Perna (git), Juma (dr), Marcao (bs),
no credit for vocals

format: MLP Side A:
  1. The Grave
  2. Fall Of Heaven

Side B:

  1. Pact Of Blood
  2. Bestial Vengeance
  3. Violent Hate [listed on the sleave but not included on the album]
year: 1988
country: Brazil
label: Ultra Violence
#: 803.616
insert: yes, w/ lyrix
edition: ?
rarity: 8/10


The Brazilian Death/Black/Thrash Metal scene of the '80s is a jungle (pardon the pun) of horrible productions, incredible riffing, crap songs, satanic masterpieces, lousy musicianship, cool artwork and more or less politically incorrect lyrix and images ...or the complete opposite. In any case they probably had the most extreme scene of the era and inevitably produced a lot of interesting records all worthy of reviewing for some reason or other. I plan to pin down most of them eventually. The furious debut MLP of GENOCIDIO stands somewhere in the middle of it all and is as good a place to start as any. This album is very typical of the area - ultra-fast, sloppy deathrash orgies straight out of the SARCÓFAGO/VULCANO-trashcan. Hm... I could stop there, if I didn't love to rant so bloody much about records in general;)
The Golden Rule Of Enjoying BrazDeath: DON'T listen to the drummer! - Follow it blindly and you will enjoy GENOCIDO's songwriting a whole lot more, and if you're a not-too-critical diehard fan of the "true" and the "old-school" you WILL enjoy it. They knew their shit, no questions about that, and they copied their big brothers with plenty of charm. You can a hear that this were a Brazilian band influenced by other Brazilian bands and how they skipped the SODOM/BATHORY/HELLHAMMER imports at the local record peddler in favor of the cheaper, domestic products courtesy of Cogumelo, Rock Brigade and fellow labels. The substandard production, even compared to their contemporary countrymen, is their major flaw. The shoddy mixing degrades the album from a frisky "Killer!" to an average "Cool!". The out-of-tune guitars doesn't do as much damage to the songs as they could have, though. They add a little extra sick edge to their extreme performance and their generic minor-chord riffs are all the better for it. Then again, if you're not a fan of early Black/Death you will never in your life understand what people see in this barrage of total noise. Well, it's your loss really...
Hellion Records re-released this album a few years ago as a limited picture disc. If you'd happen to have both versions in front of you, you might be fooled into thinking that Hellion left out the last song on their edition just to fuck you over. That is not the case. The song "Violent Hate" were never included on the original vinyl - a plain mistake as far as I know. And a confusing one, since it's listed on the back cover and insert of the original, although the lyric sheet got a red "censored" stamp over the lyrix of the song to make it look less like a fuck-up. Just some trivia worth knowing if you're on the lookout for this record. It seems the pic reissue is getting almost as rare as the original now, so don't hesitate to grab this later version when found if this review wet your black leather panties.

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