Slave Of God

Andreas Köhler (git), Adolf Klein (dr), Georg Manger (voc), Goetz Mursch (git)

format: LP Side A:
  1. Satan's Calling
  2. Slave Of God
  3. Gambler
  4. Riding Free

Side B:

  1. Invasion Of The Undead
  2. Chainsaw Massacre/Empire Of Lords
  3. No Clemency

year: 1988
country: Germany
label: RV-Records
#: HBR 10001
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 8/10

I don't think a Metal album has to be particularly great for it to get reviewed at The Corroseum. Sometimes it's enough that the record seem to be just about unknown and very seldom mentioned. After all there must be someone out there who's been looking for info on this particular title, so mainly for that reason I thought I'd write a few words on the disappointing "Slaves Of God" by HELLBREATH and once again confirm the cliché that 'man, you can find just about anything on the web, can't you?'...

I've only seen this LP mentioned once before on a list and it was the sellers comment: 'A Death Metal album I actually kinda liked', that caught my attention and made me pick it up on my first and only live encounter with the album. Nope, it's not Death Metal by far (not exactly the sellers specialty), more like diverse Thrash/Power Metal with plenty of nice, slowed down MAIDEN-parts for good measure. Playing- and productionwise it's on an amateurish but listenable demo-level, songwise is borders on a diamond-in-the-rough. Long, intricate songs with plenty of cool riffing, breaks and melodies. There definitely was potential to be found in HELLBREATH at some point. So what's the catch then? Why shouldn't you throw yourself on this very rare (?) record and add it to your collection if only for the sake of completion? Oh yes, you might have guessed it by now - the vocals are FUCKING HORRENDOUS!! They're even worse than BLACK SHEPHERD's and almost as bad as KUSTER's and they TOTALLY ruins the album! Well, not totally actually. There is some small consolation in the fact that the lengthy pieces have plenty of instrumental parts that really do shine, especially in songs like "Satan's Calling", "No Clemency" and the title track. Still, the atonal, nasal grunts of Georg Manger makes "Slave Of God" as a whole quite unlistenable. [sigh..] And I had such [sob!] high expectations when I finally got to [snivel!] bring home a copy! [sob!]. Bastards!!!

One thing I really do love about the album is the unconventional band pictures on the back sleeve. They're so totally un-Metal they're actually kinda cool. German hippies kickin' it back in the countryside after what must have been a very short and not too highly motivated rehearsal. Hey, It really works, man. It enhances the liberating, carefree, d.i.y. feeling that comes with a private pressing. Such a shame it's all wasted on the completely deaf-&-dumb HELLBREATH-quartet.

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