Mortal Surgery

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format: LP Side A:
  1. Vstretimsja V Adu [intro]
  2. Mjortvye Tozhe Ljubjat
  3. Slepaja Zloba
  4. Mjortvye Dushy
  5. Kompanja Kruger
  6. Krov' Rekoj

Side B:

  1. Mortal Surgery
  2. Ja Sebja Ubivaju
  3. Gopniki
  4. Diabler
  5. Trup Na Zubah
  6. Nuka Daj

Thx to Tony Alvarez for tracklist transcript

year: 1992
country: Russia
label: Listen To Thrash / Dead Souls
#: -
insert: no (?)
edition: ~500
rarity: 8/10


Apart from the fact that I once met a Russian guy in Stockholm who claimed to have lived next door to their drummer, this band is yet another mystery to me. It's moments like these when I regret that I never picked up the new edition of Iron Pages' East-Euro Metal book last time I had the chance (send it for review, guys!). I remember reading somewhere that half of this LP constitutes a demo tape of the same title, and the abovementioned book listed several tape albums preceding this LP, as well as later CDs, so there's obviously more to FRONT than meets the vinyl-searching eye. In one sentence FRONT could be described as RIB-era SLAYER and the finest moments of KOROSSIA METALLA rolled into one. It has the same stale-yet-groovy full-force Thrash Attack as K.M. but with smarter songwriting, at best reminding of the genius of INFERNAL MÄJESTY's "None Shall Defy". There's something to grab your attention in every song and how rare is that in a 90's Thrash LP? About as rare as the album itself I guess. I've very seldom seen it offered, but since it strays a bit too far from the "collectable Power Metal-style" it seldom reaches prices above €50 when it do turn up. DO NOT miss a chance to pick it up, because "Mortal Surgery" is more than another completist piece for "Exotic Metal" collectors, it's an essential album to any fan of top-quality, brutal Thrash Metal which bands like THE HAUNTED or modern-day SLAYER could only dream of mustering up.
The Druillet-meets-Away-on-a-mushroom-trip-in-Hitler's-bunker totally out-there cover art cannot go unnoticed. Parts of the symbolism can be a turnoff, but according my Russian friend the titles and lyrics doesn't carry the same right-wing message as those of the aforementioned KORROSIA METALLA. In any case it is fuckin' beautiful.

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