Roots In Rock

Roland Pierrehumbert (voc), Fred Gudit (git), Oliver Perdrizat (git), J.-D. Aeby (bs), Patrick Aeby (dr)

format: MLP Side A:
  1. Roots In Rock
  2. The Price Of Treason

Side B:

  1. The Prayer
  2. Rotten To The Bone
year: 1990
country: Swizerland
label: private
#: 270 271
insert: no
edition: ?
rarity: 7/10

I freakin' luuuuwws that sleeve. So much that it was probably one of the main reasons it unconsciously popped up in my head as an important review-subject (..apart from the music, but we'll get to that later). There's something very compelling about pointy, geometrical logos taking up the major part of the album artwork. Add to that the metallic color scheme and I'm sold, bought and suckered into paying stupid cash without even having a proper listen beforehand, because hey, who likes spoilers right?

...But lets face it, as nice at that sleeve looks, I don't think Swiss traditional Heavy Metal is a major blip on the radars of many collectors, thus I can't say I've actively searched for this release much and if it weren't for the fact that I stumbled upon it for the equal of, um.. let's say 2 new double vinyl reissues, it would still had been one of those KIT-Metal-Market-window-shopping, damn-this-looks-cool-but-I'll-save-my-€150-for-something-more-familiar type of items.

OK, let's squeeze in a music-paragraph too for good measure:
This is one solid piece of Euro-Metal vinyl! Heck, I'll even go so far as to proclaim it Underrated. ACCEPT seem to be the most common, practically unavoidable comparison when dealing with old forgotten Euro-gems, and the 'Metal Heart'-force is strong with this one, especially in the excellent, fistpounding title track. We're talking about the more polished (good polished) Acceptery here mind you, and not the deadpan crud often found among the GaMa Records stable. "The Price Of Treason" starts off on the same path, while the chorus remind me of UJL or 'Blazon Stone'-era RUNNING WILD - even the song title sound like an old forgotten RW tune. The uptempo "The Prayer" could have been the highlight of the album but they sort of botched it. It has this enticing, chanting quasi-chorus in the first half of the song that made me think of "Anger" by Thor, but they never return to it = bit of a coitus interruptus there - I'm sure you all are familiar with this phenomenon. The rocking "Rotten To The Bone" ain't too remarkable but it wraps things up nicely with another nod to our fave German pirates.

All in all "Roots Of Rock" carries a tight, consistent sound with every song still bringing something uniqe to the table. With zero room for fillers, it presents a perfect example of how the Mini-Album just might be the #1 format for Metal. Besides, any band who can't summarize and represent their sound in 4-5 songs is probably overthinking it and should aim for a different career.

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