Lars G. Olsen (bs/voc), Kjell A. Dahl (dr), Nikki Simmons (git), Jørgen Hansen (git)

format: 7" Side A:
  1. Messenger

Side B:

  1. Teenage Queen

year: 1990
country: Norway
label: Spider records
#: UNI 2459
insert: yes
edition: +
rarity: 9/10

When it comes to Metal archeology, Norway must be one of the last uncharted regions in Europe. Name one Metalband from this desolate country not trying to look like racoons with a Tolkien-fetish apart from, let's say, ARTCH, TNT, WITCHHAMMER and EQUINOX. Huh? Silence? Yes, all has certainly been cool on the West-Scandinavian Metal front. This made it no less exciting to, while at a recent record fair, add another virtually unknown private 7" to my ridiculously small collection of Norwegian private 7"s: INNOXIOUS' "Messenger"! Isn't she a fucking beauty?! No way could I leave this poor, misplaced little bastard behind, freezing in the cold hands of some greedy dealer. The Corroseum to the rescue! For Metal, Honor and Blood I ride! DIE HEATHEN SCUM!! DIE!!!

When the smoke from the burnt remnants of Solna Sportsgymnasium* had cleared, I took a cab back to reality and livingroom and wasn't really that surprised to be, well, just a little let down. If only they'd stayed away from the worst prog-Thrash breaks, "Messenger" could have been a pretty neat piece of Power Metal despite the crappy production and shoddy playing. I'm not saying there's no-one out there who might still enjoy this crude piece of steel - the manic completist collector could do much worse - but personally I want a litte more focus and x-factor if a release like this should stay in the well-trimmed, personal collection of yours truly. Superultrarare or not.

No, I'm not gonna utter one word about the B-side. Read the title - go figure.

* = home of the better local fairs

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