of the leather-clad 'Power Baby' on the front that would put my old high-school German-teacher to shame. Kim baby, you can whip me any time:*

"Bang Your Head" is the energetic Power Metal highlight of the 2 cuts, a real speeding fire engine of a song with the same fist-in-your-face punch as PRETTY MAIDS' classic front-row-filler "Back To Back". The mid-paced "Warrior" is more basic, NWOBHMy material in the style of RAVEN/GRIM REAPER with a good enough chorus. I only wish the flawed English in the line "Warrior with a horse!" wouldn't project such repulsive images in my sick, sick mind.

I heard rumours of a reissue LP of this 7" + demo material a few years ago, but haven't heard any news on that subject for quite some time now, so perhaps this project has been passed to the trash-bin. I hope not, coz these two tracks leaves me hungry for more and I don't think I'll ever be able to muster up the energy to track down their demos myself.

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